Anti-Trump Extremists Help Trump, Populist Cause

When Obama was first inaugurated on January 20, 2009 we populist conservatives did not riot. We accepted the results and then organized to promote change.

Our first Tea Party rallies were held on April 15, 2009. They were peaceful rallies despite the fact that Democrat operatives in my Massachusetts town dropped off three aggressive young black demonstrators to infiltrate our rally, shout their support for Obama and to try and instigate a fight. They failed.

By working hard since then we populists have incrementally gotten like-minded Republicans and conservatives into leadership positions like state legislatures, governorships, the US Senate and House, and now the presidency, to the point where the Democrat party is decimated.

In 2017 and going forth you might think that Democrats are going to build up their political power from their current ebb, which is disastrously low. See the list at the end of this commentary to see how far the Democrats have sunk.

This Democrat rebuilding plan is going to fail for several good reasons:

The anti-Trumpers are reacting with unbridled hysteria, childishness, lunacy, violence and riots. This is going to offend the majority of decent American voters who reacted positively to us Tea Partiers since we were civilized, peaceful, lawful and offered solutions rather than anger.

Americans don’t want to hear foul language and insults, and see rioters breaking windows and assaulting people. This is only hurting the protesters’ cause.

*The media are reacting in the extreme in maligning Trump over every action and word that he utters. This is going to create a backlash of sympathy for Trump. These same media skunks did the same thing throughout the 2016 election and Trump still won. So if these media people attack Trump every minute for the next 4 years, it is going to backfire, just like 2016 backfired on them.

One left-wing TV commentator even said recently that the states with the highest rates of heroin addiction are rural states that voted for Trump, i.e., Trump voters are a bunch of drug addicts. So here is how to easily turn that attack on its head:

Indeed heroin is a big problem among scattered groups of people in small-town and rural America. But we should note that this heroin is being brought into these areas by black dealers from nearby cities and it comes over the porous Mexican border in large quantities. And that liberals have been urging us all to take illegal drugs since the 1960s, including heroin, LSD and cocaine.

Thus when Trump closes the border it will go a long way to solving the problem by slashing the supply and availability of cheap heroin. We should also impose the death penalty for heroin dealers, which also would go a long way toward fixing this crisis. Conservatives also will continue to recommend against all illegal drug use.

Decent Americans are fed up with this type of character assassination, like calling Trump voters drug addicts. It is not going to work. And this has been going on for decades and it has all come crashing down with Trump’s election. Hillary’s condescending “deplorables” remark was more of the same, and a major mistake for her.

*Obama was elected in 2008 because he is (half) black and so there was a big social component to his election. Americans are not going to fall for that nonsense again. They saw Obama’s presidency as a failure after it drifted far to the left. Americans want solutions, not platitudes.

*Obama was elected in reaction to eight years of the George W. Bush presidency and the Iraq war. predicts that Trump will avoid the pitfalls of Bush and of Obama and will be re-elected in 2020. Trump is a very smart guy. He is going to be very bold but cautious. He knows that he has a once-in-a-century opportunity to succeed, and he will. Trump is by nature a winner. He always wins.

*Trump awakened the “sleeping giant” of white working-class voters who got him elected. Thus any voter outreach that Democrats plan for 2018 and 2020 is going to run up against this “giant” and also against an even bigger giant which is Trump himself who now has the so-called ‘bully pulpit’ of the presidency to campaign for Republicans and call out the socialists.

We have seen all of these assassination threats against Trump; physical violence against Trump supporters; relentless criticism of Melania Trump and even her son; harassment of Ivanka Trump; ruthless smears of Trump advisors and cabinet picks. And on and on. It never stops.

Yet every one of these attacks is backfiring and they will continue to do so. And when the left fails to grasp this, they will suffer even more.

In 2020 Trump will be strong. believes that Trump is going to deliver on his promises, that he will not get involved in any wars, that he will restore law and order, that he will strengthen the economy, and that the 2016 election showed that the “woman” card or the “minority” card is not going to work. Meanwhile Democrats have a puny bench of potential candidates. So their revival plan faces tough sledding.

Consider these rioters, who have been acting out since the night after Trump was elected. They showed up in Washington for the Trump inauguration and put on a horrible show. On the day after the inauguration a loony 1980s pop singer said at a rally that she had thought about blowing up the White House. Let us hope that she is arrested for an inciting terrorist threat.

At the same rally an insaniac actress started talking about her menstrual period and about the sales tax on tampons!

These people are cooked. Big time. They will achieve nothing with this type of stupidity.

Then we have these mainstream media skunks acting like these crazies are legitimate protesters. They are not. Meanwhile elected Democrats refuse to condemn the violence. We can rest assured that president Trump will fearlessly point this out and put the Democrat party where it belongs – in the basement.

These rioters are like the ‘occupiers’ of 2011 who did the same thing and burned out quickly and fell out of public favor even as top Democrats praised them.

On the other hand, voters are going to see real results from Trump. The media will not be able to define him. Trump will be defined by his actions and that will go a long way toward his re-election and toward the continuing surge in the Republican party.

This has occurred already in the recent past. Consider what happened in Wisconsin if you want a preview of what is coming nationally:

In 2002 a corrupt Democrat was elected governor of Wisconsin. He previously had served as the state’s attorney general. This Democrat was a big-spending, left-winger, like virtually all Democrats are today.

By 2010 the Wisconsin economy was in bad shape. This was attributable largely to decades of Wisconsin state government coziness with the state’s public employee unions that had drained the state budget. The Democrat governor personified this corruption.

In November 2010 Republican Scott Walker was elected governor to fix this situation. Walker is a hard-hitting conservative elected in what had been a relatively liberal state.

Shortly after Walker took office in January 2011 leftists and union activists started a major protest against Walker since he planned to rein in the state public employee unions.

In Spring 2011 these protesters occupied the Wisconsin state capitol building for an extended period, holding noisy protests and doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the building and grounds.

They mounted threatening mob actions outside the homes of Walker and other Republican legislators. They even followed Mrs. Walker in the grocery store and harassed her. They took over every forum they could, just like the anti-Trumpers did in 2016 and like they have done since Trump’s election, expecting some sort of victory.

Sound familiar? But Walker prevailed and fixed the state budget by reining in the unions. Then the same unions and socialists held an angry recall election against Walker in 2012, and threw everything possible at him, but Walker won it easily. Then Walker was re-elected handily in 2014.

Walker prevailed repeatedly because he got the job done and because the tactics of his opponents failed. This should be a lesson for the Democrats nationally. When Trump gets things done, he is going to be an extremely formidable opponent no matter how many protests and riots the socialists and communist hold. Actions speak louder than words.

This is what Democrats fear most and why they want to keep Republicans like Walker and Trump out of office; because Republicans get things done and then are judged not on what the media or the rioters say on their placards, but on their records. This is why they fear Trump – because they know that Trump is going to change the nation for the better and make Obama look bad and expose the rioters and the media and the Democrats.

Here are the numbers about how much power the Democrats have lost since Obama was first elected. Republicans now control:

*the White House and the enormous power that goes with it, including the power to appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges, which will re-make American jurisprudence for decades to come;
*the US Senate, with 52 Republican senators out of 100. That number even could go to 53 since one Democrat may switch parties. This gives Republicans majority control of the Senate again, which they were expected to lose in the recent election. This means that Trump will generally get all of the legislation that he wants and the appointments that he wants, including the Supreme Court.
*the US House of Representative with 241 Republicans to 194 Democrats, a massive GOP majority. As Republican dominance continues long-serving Democrats may quit out of frustration, leading to a possible snowball effect in favor of the GOP;
*Republicans hold 33 out of 50 governorships. Republican governors rule almost all of the thriving and growing American states, and also many once-liberal states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Even ultra-liberal Vermont just elected a Republican governor by a whopping 9 points.
*Republicans have majority control of 68 out of 98 state legislative bodies.
*Republicans have been doing extremely well in mid-term elections and so you can expect their power to rise even more in 2018, with Trump there to help them. Worse for Democrats, only eight Republican US senators are up for re-election in 2018 but 25(!) Democrats are. This will provide a clear opportunity for another rout of the Democrats and could easily take Republicans to 60 US Senate seats, the “magic number” that would give Trump almost unlimited power.

Here is an added note from the Washington Post to make these arrogant Democrats even more depressed:

Donald Trump is set to inherit an uncommon number of vacancies in the federal courts in addition to the open Supreme Court seat, giving the president-elect a monumental opportunity to reshape the judiciary after taking office. The estimated 103 judicial vacancies that President Obama is expected to hand over to Trump in the Jan. 20 transition of power is nearly double the 54 openings Obama found eight years ago following George W. Bush’s presidency.

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