Legal Setback for Trump Travel Ban is Victory for… Trump!

First, congratulations to the New England Patriots for their fantastic come-from-behind Super Bowl win. Watching in a Massachusetts sports bar where half the patrons had left by the fourth quarter, I gave up with 8 minutes to go, with Atlanta ahead by 16, after watching the Patriots play like a bad high school team for 52 minutes. That was a huge mistake. Happily. Now here is today’s commentary:

One thing you have to say about Donald Trump is that there has never been a president or presidential candidate like him.

Every time his opponents have proclaimed the political death of Trump, it proves to be a single step backward in a forward march that is unstoppable. Because Trump is like a steam engine. His energy and determination have no bounds.

Now we have liberals gloating that Trump’s 90-day travel restriction from seven terror-hotbed nations has been blocked by a Bush-appointed judge, that Trump is stumbling already, that this is the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency, that even a Republican judge has shot him down.

Yeah, right… just like he was counted out dozens of times on the campaign trail in 2015 and 2016 but then went on to win a smashing election victory that will reverberate for decades, and that is still ringing in the ears of Democrats.

Just look at the ballyhooed ‘women’s march’ in Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration. That was gonna show us that America was not going to take Trump lying down! That there was going to be momentous “resistance” to every Trump action!

Yet what do we remember from that ‘historic’ march?

We remember three things: That Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House; that one of the organizers of the march was a Muslim female who favors oppressive sharia law; and that the harebrained actress Ashley Judd became a permanent punch line for her zany speech about how “I’m nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets…”

Boing! Chalk up another win for Trump. Every time he ‘loses’, he wins.

What this all means is that Trump is on the right side of history, that he knows it, and that he is never going to let the media or the liberals grind him down. Because Trump knows that he is leading a transformation of the whole world and that all he needs to do is to stay strong, which has been his life’s work.

The media savaged him over his travel ban. They called him every name in the book. Some commentators even said that the ban was “unconstitutional”, totally ignorant of the fact that the US Constitution applies to the American government and its relation to American citizens, not visitors or immigrants coming in from foreign lands.

These media skunks are ignoring much more aggressive immigration bans by Obama and Jimmy Carter and the wholesale interment of 120,000 Japanese-Americans by Democrat hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II.

What is Trump going to do now?

Well, if the ban remains overturned on Tuesday, February 28 when Trump gives his State of the Union Speech, it is going to be Topic A. And Trump is going to use his bully pulpit to ream out the liberals while an easy majority of Americans will cheer him on in living rooms and bar rooms across America when he says one simple sentence: “I will always protect America, although many people are trying to stop me from doing so.”

It is important to remember that the judge who halted the ban was a liberal Bush appointee who said last August that “black lives matter” in a hearing in which he sided against the Seattle police. This judge even wears a bow tie, a sure bad omen for the rule of law.

So the whole deal becomes perfectly clear. Trump, who is now an enemy of the Bush family and their fading brand of globalist, open-borders Republicanism, is going to stick to his guns and soar even higher since this judge now has given him a rhetorical neutron bomb to use against Democrats and pro-migrant leftists.

Friends, terrorism is again the main foreign policy issue of our day. An easy majority of Americans, including many Democrats, are tired of these relentless attacks starting with 9/11 and then skipping to the Obama presidency and Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Boston, and San Bernardino, to Paris and Brussels and on and on.

This “terrorism fatigue” is deep-seated. We know that it is there. Trump will never, ever back down. He is going to build the wall on the Mexican border and things there are going to change too. And once Americans see the positive change, they will support it, leading to further losses by Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections.

It is obvious that Donald Trump is not your usual punching-bag Republican who backs down every time the media say “boo!”

No, it is the dying media that now are struggling to remain relevant every day like the collapsing New York Times, once one of the great newspapers in the world but which is now a mere shell of its formerly prestigious and financially successful self.

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