Melania, Ivanka Trump are the Truly ‘Strong Women’ has been an admirer of Donald Trump for many years, since the 1980s when he first appeared on the national scene. Now we are getting to see the Trump women and they too are impressive.

But you would never know it from the mainstream media coverage. One example of dozens: Newsweek magazine recently published a cover photo of ‘the Trump women’ with the faces and figures all distorted like cartoon characters.

Meanwhile the same media slobbered all over Michelle Obama for eight years and slobbered over Jackie Kennedy for more than 30 years. And over homely Hillary for 25 years.

Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump are strong and smart. They are beautiful women. Melania’s appearance on inauguration day was out of sight, in her powder blue outfit over her supermodel figure. If she were married to a Democrat the media adulation would be in the stratosphere every single minute.

These Trump Women are poised and mild-mannered and they speak well. They do not lash out like feminists do, like crazy Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House or actress Ashley Judd talking about the blood stains on her bed sheets. Or Michelle Obama saying that she was never proud of America. Or Hillary talking about “a vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband.

This, friends, is the difference between women who are raised well versus the fanatics who are products of modern-day feminism.

Who could forget the media savaging Melania when her speechwriter mistakenly put a phrase from another speech into her speech to the Republican convention in July 2016. This was the first big media shot at Melania in her first major public outing, and an attempt to ruin her from the get-go. This is continuing, such as calling her a prostitute, which is beyond the pale. Or the media attacks on her young son Barron, which are disgusting.

And on and on. Melania, a native of the Eastern European nation of Slovenia, speaks five languages yet a Trump hater claimed that “she barely speaks English”.

See what liars these people are? They don’t even care what is true; they simply hurl insults that will stick in the public mind, even when false, and this is how they character-assassinate conservatives every day.

We have seen this all before. These media skunks hated Pat Nixon and Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush. When Sarah Palin gave an uplifting and well-received speech to the Republican national convention in 2008 the media pursued her with a vengeance in order to destroy her, fearing her natural appeal.

Yet Palin made her own career getting elected governor of Alaska while media darling Hillary just glommed onto her husband’s career. Ditto Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama.

Now president Trump’s daughter Ivanka is under constant assault by the same people. One blogger stated that Ivanka’s beautiful new baby “sucks”. An artist said that he did not want Ivanka displaying one of his paintings in her home. Various store chains like Nordstrom and Macys have been successfully pressured to drop Ivanka’s line of clothing, fashion accessories and perfumes. But like everything else that the left has tried this tactic is backfiring. Look at this from Fox News:

First Daughter Ivanka Trump could be getting the last laugh at brick and mortar stores that have dropped her brand of clothing, shoes, perfumes and more.

On Friday morning, Ivanka Trump Eau de Parfum Spray For Women, 3.4 Fluid Ounce and the roller ball version of the perfume were number one and two top selling perfumes on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

Trump’s perfume spray and roller ball were selling better on the e-commerce site than perfumes by Estee Lauder and Jennifer Lopez.

Nordstrom and Burlington are among the stores that refuse to carry the Ivanka Trump brand. President Trump criticized Nordstrom in a tweet.

In addition Ivanka’s shoes are now the best sellers at Bloomingdale’s. And it was the Trump haters who started this ‘war on Ivanka’ and so Trump supporters are responding in kind by buying her stuff. So the Trump haters are losing once again by being angry and spiteful, which is always a bad strategy but is the only strategy of the Democrat left in the US today.

Have we seen Melania or Ivanka raising tens of millions in cash donations using their political office in a corrupt pay-for-play scheme, like Hillary Clinton did as secretary of state with the Clinton Foundation? No. Using a private e-mail server that threatened national security? No. Defending Donald Trump for decades against charges of sexual abuse and even rape like Hillary defended Bill Clinton? No. Lying repeatedly about her e-mail server? No.

Melania and Ivanka are more strong, smart and beautiful than any of the losers on the feminist side like Loopy Lena Dunham, who has actually posted pictures of herself on the toilet (which she will deeply regret someday when she gets older and wiser).

Amazing, isn’t it, how awful these feminists are? But you have to understand feminism to comprehend this behavior.

Feminism comes from the view that women are inferior to men and must respond angrily and in a confrontational manner to try to make themselves equal to men. Conservatism, on the other hand, tells women that they are good, that they are different from men but just as important as men in making the world go ‘round, and that women should be proud to be women and to enjoy it.

Conservative women are rational while feminists are hysterical; each behavior is triggered by their view of their own status in the world.

Feminists love to say that men have dominated history, that women have been marginalized for millennia. Yet it is the nutty behavior of loud, aggressive feminist-type women like Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopi Goldberg that led men for thousands of years to keep women out of public affairs. conjectures that women would have made infinitely more progress starting thousands of years ago if all women were conservatives.

There recently was a photo on the internet that infuriated the Trump haters. When president Trump met with the Canadian prime minister, Ivanka was in the Oval Office at the time. The photo in question showed Ivanka sitting in the president’s chair at his desk with the two leaders standing on each side of her, smiling.

This was an obvious setup by president Trump to suggest that The First Woman President could well be Ivanka. Don’t doubt it. Donald Trump is very savvy like that. He likes to toy with the media.

Ivanka is only 35 years old. She obviously would be thinking about possibly being president someday after seeing her father get elected. That is why she has moved to Washington – to be where the political action is and to see first-hand how things work. Good for her.

Now just imagine how enraged the Trump haters would be if Ivanka became The First Woman President after her father “robbed” Hillary Clinton of the title!

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