Hostile Media Ignore News about Improving Economy

While the mainstream media are trashing president Trump every day they are ignoring the improving economy since Trump was elected.

Trump has inspired a new wave of confidence in the economy. In January 227,000 net new jobs were created, and in February that number was 235,000. Compare that to 38,000 new jobs created in May 2016 under Obama. (Some sources have reported 298,000 jobs in February.)

Manufacturing jobs spiked by 28,000 in February, and by 57,000 jobs since Trump took office promising to revitalize the manufacturing economy. Manufacturing jobs have been disappearing for decades in the US.

If recent numbers keep up and improve then president Trump could create up to 25 million net new jobs or maybe more over 8 years, compared to 11 million for Obama. And the Obama jobs were often part-time and low-paying; even top Democrats admitted this. The Trump jobs will be much better quality jobs, including manufacturing jobs which have been disappearing under Obama and which Trump is focused on.

It is also important to note that the Obama economy has operated at around 1.5% to 2% growth in recent years, the lowest rate since the 1930s. Also notice that most of the good jobs in America today are being created in the conservative states like Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Look at this about the stock market from The Gateway Pundit:

On November 8th, 2016, the day of the Presidential election, the DOW closed at 18,333. At that time the DOW had not had a new high in nearly 3 months since August 15th. Since then the DOW has exploded as expectations for economic recovery from Trump policies mount. The DOW closed on March 8th, 2017 at 20,856 for an increase of 2,523 or 14% since the election.

The market’s response after President Obama was elected in 2008 was the exact opposite. The economy was in rough shape and the inexperienced new President offered ‘hope and change’ and economic growth killing policies. As a result, the DOW closed at 9,625 on November 4th, 2008, the day President Obama was elected and fell 2,749 points over the next four months to a daily close of 6,876 on March 4th, 2009 for a decrease of 29%.

Fascinating. At the same time, the economic spurt of the last two years has been due in large part to “fracking” which has reduced gasoline and heating oil prices significantly by increasing crude oil supplies, allowing consumers to keep more of their income, providing a big ‘stimulus’ to the economy. (Note: Democrats oppose fracking.)

The media also are generally ignoring the booming stock market in the negative coverage of Trump. No elected leader has inspired such a marked economic shift as Trump has – the Carrier deal, Ford, Softbank, Apple, Exxon Mobil and others. But the media have buried all of this good news; one recent report said that 88% of all media coverage of Trump has been ‘hostile’. Look at how the New York Times reported on the good February job numbers:

With anxiety about the economy bubbling up on Wall Street and at campaign rallies around the country, the government reported on Friday that employers added 242,000 workers in February, a hefty increase that highlighted the labor market’s steady gains.

“Anxiety about the economy”? Where? Confidence has been skyrocketing since Trump was elected.

Oh, wait, there indeed is “anxiety” at the New York Times where the paper’s finances are crumbling. No wonder they ‘project’ their own situation on the nation at large. This is a basic psychological behavior of weak and insecure people. Look at what else the vaunted Times reported:

Four years ago, at this point in the last presidential election cycle, the jobless rate was 8.3 percent and the economic recovery was in a relatively early stage. Then, worries centered on rising gas prices, deep consumer debt and government layoffs.

No, the economic recovery was not in a “relatively early stage” in 2013. The so-called ‘recession’ ended officially in June 2009, and four years later the economy was still in the tank, as expected with Obama policies strangling growth at every turn, particularly with crushing ‘green’ regulations.

The Times also reports, “Given the slowdown in China and a herky-jerky stock market…”

What the heck is a ‘herky-jerky’ stock market? Wall Street has been going through the roof since Trump was elected. Who are these ‘reporters’ who write this stuff?

Answer: They are not reporters. They are political hacks and propagandists. They would never have been able to work at the New York Times 50 years ago when it was a real newspaper. The Times also reported:

Now, the recovery is in its seventh year, the unemployment rate has dropped sharply to 4.9 percent and the private sector has chalked up 72 months of uninterrupted job gains, the longest streak on record. Oil prices may still be causing ulcers, but this time it is primarily producers who are feeling the pain because prices have plunged.

That is ‘fake news’ that the unemployment rate is 4.9%. It is not. It is 12% or much more if you really count all Americans. But under Obama, the government decided to not count the 95 million Americans who are out of the labor force, in order to make Obama look good.

“Oil prices may still be causing ulcers”? No, Americans are thrilled with low gasoline and heating oil prices. This ‘ulcers’ comment is just another way for the Times to try and make Trump look bad, which they seek to do in every story that they write, and in every line possible in every story.

The Times also reported a story recently with the headline Poorest Areas have Missed Out on Boons of Recovery, Study Finds. Here are excerpts from that article with a comment after each:

Times reports: From 2010 to 2013, for example, employment in the most prosperous neighborhoods in the United States jumped by more than a fifth, according to the group’s analysis of Census Bureau data. But in bottom-ranked neighborhoods, the number of jobs fell sharply: One in 10 businesses closed down. comment: Indeed, the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer. This is classic Obama socialism. We conservatives have been warning about this phenomenon for decades.

Times reports: While the problems in many poorer cities predate the recession, what has felt like a real recovery for Americans in healthier cities and towns has left the worst-off locations — many of them concentrated in the nation’s old industrial heartland — even further behind. comment: This happened because the Times’ cronies in the labor unions destroyed the “industrial heartland” with decades of strikes and outrageous wage demands, driving industry out.

Times reports: “The most prosperous areas have enjoyed rocket-shiplike growth,” said John Lettieri, senior director for policy and strategy at the Economic Innovation Group. “There you are very unlikely to run into someone without a high school diploma, a person living below the poverty line or a vacant house. That is just not part of your experience.” comment: These areas with strong growth generally have conservative, capitalistic economic policies.

Times reports: In the nation’s most distressed communities, the average house dates to 1959, 30 years older than the typical structure in the wealthiest ZIP codes. Population growth is flat or falling, not rising as it is in wealthier areas. More than half of adults don’t have a job, and nearly a quarter lack a high school diploma. In the most prosperous ZIP codes, many of which are in the Sun Belt, only 6 percent of adults dropped out of high school and 65 percent are employed. comment: For decades younger, skilled and educated Americans have been running to the conservative states. They have been fleeing very liberal states like Illinois, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and Vermont. But now even these liberal states are adopting conservative policies, and for good reason.

Times reports: Many experts have attributed this disconnect to stagnant wage growth for most workers, and a lower level of employment among prime-age Americans in recent years, especially for those who don’t have a college degree. comment: This bad economy has been building for decades. We have watched as jobs have fled the US. It is Trump who actually is trying to do something about it, yet liberals hate Trump.

Times reports: To come up with the rankings in the Distressed Communities Index, analysts focused on seven factors: the prevalence of adults with a high school degree, home vacancy rates, adults in the work force, the percentage of people living below the poverty line, median income as a percentage of the state average, change in employment and change in the number of businesses. comment: Notice how they conveniently ignore the factor of “race” which is perhaps the most defining factor of all.

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