Trump is Global Role Model

Many times since Donald Trump’s entry into the presidential race in Summer 2015 we have seen candidates referred to as “the Donald Trump of Canada” or “a Trump-like candidate”. This is a new global phenomenon. Here is an example from

In a rising tide of populist sentiment, Brazil’s two largest cities swore in mayors from outside the political class Sunday, underscoring widespread frustration with the establishment.

In the nation’s financial capital of São Paulo, João Doria, dubbed “the Brazilian Donald Trump,” took his oath of office on January 1. The millionaire businessman and former host of “The Apprentice Brazil” handily defeated his opponents in the mayoral election last October, drawing huge support from “the depoliticized voters dissatisfied with the political class.”

CNN reported:

Canada’s got its own reality TV star vying for the nation’s top job. Kevin O’Leary, the business man-turned-reality TV star, announced Wednesday that he will stand in the now 14-person race to lead Canada’s Conservative party.

…The similarities between Trump and O’Leary, who is now the chairman of O’Shares Exchange Traded Funds, are undeniable on the surface.

Both Trump and O’Leary are businessmen who starred in reality TV shows (produced by Mark Burnett). O’Leary is a judge on “Shark Tank,” a TV show in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to successful tycoons. If judges like the ideas, they’ll invest. It’s based on the British show “Dragon’s Den.”

This is happening because Trump is a transformative leader, one of the most watched international political figures in world history and the antidote to the prevailing ideology of the last century which has been New World Order socialism and globalism.

This also is why the Trump candidacy was dismissed as ludicrous, and why the Brexit referendum was disdained as nonsense – because that is what the globalists and socialists and their media cronies wanted us to believe out of fear of losing their power.

But they now are finding that this newborn movement is spreading like wildfire and that they cannot contravene the will of the people at the ballot box. believes that socialism was the prevailing ideology of the last century and that populism and capitalism are emerging for the next 100.

Trump is spurring outsiders like himself to rise up, people who might never have thought about getting into politics before. This is what is most disturbing to the globalists and the NWO, that the sleeping giant has been awakened and that the career politicians and do-nothing bureaucrats and their media cronies can never put it back into its crib. Here are some examples here in the US:

*Rock musician Ted Nugent is a 68-year-old born, bred and proud symbol of the state of Michigan where he still lives. With the election of Trump conservative Nugent is said to be thinking about running for the US Senate from Michigan in 2018. His opponent would be an old Democrat incumbent hack named Debbie Stabenow who has been in office since 2000. predicts that Nugent would win easily since Michigan is trending Republican. After all, this is the Age of Trump.

*In Missouri retired 37-year-old NASCAR superstar Carl Edwards may run in 2018 against Democrat US senator Claire McCaskill, who has a reputation for dishonesty, most recently lying about her connections to Russian officials. predicts that Edwards would win easily in a state that Trump won by a big margin over Clinton. After all, this is the Age of Trump.

*Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio host and commentator, may run in 2018 in Virginia for the US Senate seat now held by Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Kaine made himself into the most disliked politician in America with his rude and aggressive debate performance against Mike Pence.

In the Age of Trump, believes that Ingraham will win. After all she has never held political office and so is eminently qualified to be in the US Senate.

*In California entrepreneur Peter Thiel (born in Germany, net worth $2 billion) is being suggested as a Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2018. And don’t think that left-wing Californians would not be open to Thiel. Even they understand that their state is suffering enormously under a powerful Democrat regime. It is estimated that 1,700 businesses have fled California in the last decade including Nestle and Toyota.

*In Massachusetts, a conservative Christian and retired Boston Red Sox baseball player named Curt Schilling may challenge sitting Democrat US senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren in 2018. And he very well could win. After all, this is the Age of Trump.

*Perhaps one of the two Trump sons, Donald Jr. or Eric, might run for governor of New York state in 2018 in order to “drain the swamp” in Albany, the most corrupt state capital in America in one of the most economically-distressed states in the union.

Look at the anti-European-Union insurgents who are rising up all over the Continent, who have the Globalist Establishment terrified. They are being energized by Trump.

*Marine LePen of France, who opposes the European Union, wants to stop migration into her country from the Middle East and Africa and then wants secure borders, was long considered a fringe candidate in socialistic France. No more. predicts that she will win the presidency later this year.

*Geert Wilders, the Dutch advocate of strong borders and limited immigration, has risen greatly in visibility and popularity since the election of Trump.

America’s Founding Fathers did not intend for political offices to become a profession. They wanted to see farmer-legislators or citizen-legislators, people from all walks of life serving temporarily in government, bringing their real-world experience with them, as Trump is doing on a grand scale.

*Chris Gibson is an ex-military man with no political experience who ran in 2010 for US Congress from upstate New York state’s 19th congressional district, and won. As a candidate Republican Gibson said that he would term-limit himself and he retired after 2016 even though he could have been re-elected easily over and over, being very popular in his district. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about Gibson, a true political “outsider”:

Throughout his career Gibson earned a number of military decorations, including a Purple Heart, 4 Bronze Stars, 2 Legions of Merit, the Master Parachutist Badge, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge with Star and the Ranger tab. His units have also won awards, for their actions in Mosul in support of the first Iraqi national elections his Battalion Task Force earned the Valorous Unit Award. Later in Tal Afar his battalion and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment were recognized for excellence by the President and earned a 2nd Valorous Unit Award. Gibson was selected as the General George C. Marshall Award winner as the top graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth.

Gibson earned an MPA as well as an MA and Ph.D. in government, from Cornell University. He then became a Professor of American Politics at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He was a National Security fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University where he wrote a book on Civil-Military relations, Securing the State.

Now compare that record to Democrat Obama who was a self-confessed drug addict in high school, and then a lowly community agitator even after graduating from Harvard law school. Or Democrat Ted Kennedy who was a lifelong drunk who was expelled from Harvard for cheating on an exam and skirted a jail sentence in the Chappaquiddick case. Or socialist Bernie Sanders, who was a wacko as a young man in his 20s, living in filth in a shack in Vermont after moving up there from New York City. Or pervert Democrat ex-congressman Anthony Weiner. Or criminal Democrat Illinois governor Rod Blagoevich. And on and on.

Are there any Democrats with a stellar record like Gibson’s who then stepped down voluntarily after six years in office when he easily could have been re-elected?

No. Democrats live to get elected to office no matter their sordid past. Getting elected is their “job”. And then they stay there forever and think that somebody like president Trump could never handle their job.

Nonsense. This is part of the revolution that Trump is leading, and now Democrats find their party in tatters. So all they can do is attack Trump, a losing strategy, for sure, particularly when the Trump phenomenon is rising all over the world.

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