Labor Union Power Sinks More/ Democrats Offer Losing Message

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Nearly three-quarters of eligible production workers at Boeing’s South Carolina plant voted …not to join the International Association of Machinists in a major setback for organized labor. The Post & Courier newspaper reported that 2,097 of 2,828 voting workers — 74.2 percent — cast ballots against unionization.

This is great news. Boeing moved production of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft to South Carolina from its base near Seattle, Washington specifically to escape the endless demands of its aggressive unions.

But then Obama’s National Labor Relations Board even sought in 2011 to bar Boeing from opening a South Carolina plant.

This anti-union vote is no surprise since unions now have a terrible reputation. Americans have seen first-hand how militant unions destroyed millions of high-paying jobs in the US since the end of World War II. Unions ruined the railroads and the steel industry and the auto industry. The hometown in Massachusetts lost 11,000 jobs after General Electric closed a plant there that had been subject to decades of union confrontation, strikes and violence.

In short, American workers have learned the hard way that unions bring workplace intimidation, violence and harassment and often cause jobs to be eliminated and plants to be closed. Thus workers are rejecting unionization in favor of peace and long-term prosperity. Great. Now here is today’s second editorial:

Democrats Project Negative, Losing Message

The big problem today with the Democrat party and its leftist comrades is that they are against Trump but they are not describing the positive things that they stand for. This type of negative message is a sure loser.

Voters need the full picture to make an informed decision, and so a strong candidate must give both sides to make his/her position clear – what he/she stands for and against. And hopefully the things that the candidate stands for will be uplifting and attract voters.

This hysteria among anti-Trumpers is unprecedented. We will not know how badly this is hurting Democrats until the 2018 mid-term elections. believes that the harm will be significant.

Hysteria, negativity and anger are losing strategies; even a recent academic study came to the obvious conclusion that these riots and constant protests are hurting the anti-Trump cause.

We all know that the more irrational and negative that an office-seeker and his/her supporters appear to be, the worse his/her chances of winning.

The wacky nature of the Trump haters today is a very bad sign for them. It is turning off voters big time. It is like a child throwing a tantrum. For the first few minutes an adult may listen to the child or seek to understand the child or try to mollify the child. But after a while the adult will become angry.

Americans long ago passed the first few minutes of the anti-Trumper tantrums. The riots started the day after the election and most of us were tired of it by the very next day. Now these riots and unhinged political protests are continuing and an overwhelming majority of voters are sick of them. This majority accepts Trump as president, including many who did not vote for him.

Look at what has happened to professional football after it became politicized with protesting athletes disrespecting the National Anthem – Americans stopped watching it by the millions. Ditto the sports TV network ESPN, which has lost millions of subscribers after becoming rabidly political (yes, even the sports media are liberal).

Hollywood’s influence, wealth and prestige have been sinking for years, and its anti-Trump political tirades are increasingly strident and negative, hurting it even more. Meanwhile the mainstream American news media have lost most of their credibility by going even harder to the left than usual.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, won the presidency by offering solid proposals for reform and telling voters exactly where he stood on the issues, both for and against.

He said that he favors legal immigration – his wife is a legal immigrant – but opposes mass illegal immigration and would build a wall on the Mexican border to stop it. This came after decades in which Republicans said that the only way to win elections was to favor amnesty.

Trump said that he wants to expand oil, coal and natural gas exploration all over America. He said that he would obliterate evil terrorists. He said that he favored life and opposed abortion. He said that he favored the 2nd Amendment. He said that he supported our police and military and wanted to crack down on criminals. He said that he wanted a more free economy with much reduced regulation. And on and on.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, spent most of her campaign telling voters that Trump was not to be trusted, but that strategy didn’t work. Voters needed to hear an optimistic message from Clinton about why she should be elected but never really did except that she would be The First Woman President.

But once you read what Clinton and Democrats stand for you understand why she lost and why we didn’t hear much about those issues. has composed this list of issues that Democrats stand FOR so that we can have a clear picture where liberals stand in future elections. It is a very disturbing picture once you see it in print. Here is what Democrats should say but generally will not:

*We Democrats want open borders. We want unlimited immigration into the United States, even from terrorist nations. We are not concerned about the astronomical costs of open borders or the unwillingness of millions of immigrants to assimilate. Or the huge amount of crime and terrorism committed by illegals.

*We want much more stringent gun control and even bans on gun ownership by American citizens.

*We believe in unlimited welfare programs for low-income people and even government handouts like free college for middle-class people.

*We believe that the economy should be subjected to heavy regulation and taxes.

*We believe that sex changers should be able to go into any bathroom or locker room that they wish.

*We Democrats believe in lenient judges, and that criminals should serve as little jail time as possible. We oppose the death penalty even for the most heinous crimes.

*We favor 100% abortion rights. We believe that babies should be able to be killed at any point up to and including the moment of birth.

*We support Black Lives Matter. We believe that riots in black cities are an acceptable form of protest.

*We Democrats believe that the sexual abuse of children is not a crime or, as The New York Times said in a 2014 headline, ‘Pedophilia is a Disorder, not a Crime’.

*We support the anti-Trump rioters and their violent actions. That is why we are intentionally not speaking out against them.

*We believe that all people who work and pay taxes should pay a lot in taxes in order to provide for those who don’t work and won’t work.

*We believe in the legalization of dangerous drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

*We strongly support labor unions that have driven millions of jobs from our shores and that are now being rejected by a vast majority of American workers.

*We believe in creating a pristine environment by halting all coal, natural gas and oil production in America, and stopping the pipelines to transport them and the power plants to burn them.

*We Democrats believe that terrorism is no threat to America or Europe. We believe that the US should not investigate potential terrorists within the US, or wage war on radical Muslims or even say the words “radical Islam”.

*We believe that the US military should be reduced significantly in strength and preparedness, as Obama has done.

*We believe that there is no voter fraud and that there should be no investigations into voter fraud.

*We believe that the Clintons engaged in no nefarious or illegal activities in regard to the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s email scandal.

*We believe that Muslims have the right to come to America in unlimited numbers and to open mosques and establish their own sharia law courts to govern their people independently of US laws.

*We Democrats believe that the police are evil and racist and should be restrained in every way possible.

*We believe in an ever-expanding government to provide employment and services for the people.

*We believe that Christianity is more violent and dangerous than Islam or terrorism.

*We believe that America is the problem in the world, and that white men are the source of that problem

So there you go. Amazing, isn’t it, once you actually read what the liberals stand for. Then you understand why the Democrats have lost so much power.

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