Time to Pull the Plug on Mexico

For decades now we have been told over and over that America stole vast amounts of territory from Mexico; that Mexican immigrants are exploited for their cheap labor by American businesses; that poor Mexico deserves every benefit possible from wealthy America, etc. So let’s look at these issues one by one:

*The United States stole territory from Mexico, including Texas and California: OK, so if Texas and California had remained part of Mexico then they would be poor and Mexicans living there would be breaking down the doors to get into Oregon, Nevada, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

*Mexicans are exploited for cheap labor by the United States: Nobody has ever forced Mexicans to come to the United States. They come of their own free will and tens of millions of them have simply stayed in the US.

This is the greatest gift that these immigrants could ever have. There is no other nation in the world that would allow this type of illegal immigration, particularly a rich nation like the United States.

So why don’t poor Mexicans go straight through the US to Canada?

Because super-socialistic Canada has extremely tough immigration laws, that’s why.

*Mexico should be given endless economic advantages because it is ‘poor’: Don’t believe this nonsense that Mexico is destitute. It is ranked the 15th largest economy in the world with a $1.063 trillion annual economy, and it is #68 in the world in per capita wealth at $18,865 per person, or about one-third the wealth of the US ($57,294), according to 2016 figures from the International Monetary Fund. In comparison, the Central African Republic is #168 with $1,782 per person.

Mexico already has gotten massive economic advantages from the US for more than 100 years. American wealth has spilled over into Mexico in many ways. Mexico has lured our factories away, and our jobs. Remittances (money sent back to families in Mexico by Mexicans working in the US) in the last 50 years alone have amounted to as much as $1 TRILLION in today’s money.

*Mexico is poor because America is rich: Nonsense. Mexico is vastly better off than it would have been if America were not wealthy and right next door. Meanwhile advanced American industrial technology has created the modern Mexican economy. Mexico never paid a cent for this technology while the United States has never used any Mexican technology, since there is none.

According to a US government report from 2012 American companies employed 1.1 million people in Mexico while Mexican companies only employed 69,000 people in the United States.

So obviously this leftist anti-American rhetoric about Mexico is baloney. But wait. There’s more:

*Liberals ignore that fact that the United States has taken in tens of millions of poor Mexicans over the last century, alleviating Mexico of the problem of supporting those citizens. This has been a huge boon to the Mexican economy.

*Liberals ignore the fact that many of these Mexicans have established much better lives for themselves in the US than they ever would have had in Mexico, including in places like Texas and California that we “stole” from Mexico.

*Liberals ignore the huge economic uplift from millions of American tourists going to Mexico every year, and up to one million American retirees settled in Mexico and bringing their wealth with them. On the other hand most Mexicans come to the US destitute.

*Liberals ignore the fact that millions of Mexican criminals have come to the United States and done irreparable harm, including many who are reported to have been released from Mexican jails and told to leave Mexico and use easy access to the United States to get to the US. Many of them are still here, and in our jails. This is going to end with Trump.

*Liberals ignore the fact that illegal drugs have poured over the porous Mexican border in massive quantities, doing huge amounts of damage to the United States. This also will end under Trump.

Then remember this Big Fact, which explains everything:

Mexico has been controlled for most of the last 90 years by a hard-left and totally corrupt socialist political party called PRI which is like Democrats in the US. PRI has ruined the Mexican economy with its policies and stolen the national wealth while PRI and American Democrats and the global media tell us that it is America that is evil.

This is typical of socialists: Blame everyone else for the problems that they themselves created. Then the US is told that we have to help Mexico by taking in poor Mexicans and giving Mexico every advantage in trade.

No, friends, Mexico should help itself by electing a Trump-like president.

Oh, sure, millions of Mexicans have contributed to the US economy for many decades. They are hard workers. Good for them. They generally have been left alone and allowed to live here in peace even if they entered illegally. All over America we see hispanics working their way up in the economy.

But the flood of illegals both from Mexico and from other nations passing through Mexico has become unsustainable over the last 20 years, particularly under Obama. The Mexican government itself has made it a point to encourage poor Mexicans to come to the US and to allow citizens from other regions like Central America, and even from the Middle East and China, to transit through Mexico to the US border. This is all going to end under president Trump.

Then the question arises: Why is Trump demanding that Mexico pay for the border wall?

Answer: The amount of money needed to build the wall – up to $10 billion or more – pales in comparison to the massive amount of economic good that America has done in every way for Mexico over the last 100 years, which is tens of trillions of dollars in today’s money. So they can pay us back a fraction of it. After all it is Mexico’s lax policies that lead to the massive illegal border crossings in the first place.

Look at these shocking trade numbers from Terry Jeffrey writing on CNSNews.com, each followed by a Nikitas3.com comment:

CNSNews.com reports: In the period from January 1994 through November 2016, according to Census Bureau numbers, the United States ran a cumulative merchandise trade deficit with Mexico of $986,532,000,000 ($986.5 billion). Nikitas3.com comment: In other words, $986.5 billion more money has flowed into Mexico from the US in payments for products made in Mexico than vice versa. This has happened since we implemented the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA has been a disaster for the US and Trump is going to end it.

CNSNews.com reports: The House and Senate approved the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1993. In 1991 to 1994, the U.S. ran a cumulative merchandise trade surplus with Mexico of $10,541,900,000 ($10.5 billion). Then in 1995, one year after NAFTA took effect, the U.S. ran a merchandise trade deficit with Mexico of $15,808,300,000 ($15.8 billion). In every year since then—in fact, in every month since then–the U.S. has run merchandise trade deficits with Mexico. Nikitas3.com comment: So there you go. No further explanation needed.

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