2020: ‘Pocahontas’ Is Likely Democrat Presidential Nominee

In 2020 Donald Trump will certainly be the Republican presidential nominee. There will be peace and calm on the conservative right with no disruptive primaries like 2008, 2012 and 2016. On the other hand Democrats in 2020 could very well get involved in a damaging primary fight.

First, let us look at who is not likely to get the Democrat nomination in 2020 – a white man like New York governor Andrew Cuomo or John Hickenlooper (governor of Colorado) or Terry McAuliffe (governor of Virginia, who is a Clinton lackey). Or California governor Jerry Brown (too old and crazy). Or Bernie Sanders (ditto). Or billionaire Mark Cuban. Or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (too young).

First, none of them is a good candidate with proposals and solid accomplishments that would appeal to a majority of voters. Second, the leading white male candidate should be Cuomo, a two-term governor of a major state, who is only 59 years old.

But Cuomo’s closest confidante was recently indicted for corruption and a whole slew of people around him were too. Cuomo could be under the gun as well. Don’t doubt it. This guy is pure Democrat sleaze.

New York state is notorious for massive corruption emanating almost exclusively from the Democrat party; and the state is in terrible economic shape, which Cuomo has done nothing about since he was first elected in 2010. Cuomo really has zero record of achievement. On the other hand, reform-minded Republican governors have strongly revitalized failing states like Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan since they were first elected in 2010.

The Democrats’ 2020 bias against white men is a result of the party’s carefully nurtured caste system of identity politics. And since we got the black president with Obama, and now that the white woman Hillary has lost, a white woman is most likely going be the nominee in 2020. It is still “her turn” no matter who that white woman might be. This is just the way that politics works.

If you think otherwise, just ask any liberal man what he gets from his feminist wife or girlfriend or co-worker when he even hints at contradicting what she wants. After all the Nikitas3.com definition of feminism is ’the legitimization and acceptance of feminine hysteria’ and it is one of the driving forces behind the Democrat party today.

Thus many Democrats already are resigned to the fact that it is going to be virtually impossible to risk life and limb going against the white feminists.

If a male candidate starts to antagonize a white female candidate in the 2020 Democrat primaries, there is going to be big trouble. Guaranteed. So let us look at the white Democrat women who might run in 2020:

*Hillary Clinton. Don’t count her out. Hillary is desperate to have political power back. She lived her whole life expecting to be The First Woman President. Behind the scenes she and her husband are desperate about the collapse of their personal and political fortunes and certainly are scheming for any type of comeback.

Nikitas3.com predicts that it will not happen. Many Democrats blame Hillary for blowing 2016 and so there would be a great deal of blowback over 2020.

*Jill Biden, the wife of former vice president Joe Biden, who has wide name recognition but zero political experience or leadership experience. She is a lifelong teacher/educator. She is highly unlikely to even be interested in running.

*Kirsten Gillibrand, the US senator from New York; Maria Cantwell from Washington state; Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota; and other senators.

They might run, but senators generally don’t make good presidential candidates. They don’t have the executive decision-making experience of governors or of a big-time businessman like Trump. Obama proved this point.

*Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon, one of only two Democrat woman governors. It is unlikely that she would run for president. Oregon is a small state (population 4 million) and Brown first became governor when the sitting governor John Kitzhaber resigned in a scandal. She is hardly a major figure with big achievements to tout on the national campaign trail. She could be compared to Howard Dean, governor of tiny Vermont, who ran in 2004.

*Caroline Kennedy. Daughter of president John F. Kennedy, she has the right political pedigree, but she stumbled badly when it was suggested that she run for Hillary Clinton’s US Senate seat when Hillary became secretary of state in 2009. Kennedy memorably flubbed a major interview in which she spoke poorly. There is no indication that she is willing to mount a grueling run at the White House, but who knows. She is 59 years old. If she runs and conducts a disciplined campaign, she could be a strong challenger for the nomination.

*Chelsea Clinton. Forget it. She is far too young at 36. She has two young children, and her husband’s Wall Street hedge fund just collapsed. So she has other things to worry about.

*An outsider like ABC News commentator Diane Sawyer or actress Meryl Streep. Streep is interesting in the liberal mindset, but it would be a very bad idea; Trump would tear her apart as a shallow actress. Sawyer seems to be a media liberal but she actually worked in the Nixon White House as a press aide, and helped Nixon to write his memoirs. It is highly unlikely that Sawyer would run. She is 71 years old.

This whole situation points to the one nationally known white woman leading the way for Democrats in 2020 and that person is one of the most bizarre political spectacles in modern American history – Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, US senator from Massachusetts.

Warren once claimed early in her career that she was 1/32 native American, and thus the moniker ‘Pocahontas’. She claimed to be part native in order to take advantage of racial preferences for “minorities” in hiring.

Warren could today be considered the leading candidate for the Democrat nomination in 2020. Her recent tirade against attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions on the Senate floor was just a warm-up act of what to expect from this fire-breathing dunce in the next few years. She will do anything to attract attention.

Unfortunately Pocahontas will be 71 years old in 2020 and that is going to work against her. She will be seen as just another tired old face of the Democrat party, which desperately needs younger blood.

And yes, Trump will be 74, but he is the incumbent and that makes a huge difference. Trump is like the Energizer Bunny. He works like crazy and he will have a track record which Nikitas3.com expects to be a very good one of solid achievement. Nikitas3.com predicts that Warren would lose to Trump in a historic landslide.

The three big problems with Warren are that she doesn’t appeal to voters on a personal level; she is too far to the left; and she already is the butt of a million political jokes and has been since 2012 when her native American stunt was first revealed. She already has been shredded over it, even by Trump in the 2016 election season, and it is a type of ridicule that cuts deep since her claim was so craven and selfish.

Warren has achieved almost nothing politically except for proposing wild ideas like a $22 an hour minimum wage(!?) which would sink much of the American economy. She helped Obama to found the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a big-government bureaucracy with outrageously inflated salaries for its employees. She also failed to report an important $1+ million detail on the financial report that all senators are required to report. This makes people wonder what she is hiding.

Even in Massachusetts there is disdain over her native American claim and over her general persona, which is strident.

If Warren loses re-election to the Senate in 2018 then her career is over and Nikitas3.com believes that she very well could lose that race. A recent poll showed that the people of Massachusetts don’t like Pocahontas very much, even though she was touted as a major Democrat figure when she was first elected to the Senate in 2012.

Potential opponents for Warren in 2018 include Massachusetts Republican governor Charlie Baker, lieutenant governor Karyn Polito and retired Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, who has a popular radio show in Boston.

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