California Wants to Secede? – Good! Go!

Over the last 30 years there have been occasional calls for individual states to secede from the United States. They were generally conservative states like Texas where some people did not like the laws and regulations coming out of Washington.

The mainstream media called the secessionist idea crazy, yet within just weeks after Donald Trump’s election some people in California started talking about secession and the media are treating them like they are 100% serious.

Interestingly there was a recent story on the internet that shows why the rest of America should encourage California to go its merry way.

The story reports that the state of California was warned back in 2005 about problems at its Oroville Dam but has done nothing about it. Under heavy rains, the dam recently seemed to be on the verge of failing and creating a flood that would have destroyed 200,000 nearby homes.

Typically, when the Obama ‘stimulus’ came out in 2009 California got $34 BILLION total and $22 million for another dam that was in good shape. Yet no money was spent on Oroville.

This, friends, is classic socialism. That ‘stimulus’ money was stolen by Democrats and labor unions. Meanwhile California and federal taxpayers now spend a reported $25 billion every year on welfare for illegal aliens in the Golden State, but the same state does not have $100 million to fix the Oroville Dam.

This happens because California is our most socialist state where outright corruption and thievery is rampant, as it always is under socialism. Every statewide political office in California is now held by a Democrat and so socialism is deeply entrenched and theft on a grand scale is normal.

This is leading to an exodus from California. An estimated 250,000 Americans, mostly productive middle-class people, are fleeing California every year after decades in which Americans flocked into California. An estimated 1,700 companies over the last decade have departed California because its business climate is so bad, with sky-high taxes and regulations. Even Intel, the “grandfather” of the Silicon Valley computer industry, has not created a single job within California since the year 2000. Nestle is the latest to leave, with 1,200 jobs; Toyota moved its US headquarters from Los Angeles to Texas.

Here is another example of Crazy California: As the Oroville Dam decays California is spending up to $100 BILLION and maybe much more on a high-speed rail system to carry passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This system will have its own tracks in a brand new corridor, blasting across the countryside and through the suburbs all up and down the state. has analyzed this system and determined that it is a huge fiscal boondoggle and an environmental disaster. Republicans in California have warned against it for years.

Since this train’s route deviates from a straight line to serve cities in the state’s out-of-the-way Central Valley, the trip from LA to SF on the train will be 520 miles while the same trip by air, bus or car is about 360 miles.

So how do you save time, energy and money going almost one-and-one-half times the distance?

You don’t; you waste all three and that is precisely how wacky socialism always contravenes common sense. You can be sure that few people will ride this train and that its ticket costs will go through the roof and require large taxpayer subsidies.

Already its costs are out of control in its early phases of construction. The Los Angeles Times reported:

California’s bullet train could cost taxpayers 50% more than estimated — as much as $3.6 billion more. And that’s just for the first 118 miles through the Central Valley, which was supposed to be the easiest part of the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

…The environmental reviews have grown ever more costly, based on an analysis of the rail authority’s documents. The original cost projection, made in a September 2010 grant agreement with the Federal Railroad Administration, put the cost at $388 million. By last August, the authority’s official “funding contribution plan” showed that cost had jumped to $1.03 billion.

So who gets all of this money for the environmental impact statements that are going way over the estimates?

You guessed it – college professors and ‘green’ consultants and other leftists and Democrats who write the environmental reviews and preach ‘climate change’, that’s who. The money is simply being stolen. So you can see why this train really is being built. It is all about the cash…

Thus when California talks about seceding from the United States says, “Go! Have a nice day! And take your Crazy Train with you!”

Significantly California secession would mean that the rest of the United States would never again elect a Democrat president since California’s huge bloc of 55 electoral votes always goes to a Democrat, and would disappear from presidential elections with secession.

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