Trump Speech Showed Him in Total Command

If any Americans had gone wobbly over president Trump after weeks of protests, riots, threats and negative media coverage, his February 28 speech to a joint session of Congress should assure us all that Trump is in total command.

He did not back down; he doubled down. He re-stated his agenda in the most uncertain terms. He was thoroughly presidential. He used language that Americans thought that they would never hear again from a president including his promises to restore our military might, destroy the ISIS terrorists, build a wall on the Mexican border and peel back significantly stifling government regulations that are thwarting the economy.

He said, “By finally enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars, and make our communities safer for everyone.”

He even proposed an Australian-style merit-based system to cut the number of unskilled workers immigrating into the US, along with a total overhaul of US immigration.

For 30 years now the expected approach to immigration was to grant amnesty to illegals and leave the border open, but Trump would have none of it.

He also stood by his idea to subject travelers from certain Islamic nations to extreme vetting. “We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America,” he added.

This is great stuff. Trump is not cowed in any way by the treatment that he has been getting from the Democrats and media. But we Trump supporters knew that he never would be.

Even before the speech, noticed a very troubling sign for Democrats – that ultra-liberal Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not in the audience. She is 83 and frail and this could mean that her health is failing. If she died or retired because of bad health, this would be another major shock to the already stunned Democrats.

Trump continued with his unabashedly pro-American message. “My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America,” he said.

Great. Melania Trump looked stunning in her sequined outfit. And there was no disruption of the address, a sign that takes as an indicator that the left’s tantrum over Trump is running out of steam.

“A new chapter of American greatness is now beginning,” the president told his worldwide audience. This is hardly the cowering Trump that the media expected after their relentless assaults on and lies about this man.

“Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. Every problem can be solved. And every hurting family can find healing, and hope,” Trump said.

Wow. When was the last time we heard that type of language from a president?

Answer: From Ronald Reagan…

Trump said, “the time for small thinking is over.”

The audience gave extended applause to the widow of William ‘Ryan’ Owens, the Navy SEAL killed in a raid in Yemen in Trump’s first military action, a raid that had been planned when Obama was still president.

Carryn Owens sobbed at the standing ovation as Trump declared that the raid had yielded vital intelligence. Her husband’s “legacy is etched into eternity,” Trump said.

Democrats mostly sat on their hands in an expected spirit of partisanship. They did expectedly cheer, however, when the president talked about a massive $1 trillion taxpayer-funded infrastructure rebuilding plan.

“Crumbling infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and railways gleaming across our very, very beautiful land. … Above all else, we will keep our promises to the American people,” he said.

Calling for “historic tax reform that will reduce the tax rate on our companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone,” Trump was assuring us that his plan to rebuild the American economy would not fall into the cracks of politics-as-usual.

This speech really put Trump back into direct contact with America. By talking to the American people without the media’s negative filter, we got to see who this president really is. And when we get to see him this way, it can only redound to Trump’s benefit, and to America’s.

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