Trump Slams ‘Terrible’ CNN / Liberals Choke on Stupidity

Let’s face it – the Democrats and their media cronies are in total psychotic collapse. They do not know how to handle Donald Trump who was brilliant and bold in his first press conference, while on the same day Rex Tillerson was utterly confident at his confirmation hearing for secretary of state.

These are two political outsiders who are going to bring a whole new ethos to Washington, and it can’t come soon enough to that stuff-shirt town and its blowhard, do-nothing establishment full of political hacks and poseurs.

In his very first presser Trump put down the media like we have never seen before, ever. He accused a “rude” CNN reporter of peddling “fake news” and said – twice! – that “your organization is terrible” while he sarcastically referred to the vaunted BBC as “another beauty”. He called the left-wing website BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage” for publishing an unsubstantiated report about Trump in Moscow.

Woah! Kaboom! These media snipes are utterly beside themselves. They never have experienced this type of treatment, but they sure love to dish it out. And this treatment is just starting and is going to go on for 8 full years, rest assured. Trump is going to take zero crap from these rats and we conservatives cannot stop cheering.

Friends, this is truly the end for the Dinosaur Media (NBC, CNN, New York Times, etc.). Their credibility sank to zero in the election as they fought ferociously against Trump… and lost. They even helped to elect Trump by giving Hillary Clinton a false sense of complacency in predicting her certain victory over and over.

Now Trump is going to finish them off with media monoliths like the Times already hobbling financially and losing credibility by the day. At the same time The Drudge Report, and are filling the vacuum to bring you honest news and bracing commentary.

This media arrogance began in the 1960s when the media jumped on the anti-Vietnam War train. After that they became unapologetically anti-American. They defended the communist Soviet Union while maligning white Americans, Christianity, our intel agencies, our police, gun owners, corporations, our Constitution, and even the United States itself. They treated the great president Ronald Reagan like a pariah.

It accelerated under president George W. Bush but hit a wall in 2004 when the exalted Dan Rather lost his job and his life’s reputation after reporting a fake news story that depicted Bush in a bad light.

Then there was a series of media fakers and fabricators like Brian Williams. And Fareed Zakaria. And Jayson Blair. And Janet Cooke. And Doris Kearns Goodwin. And NBC Dateline. And now BuzzFeed. And on and on, all good liberals caught in their own credibility scandals. This all happened before we conservatives had cranked up the internet to investigate and expose these fraudsters and so we can only imagine the mountain of lies that we never unearthed in the last 50 years.

Dan Rather really was the beginning of the end, and now Trump is at the end game. Thank God. It will be delicious to watch these media skunks dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.

Meanwhile Rex Tillerson’s Senate confirmation hearing showed him to be a stellar figure in whom we can have total trust. This man was cool, calm and commanding.

Tillerson has more foreign policy experience than any other secretary of state nominee in history except that it is real-world experience in the private sector, not limp-wristed ‘diplomacy’ that is conducted in the salons of New York and Tokyo or through the Kennedy School of Government.

In his 41-year career with Exxon Mobil Tillerson is reported have had dealings in more than 50 nations with everyone from oilfield workers to government bureaucrats all the way up to national leaders like Vladimir Putin in Russia.

Compare this to John Kerry whose foreign policy experience before becoming secretary of state consisted mainly of visiting expensive restaurants in Paris or skiing in Switzerland, while Hillary Clinton’s came from collecting Foundation payoffs from foreign governments.

See the difference? It is like night and day. And we now are seeing a new era dawning for America. Fantastic. It is precisely what has been calling for in 10 years writing on the internet.

By the way, a hearing attendee was seen on video photographing Tillerson’s personal notes during a break in the hearing. This is another classic media fraud that now is being exposed every day.

Now here is a second editorial:

Liberals Go Nuts Believing their Own Insanity

here is a story on the internet about a ‘climate change’ alarmist who says that he is in therapy after Trump’s win, and that he often cannot work out of despair over what he perceives to be the impending death of the planet.

This is no surprise. There has never been a bigger emotional trauma in American history to compare to the one that liberals are now undergoing with Trump.

I don’t remember anything like this from us conservatives when Obama was elected – no riots, protests, recounts, meltdowns, death threats, none. Zero. In fact it was not until almost three months after Obama’s first inauguration that we held our first Tea Party rallies, and they were peaceful.

But lo and behold, during our first rally on April 15, 2009 Democrats in my Massachusetts town dropped off three confrontational young blacks to infiltrate and seek to disrupt our rally (they failed). So not only do liberals go crazy and use violence and disruption tactics when they lose, but also when they have won.

Liberals started immediately going bonkers after Trump’s victory. The riots started right away. Martha Raddatz of ABC News choked up on air. Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC said that “the whole country is crying”…

Well, 5% of the country, that is. But that’s close enough for the media. Hey, what’s wrong with being off by 95%? After all ‘fake news’ has been around for decades. Why stop now?

The problem with liberals is that they are imbalanced to start with. That is what makes them liberals, like the loons in Hollywood who live in a contrived world of play-acting or the kooks on the average college campus whose crazy ideas face no real-world scrutiny.

Liberalism is not just an ideology but a mindset that excuses the bad, crazy or bizarre behavior of deranged people who believe the most extreme things. And so these people gravitate to those who exonerate and excuse them, i.e., other crazy people. It is a vicious cycle and circle.

Now they are all in collective meltdown over Trump. It would be amusing if it were not a sign of real mental problems and turmoil to come. These people are going to be protesting Trump every day and their media cronies will be echoing their every word and action.

Every minute now they are after Trump – on TV shows, on awards shows, on comedy shows, in newspapers and magazines, telling jokes, writing stories, etc. Even Mad magazine is now anti-Trump. Trump supporters have been boycotted, harassed and beaten. Two were even murdered before the election without a peep of coverage or protest from the “peaceful” leftists who provoke this kind of violence with their incendiary rhetoric (Trump is Hitler, Trump wants to put gays in concentration camps, etc.).

Friends, we can rest comfortable that this awful behavior is really doing huge harm to the liberal cause. These hecklers and sit-in activists and disrupters and media skunks who spread “fake news” are simply shooting themselves in the foot.

These extremist tactics did not work during the 2016 campaign – for instance, the violence that paid leftists tried to provoke at Trump rallies was exposed and backfired – and they won’t work now. Trump won. Most Americans now accept Trump’s victory and are already tired of this nonsense.

It is the radicals on the socialist left who are whipping up this hysteria and it is already wearing thin, and costing many people greatly. Just look at millions who are falling apart emotionally, or who have lost their jobs or are been singled out for national scrutiny because of their criminal activities – like faking hate crimes – or their negative comments or actions about Trump.

Oftentimes their behavior brings attention to themselves that exposes other problems, like the propane dealer in Maine who said that he would not serve Trump voters even in the wicked Winter cold.

Well, it turns out that this guy had expired licenses, and that he now is leaving the business. Good riddance to him. He should be prosecuted for threatening to leave customers without critical heat. That was literally a life-or-death issue.

Other anti-Trumpers have seen their careers upended, like the two homosexuals who harassed Ivanka Trump on an airplane. They certainly now wish they had never done it since they are in a negative national spotlight, which can be very distressing.

Or how about the former Hillary Clinton staffer who compared attorney general-designate Jeff Sessions to the Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof? Or how about the absolutely wacky story about Trump and the hookers in Moscow?

Fake news, friends. Total lunacy. And this is really putting the liberals and the media in a hole right from the start. They are losing all credibility. It is amazing how rapidly this is happening.

In short, these people cannot help themselves and they just keep going crazier. This is happening because Obama ushered in an era of extremism where the nuts took center stage and were given legitimacy and now they can’t stop themselves.

Strangely they think that their behavior is going to somehow overcome Trump but it will not. Trump now has the power of the presidency and there is nothing that their riots and protests and nasty language and harassment can do about it.

If you look at that ‘climate’ alarmist who is in therapy, you can see the whole thing in a nutshell, where these people fabricate these crises, believe them 100% and then go koo-koo when anyone acts against their concocted beliefs.

One of the most serious forms of insanity is a failure to acknowledge that there is an alternative point of view, like that ‘climate change’ has never even come close to being proven.

This is what liberals suffer from most. They live in cloistered environments like cities, black ghettos, universities, the arts, Hollywood, etc. They almost never hear a conservative viewpoint or interface with conservative people.

We conservatives and populists, on the other hand, have had the liberal point of view shoved down our throats every day for 50 years by CBS, New York Times, CNN, TV shows, Hollywood, rock musicians, etc. We cannot escape it.

But then when we rationally gather mountains of evidence, for instance that ‘climate change’ is a cockamamy theory, we are called names and smeared in the media.

Yet we all remember when Al Gore won the Nobel Prize in Autumn 2006 and insisted vehemently that “global warming” was “settled science”.

So why did they alter the name to “climate change” just a few years later?

Good question, and this poses a fundamental question: Are these people clinically insane?

And the answer is clearly YES.

So what do liberals really believe?

Answer: They believe anything at any given moment that serves their agenda, which is to destabilize society and take power through their madness.

It is being reported that the actress Meryl Streep recently said that she had ‘lost her mind’ over the election of Trump.

Well, first of all, for an actress to lose her mind is no big deal. An actress does not really use it anyway. Second, what conservative would say that he lost his mind?

None, friends. Even in the toughest of times, we remain rational and think critically because that is who we are. We are strengthened by adversity, and by fighting for what is right.

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