Trump Must Build Border Wall Immediately

President Trump should immediately start the planning and construction of the wall on the Mexican border after he is sworn in. The cost of the wall is estimated at $10 billion to $20 billion or possibly more.

Naturally we can expect Trump to get the lowest cost for construction since that is what he has done for his entire career in real estate. Compare that to Obama’s $800 billion ‘stimulus’ package of 2009. Virtually all of that money disappeared into the pockets of Obama’s political cronies.

This wall is not a technologically complex project like a skyscraper or a bridge. It is a low-tech project and easy to do, like putting up a fence on your property. Here are some of the ways that the wall could be built, and how to pay for it:

*There already is a 14-mile wall near San Diego, and so we have a template for the entire border.

*The wall could be up to 30 feet high, or as tall as a three story house with sharp spikes on top, and thus it will not be able to be climbed over. It will be sunk deep into the ground to discourage tunnels.

It will be made either of pre-fabricated steel or pre-cast concrete panels that would be made elsewhere and trucked to the border and planted in the ground. It could be fabricated with concrete foundation footings for easy installation.

In other words, it could go up quickly like an assembly-line project – dig the trench, insert the wall panel, dig the trench, insert the wall panel. If crews started construction at ten different points it could go up quickly.

*The wall would be a one-time cost whereas the taxpayer cost for illegals comes every single year. Thus the wall makes total sense when combined with other actions to curb and reverse illegal immigration.

One Republican congressman suggested that US taxpayers can save $4 billion every year by eliminating a child tax break for immigrants here illegally. Cut that cost to zero for just three years and the wall is paid for, or a large part of it would be paid for.

*The cost of the wall should be no problem since the amount of money that we will save on future welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, incarceration and other costs for illegal immigrants will be saved with a wall that stops future illegals from entering the US.

*Trump plans to expel illegal aliens being held in US jails and returning them to their countries of origin. There are estimated to be 300,000 illegals in state and federal prisons. Their cost of incarceration is $10 billion or more every single year. That saved money can be applied to building the wall. Just one year’s worth of savings would pay for most or all of the wall.

See how easy it is? This is what the Democrats don’t want us to know about. The wall is not really even a cost; it is an investment that actually will save us large amounts of money in the long run. It will pay for itself easily in just one year of Trump policies, including these:

*Trump plans to expel up to 900,000 illegals who have been convicted of crimes. Many are on welfare and other taxpayer subsidies, or they commit more crimes and cost us more for courts and jails. He also plans to expel criminal gangs that are costing us all dearly in many ways. That future savings in just one year alone will contribute significantly or totally to building the wall.

*The main part of Trump’s immigration plan is to expel several million illegal aliens who come from all over the world who are living in the US, including one million or more visa over-stayers, many of whom are unemployed and living on taxpayer handouts. This easily will save us more than enough to build the wall.

*The annual cost for border police enforcement will fall to almost nothing with the wall since nobody will be coming over the border. That savings, in the billions of dollars every year, can be put toward the one-time cost of building the wall.

*Trump is demanding that Mexico pay for the wall since it is Mexican laxity that is encouraging millions of illegals to enter the US. This is part of a globalist plan to flood America with poor and dependent people and bring down the US.

When Mexico refuses to pay, which they will, then Trump should tax every financial remittance sent to Mexico from Mexicans working in the US. These remittances have been going to Mexico for many decades, up to $1 trillion in today’s dollars over the last 50 years. Just a 5% tax on that would have raised $50 billion. It is time for America to stop paying for Mexico’s economic failure and time for Mexico to fix its economy and take care of its own people.

See how easy it would be for us to pay for the wall? It is one of the best investments that America could ever make.

*Another advantage: If Democrats want to open up the border again, they would have to campaign on tearing down the wall, which will not go over well with US voters. It is a bad image.

Naturally we conservatives are being called every name in the book for wanting to control our borders. But we embrace immigration since most of us are products of immigration.

We just recognize that the flood of uneducated, unskilled, sick and criminal immigrants into the US today is ruining our nation and our economy and holding wages down. This is an intentional plan by the Democrats to create a bigger underclass that needs the Democrat party and its handouts.

We simply don’t have jobs for all of these illegals. We have 150 million Americans working, 95 million Americans out of the workforce for lack of jobs, and 50 million in poverty. We cannot handle more poor people.

If illegal aliens come from foreign nations and sit around and collect US welfare for years on end, as many of them do, then they can sit around in their home countries and do nothing just as easily.

Liberals love to say that “we are a nation of immigrants” and indeed we are. But we have been a nation that welcomes immigrants legally. My grandparents came from Greece legally in the first decade of the 20th century. Millions of immigrants came from Greece, Italy and Eastern Europe during that period, an era of strong economic growth with plentiful jobs for the hopeful immigrants in a booming factory economy.

Republican president Calvin Coolidge signed the Immigration Act of 1924 halting legal immigration altogether to allow the US to absorb the big wave of immigrants that had arrived in the previous two decades. Starting in 1954 the United States expelled more than 1.5 million illegal aliens from Mexico in Operation Wetback.

Thus Trump has a clear precedent not only to block and reverse illegal immigration but even to slow or halt legal immigration, which he may also do.

That 1924 immigration pause ended in 1965 when US senator Ted Kennedy (who else?) and other Democrats got the borders opened once more. The reason is simple. The Democrats needed more poor immigrants to demand more welfare and to give the Democrats political power.

Thus while we have gotten millions of legal immigrants since 1965, including many good people who are contributing significantly to our economy, we also have been getting flooded with increasing numbers of unskilled, uneducated illegals, which we cannot sustain since our economy is much more automated and needs less unskilled labor than it used to. This is happening because Obama has thrown open the border. Trump must not only stop this but reverse the flow.

Trump also should point out that Mexico is a very socialistic nation with a stagnant economy because of its left-wing policies, and that that is why so many Mexicans want to come to the US.

A former Mexican president named Vicente Fox recently insulted Trump for promising to build “the fucken wall” and called it a “racist monument”.

Trump should point out that Mexico has been controlled with an iron grip for most of the last 90 years by a far-left socialist party called the PRI, the equivalent of American Democrats, and leaders like Fox who want open borders so that the US takes in many of Mexico’s economically displaced people.

PRI was established by white Europeans from Spain who took over Mexico from the dark-skinned and shorter natives. These socialists then did what they do everywhere; they have stolen as much of the country’s wealth and power as they can and concentrated it in their own hands in Mexico City like American Democrats do in Washington. This is because socialists are by nature lazy people who crave money and power.

PRI is totally corrupt and Mexico now is a thoroughly corrupt nation with a terrible economy. This is why so many Mexicans want to come to the US. Mexico really need a Trump-like president to “drain the swamp”.

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