‘Green’ Extremism is Ending under Trump

One of the great outcomes of the election of president Donald Trump is that the era of ‘green’ extremism is ending.

Speaking recently about government regulations and obstructionist ‘green’ laws, Trump said: “It’s out of control, and we’re going to make a very short process, and we’re going to either give you your (federal) permits or we’re not going to give you your permits, but you’re going to know very quickly.”

Amen. These regulations have been building up incrementally for decades under both Democrats and Republicans, costing our nation tens of millions of jobs.

Under Trump a company that wants to build a factory will no longer be hamstrung by months or years of delays including endless “green” reviews and obstruction like endangered species laws.

President Trump is also going to expedite the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, both of which are crucial to our energy independence. Fantastic. Let us hope that he revives the Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline for New England which KM abandoned after organized obstruction in every town from the ‘greens’.

One recent study said that New England needs the pipeline badly since the region is heavily dependent on natural gas. Thus we can hope that president Trump works with elected officials throughout the region to get the project re-started in the name of jobs and energy security for this hard-pressed region.

The ‘green’ movement is simply socialism. Always remember the Golden Rule: GREEN = GOVERNMENT POWER. It means hundreds of billions of dollars funneled to environmentalists in many different forms (solar energy subsidies, research grants to ‘study’ every issue, ‘green’ conferences, etc.).

One of the first things that happened after president Trump took office is that the White House website scrubbed its “climate change” page. Fantastic again.

In short the “green” war against the economy is ending and once Americans see this obstruction for what it really is they will never want it back again.

Nikitas3.com has strongly recommended for years that all ‘green’ taxpayer subsidies for windmills and solar panels be eliminated. This contravenes the politically-correct and nice-sounding idea that America must address our energy supply problem with an “all of the above” approach including oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear and ‘green’ power.

But ‘green’ energy does not work. I have discussed this many times on this website. It is grossly inefficient and expensive.

Meanwhile we populists and Republicans and conservatives are supposed to support “all of the above” policies as environmentalists do no such thing; they are rabidly opposed to all non-green energy. So “all of the above” is really a one-way street.

This is ending now. America is going to start using our ingenuity to provide abundant oil, coal and natural gas for the benefit of all. And rest assured, friends, that the ‘green’ myth that “the world is running out of oil” is a fabrication designed to frighten us and raise money for the Sierra Club and other ‘green’ groups. In fact the world has virtually unlimited amounts of carbon energy. We keep finding more and more of it.

This anti-oil, anti-coal, anti-natural-gas and anti-nuclear propaganda has been a cottage industry of the left since the late 1960s. Expectedly today we have these same people shutting down our coal fields and oil fields and efficient nuclear plants and replacing them with ineffective windmills and solar panels.

But alas even top environmentalists have wearied of this and are seeing the light. Today two of the world’s most prominent environmentalists, James Lovelock and Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, are both pro-nuclear. Many other environmentalists are too.

President Trump now is exposing these ‘green’ fakers for who they really are. Look at this from Breitbart.com about what happened after he took office:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has cancelled a major conference on climate change next month. This is unquestionably a result of the Trump Effect: the CDC is one of many US federal agencies which have been forced rapidly to adjust their priorities under a presidential administration which does not see man-made climate change as a significant issue.

So what does a federal agency like CDC have to do with ‘climate change’ in the first place? Isn’t CDC supposed to address disease?

Of course. But this ‘climate’ bogeyman has infiltrated every federal agency from EPA to the State Department to CDC, and on and on. And many state agencies. And the public schools and the universities.

In short, ‘climate change’ is a fabricated all-purpose crisis that is supposed to dominate our lives every day, and for one simple reason: To transfer political power, money and jobs to “green” toadies. Remember the Golden Rule: GREEN = GOVERNMENT POWER AND SOCIALISM.

This is now coming to an end; the anti-globalist movement is going to permanently set back this ‘green’ baloney. Because anti-globalism represents common sense while ‘climate change’ is just an unproven theory. Here is another Breitbart.com story

The Trump administration has frozen the Environmental Protection Agency’s grants and contracts, according to multiple reports.

The Washington Post reported that incoming EPA administration officials sent an email Friday to employees of the Office of Acquisition Management to temporarily suspend “all contract and grant awards.”

Good. These grants and contracts were the kinds of things that only “greenies” received and expected for decades as a matter of routine, i.e., just keep the cash flowing and don’t ask any questions. Trump is now ending it. Great.

The Daily Caller reported:

The official Badlands National Park (BNP) Twitter account published a series of tweets about global warming Tuesday that seemingly have nothing to do with the park’s mission.

Badlands National Park’s account tweeted out the messages about the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, claiming the greenhouse gas increased ocean acidity since pre-industrial times.

It’s not really clear how CO2 concentrations and ocean acidification lines up with the National Park Service’s mission, especially since Badlands National Park is in landlocked South Dakota and wouldn’t be affected by ocean acidification.

In other words these government goons, who live high off of the taxpayer, are all over the country putting out this ‘climate’ nonsense in every forum that they can no matter where they work and no matter what relevance the issue even has to their particular jobs.

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