Trump Slams CNN and CNN is Aghast

President Trump’s news conference of Thursday, February 16, is going to go down as a turning point in political history.

Trump’s election last November 8 started the ball rolling, but this news conference showed that this president has no intention of ever giving one inch to the media skunks who hate him and who hate Republicans and conservatives and populists, and that relations with the media are going to be upside down for as long as Trump serves which believes will be eight years.

CNN commentators were livid about Trump’s impromptu style and his attacks on the media. NBC’s Chuck Todd even called them “unAmerican”(!!)

Poor Chuck… he can dish it out but he sure can’t take it, like all of these media people.

Trump said that “the press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about [it], we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people. We have to talk to find out what’s going on, because the press honestly is out of control.”

Wow. Kaboom. This type of criticism was considered barely acceptable from a candidate who was expected to lose. But now that Trump is president the media are catatonic about this type of criticism.

What they fear most is that these Trump attacks are having a genuine and serious negative impact on the media. And that if this goes on that the media are going to suffer even more harm than they already have with their reputations and their finances sinking daily.

The horror in the media at these comments is just one day of horror in relation to what we conservatives have suffered for 50 years at the hands of these biased media. Now that they see what it feels like for ten minutes, they are squealing like stuck pigs. It is wonderful to watch.

Here is more of what Chuck Todd is so upset about. Here is a direct quote from the news conference transcript when president Trump was speaking to Jim Acosta of CNN, who became famous for aggressively questioning Trump at a press conference in January:

TRUMP: Well, you look at your (CNN) show that goes on at 10 o’clock in the evening. You just take a look at that show. That is a constant hit. The panel is almost always exclusive anti-Trump. The good news is he doesn’t have good ratings. But the panel is almost exclusive anti-Trump. And the hatred and venom coming from his mouth; the hatred coming from other people on your network.

Now, I will say this. I watch it. I see it. I’m amazed by it. And I just think you’d be a lot better off, I honestly do. The public gets it, you know. Look, when I go to rallies, they turn around, they start screaming at CNN. They want to throw their placards at CNN. You know.

… I — I think you would do much better by being different. But you just take a look. Take a look at some of your shows in the morning and the evening. If a guest comes out and says something positive about me, it’s — it’s brutal.

Wow. Tens of millions of Americans are saying, “It’s about time somebody said this.” Including

The media think of themselves like elite college professors while everyone else is merely a student. Trump will have none of it.

Here is Julian Zelizer of CNN melting down about the press conference:

(Trump) lashed out personally against reporters, he resumed fighting over the outcome of the election and his loss in the popular vote, and continued steadfastly refusing to admit to facts that are beyond dispute. While it is true that many of his supporters still see the person who “tells it like it is” and isn’t afraid to punch back against his critics, this is not a way to conduct the presidency.

Awww. Poor CNN. This is the same CNN that says that there is no voter fraud in America since Trump is now going to investigate voter fraud and do significant damage to the Democrat party in the process since Democrats rely on fraud to win many elections.

Trump also said, “To be honest I inherited a mess. It’s a mess. At home and abroad, a mess.”

This is true – our economy is weak, our foreign policy is a disaster with US prestige and power in the world at historic lows, unlimited immigration is producing total chaos within the US, and sex changers are trying to tell us that they can use whatever bathroom they wish. And the media are aghast. Their beloved Obama could never have created this mess, they believe. Obama is perfect in their eyes.

Rest assured that Donald Trump is on top of the world. These media rats have been tearing him apart every minute for the last 20 months, and rather than responding with anger and cowardice, he comes back at them and actually has tens of millions of Americans laughing and cheering.

In short, somebody finally is standing up to the bully.

This is an extraordinary feat, and Trump is just warming up. This president is a media machine. He is beating the media at their own game. Watch for this to continue without letup. Trump finally is going to put the dying media in their places and they know that there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it. What they fear for most is their own survival.

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