Attack on Sessions Shows Pure Democrat Desperation

The coordinated Democrat attack on the character of attorney general Jeff Sessions over a statement that he made during his confirmation hearings should not be seen as a sign of Democrat strength; it is really a sign of desperation and weakness.

Sessions was asked by Democrat US senator Al Franken if he, Session, as a member of the Trump campaign had ever had contact with “intermediaries” from the Russian government, an obvious reference to the ongoing ‘fake news’ story that shady Russians had interfered in the presidential election.

Sessions replied in the negative, but did not mention that he had held a very public meeting with the Russian ambassador in his office as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. These Senate members often meet with representative of foreign governments.

But Sessions was not asked about his official role as a senator; he was being asked about his role in the campaign, and about the charges that suspicious Russian “intermediaries” had somehow interfered in the election.

Sessions is a lawyer and a former judge. He is an honest man. He knows darned well that if you are asked a question under oath that you answer the question truthfully, which he did. You need not go into any other area, and Franken never asked him about any other public contacts that he may have had in his role as a senator with a public figure like the Russian ambassador.

Obviously if Sessions had had a meeting in his office with the ambassador and lied about it he would have known that he could have been easily found out. But that does not stop the Democrats from trying to make hay out of Sessions allegedly offering “misleading” testimony.

This is all absurd. But then again, with the Democrat party in dire straits, their only strategy is to attack every Trump administration official in sight on whatever grounds they can concoct.

Once again, we will have a one-day story about Sessions and then we will move on to something else.

Unfortunately for the Democrats this attack on Sessions has backfired. First, it is going to be seen as another ludicrous waste of time. And second, one of the most partisan Democrat senators of all, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, claimed that she had never “ever” met with the Russian ambassador but then internet evidence was turned up, including a photo of McCaskill with the ambassador, that proves that McCaskill was lying.

Amazing. Stunning. Everything these people do to undermine Trump ends up backfiring.

And what do they do? They just attack, attack and attack some more. They have attacked Trump ruthlessly. They have attacked Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump, Rex Tillerson, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka. And on and on.

But do you know what? They are just running out of people to attack. They even have gone after the president’s 10-year-old son, and that failed too. One lady who made a joke about young Barron Trump lost her job in a major backfire.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton carried on a multi-year pay-for-play operation out of her State Department office; she used a private e-mail server that probably violated the Espionage Act; while Bill Clinton met under very suspicious circumstance with Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch just days before Hillary was let off the hook on her e-mails. And none of this stuff has been prosecuted. While Jeff Sessions is savaged over a perfectly truthful statement that he made in his confirmation hearings.

Friends, the Democrats are in desperate straits. Their party is dying. They know it and so they are flailing about, trying to bring down Trump.

It will not work. Trump is very smart and is not going to make any mistakes. Meanwhile during Trump’s recent speech America watched in shock as Democrats refused to even rise and applaud the widow of a Navy SEAL who had sacrificed his life in a raid that helped us to gain intel on terrorist operations in the Middle East. believes that the Democrats are simply in a downward spiral that they refuse to acknowledge, and that their bad behavior is only making things worse for their party.

The best thing for Democrats would be to accept their sorry state and move away from their radical agenda and behavior. But they have moved so far to the left that they cannot understand anything but the most extremist tactics.

Barack Obama is now back in Washington and leading the War on Trump. But Democrats should be very wary about Obama. It was under his presidency that the Democrats lost more power than they have in the last century. The more that they follow Obama and his Alinsky tactics, the further and further down that they will fall.

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