2018 Elections Could Give GOP Unlimited Power

We just got through a major election and many people want a break from politics. But since there are many political enthusiasts out there (you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t) I will look at 2018 because time flies and elections will be upon us before we know it.

There are even two noteworthy elections in November 2017, for governor of both New Jersey and Virginia. These off-off-year elections in these major states could be interesting. These states both went from Democrat to Republican governors in November 2009 just 10 months after Obama was inaugurated. The fall of heavily Democrat New Jersey was a significant surprise.

New Jersey still has its tough-talking Republican governor Chris Christie, who is term-limited out this year, but Virginia limits its governors to one term and elected a Democrat in 2013.

These two elections could be seen as the first referenda on Trump’s first 10 months in office, although not necessarily since local issues play large in such contests.

Christie said recently that he will probably never run for office again after his failure in the presidential primary of 2016 and after he has been excluded from the Trump administration.

Meanwhile the current Democrat Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, a true Clinton lackey, could run for president in 2020 although that is not likely since McAuliffe is a nasty, unappealing character whose involvement in a scandal called Global Crossing would come under increased scrutiny. So Nikitas3.com predicts that he will not run in 2020.

In addition he won in 2013 only after the outgoing Republican governor Bob McDonnell was smeared by fake charges (a typical Democrat tactic) that since have been dropped.

McAuliffe even tried to get 200,000 convicted Virginia felons back on the state voter rolls in time for the 2016 election but was blocked by the Virginia supreme court.

Nikitas3.com predicts that both Virginia and New Jersey will elect Republican governors in 2017.

In 2018 there will be US Senate, House and gubernatorial elections that will be to some extent, or largely, a referendum on Trump.

Nikitas3.com believes that Trump will be a strong president and that this bodes well for the mid-term elections; after all, he already is having a greater positive effect on the US than any other president-elect in history.

Republicans and conservatives performed spectacularly well in House and Senate mid-term elections in 2010 and 2014 largely as a result of unhappiness with Obama. Now with the “sleeping giant” of Trump voters awakened Republicans and conservatives could again see big gains in 2018. If Trump is on a roll in 2018 Republicans will be unstoppable.

The US House of Representatives is not expected to change much in 2018. Republicans now have a whopping 241 to 194 majority.

Even more distressing to Democrats is that Republicans have a huge built-in advantage in the 2018 US Senate races. Only eight Republican US senators are up for re-election but 25 Democrats are up, giving Republicans a major opportunity for electoral pickups.

More depressing for Democrats is that TEN of their Senate seats are in so-called ‘red states’ that Trump won, and so there is the probability of significant Republican victories there, particularly with the “sleeping giant” vote.

If Republicans can increase their Senate majority in 2018 from 52 today to 60 – a so-called ‘magic number’ in the Senate – they will have virtually unlimited power with Trump as president and a Republican US House.

Nikitas3.com predicts that Republicans will actually get to 63 votes by winning eight Trump State seats, one Clinton State seat, and two other key races. Here is the rundown:

*One of the bluest states of all could very well see a sitting Democrat US senator replaced by a Republican. In Massachusetts incumbent Democrat Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren is up for re-election. She was a rising star in the Democrat party but has been ridiculed ruthlessly by Trump and within Massachusetts for her claim to have been a “minority” native American early in her career for reasons of affirmative action advancement, since she is 1/32 native.

Her Republican opponent in 2018 will likely be former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling who is very popular. Schilling has a radio show in Boston and is using that as a platform. Or liberal Republican Charlie Baker might run. He is very popular as Warren’s popularity sinks.

Seeing Trump’s successful tactics Schilling or Baker will aggressively go after Warren. Ridicule is a powerful political tool and ‘Pocahontas’ is a big laugh line in Massachusetts. Since Massachusetts now has a Republican governor, Baker or Schilling can and will win, predicts Nikitas3.com, like Republican Scott Brown won in 2010.

*Democrat West Virginia US senator Joe Manchi
n, a former governor, is up for re-election in 2018. He is one of the few ‘moderate’ Democrats in America but Trump won West Virginia by 43 points(!)

It has been conjectured that Machin may switch to the Republican party before 2018. If he does, fine. If he does not he will face an onslaught from Trump and Republicans to unseat him 2018.

Prediction: If Manchin does not switch, he very well could lose since Democrats are now hated in West Virginia for undermining the coal industry. Nikitas3.com predicts that Manchin will switch in order to guarantee his career, rather than risk it as a Democrat.

Here are the rest of the Democrat US senators whom Nikitas3.com predicts will lose and will help the GOP get to 63 votes:

*Tammy Baldwin is the lesbian Democrat first elected in Wisconsin in 2012. Wisconsin was considered a relatively ‘safe Democrat’ and liberal-leaning state for many decades, but Trump flipped that. The groundwork was laid by Republican governor Scott Walker who was first elected in 2010, easily survived a recall election in 2012 and was re-elected handily in 2014.

Seeing the excellent results of Walker’s tough reform policies right before their eyes, Wisconsinites are turning the tide. Prediction: Baldwin will lose since Republicans have many options. Walker has said that he will not oppose her but he could win easily if he did. Stay tuned. He very well may run. Walker was a favorite for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

*The GOP still has one year to find a strong candidate to unseat Democrat US senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana, who first won his seat in 2012 in a fluke election when the Republican candidate made a stupid statement about rape. There are many great potential GOP candidates in Indiana which is a conservative state that sent its conservative governor Mike Pence to the vice presidency. Prediction: Donnelly is toast. Republicans could win with Bozo the Clown as their candidate.

*Heidi Heitkamp is a Democrat first elected in 2012 to the US Senate from North Dakota, which voted for Trump by a 36 point margin. Prediction: Heitkamp is a goner in 2018.

*Two-term Obama-loving Democrat US senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri could easily get the boot in a state that voted heavily for Trump by 19 points. Rest assured that Trump is going to play a major role in ALL of these elections. Prediction: McCaskill will lose.

*Two-term Democrat US senator Jon Tester of Montana is a prime candidate to lose his seat, particularly with Trump campaigning for the Republican candidate. Trump won Montana by 21 points. Tester is a fake ‘Montana farmer’ who operates a small farm that grows ‘organic’ food, which is basically an expensive fraud. He is really a Democrat hack with a music degree from college. He won both of his elections by tiny margins. Prediction: Bye-bye Tester.

*Sherrod Brown is a left-winger from Ohio
who is up for a third term in 2018. Trump won Ohio by 10 points in a state that voted for Obama twice, and thus 2016 was a major shift to the right for Ohio.

Brown is threatened because the very popular Ohio Republican governor and 2016 presidential candidate John Kasich is probably going to run and could thump Brown easily. Kasich was first elected governor in 2010, and has done a fantastic job revitalizing the Ohio economy and was re-elected governor in 2014 with a whopping 68% of the vote. Prediction: Can you say “Senator Kasich”?

*In Virginia, which Trump lost, there is a significant opportunity for the GOP. The astronomically unpleasant 2016 Democrat vice presidential nominee and sitting Virginia US senator Tim Kaine is up for re-election in 2018. Virginians watched Kaine implode into surreal nastiness in the vice presidential debate last October and now see that their governor McAuliffe won only by dint of a sleaze campaign against McDonnell.

Therefore they may push back against the Democrats by throwing Kaine out. There is some talk that conservative superstar Laura Ingraham may take on Kaine. Go Laura! Trump will play a major role in Virginia too since it is a ‘swing’ state. Prediction: Kaine loses.

*In Florida, which Trump won, the former astronaut turned three-term Democrat and very liberal US senator Bill Nelson is up for re-election in 2018. He will probably be opposed by sitting Florida governor Rick Scott who is very popular. Nelson is 74 years old, Scott is 64. Trump will play a key role in this race. Both houses of the Florida state legislature are tilted strongly to Republicans. Prediction: Scott.

*In Michigan, a Trump State, Nikitas3.com predicts that sitting two-term tough-guy Republican governor Rick Snyder, who is popular and is credited with a major revival of the Michigan economy since he first took office in 2010, will take the US Senate seat from three-term incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow, a left-winger in an increasingly conservative state.

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