Trump to Slash EPA Budget, Should Abolish Entire Agency

President Trump intends to slash the federal Environmental Protection Agency budget by about 25% or $2 billion. Good. That cut will mean that we will be on the way to more people having jobs (a good thing) and a cleaner environment (a good thing).

Woah! A cleaner environment without EPA?

Yes, friends, EPA itself is one of the biggest polluters of all. Just imagine all of the energy and resources needed to get its 15,000 employees to work every day in offices that need to be heated and cooled and supplied with electricity, paper, computers and telephones. Many of these people travel extensively. This consumes a lot of energy and causes a lot of pollution, does it not?

Of course. Then look at EPA’s $8.1 annual billion budget. Every dollar of wealth created in America today requires a certain consumption of energy and resources. So $8.1 billion creates a lot of pollution. EPA should cut its own ‘carbon footprint’, right?

Right. believes that EPA should be eliminated entirely and that environmental oversight should be done by states while EPA’s budget can be zeroed out toward balancing our federal budget.

But the bigger picture is this: Environmentalism itself is one of the biggest polluters. First, you must read this editorial called 27 Ways that Environmentalists Ruin the Environment. Once you read these observations of fact you will never think the same about these ‘green’ hypocrites.

Then look at the millions of pages of rules and regulations and laws that EPA has issued since it was founded in 1970, that have strangled our economy. This has caused the greatest pollution of all which is human poverty.

These ‘green’ laws forbid millions of people in rural America from cutting down trees or mining coal or copper or other minerals. In one small county in Massachusetts in 2008 alone ‘green’ laws closed down several paper mills, putting 400 people out of work in high-paying manufacturing jobs.

At the same time, ‘greenies’ tell us that pollution is really scary.

Well, actually it is not anywhere near as bad as they say. Remember those polluted factory towns that many of us Baby Boomers grew up in? Those towns where everyone had jobs and people were happy with their prosperity? I grew up in one of those towns in New England in the 1950s and the 1960s when everything was polluted worse than at any time in history – the air, land, water, rivers. Dangerous chemicals were used in the factories. Yet my town experienced historic prosperity and optimism, and we had big families and nice neighborhoods. And despite all this pollution, my Baby Boomer generation has been living some of the longest, healthiest lives in history.

Shouldn’t we all have died from the terrible pollution?

Of course, in theory, but in reality we did not. Because the human body is capable of adapting, even to pollution.

Imagine that environmentalists were as numerous and dominant in the year 1900 as they are today. They would have predicted mass deaths among the Baby Boomers from all of the pollution. Yet one of the biggest problems today is that Americans are living very long lives, and the Boomers are doing so even after being exposed to relentless pollution for decades when we were children.

In short, industrial pollution is nowhere near the threat that the ‘greenies’ say. They use pollution as a fundraising tool and as a way to frighten people into listening to their radical agenda and as a way to empower EPA and government agencies and nagging political leaders who want to tell us how to live.

On the other hand, the fringe ‘green’ movement never criticizes the world’s biggest polluter today, which is communist China. This is because China is communist, and the ‘green’ movement is really a socialist/communist movement whose real goal is to undermine the economy of the United States and control all human activity through the government. This international ‘green’ movement was also silent about the massive pollution in the communist Soviet Union, which was worse than America’s and has never been cleaned up.

Yet who cleaned up all of the American pollution and created a vastly more efficient economy for our nation? Was it the environmentalists or the government or EPA?

Of course not. It was private American capitalist industry that developed all of the modern technologies to clean up the environment and then to produce growth using energy more efficiently. Today we consume half as much energy per dollar of economic production as we did in the 1950s due to natural private-sector efficiencies.

Meanwhile EPA has turned into a monster, and here is one interesting paradox:

EPA dictates that cars must get more and more miles per gallon, and we are all supposed to think that that is a wonderful idea. But when fuel mileage increases, it means that cars get smaller and lighter, and as a result more people are killed in accidents. Gee, thanks EPA!

Second, it means that people drive more and more miles in their fuel-efficient cars and thus consume more energy overall, not less. It is a statistical fact. You may have noticed all of the extra driving and even done some of it, but you never really thought about it much. So now you can.

How about EPA blocking oil production on federal lands and offshore, pushing up energy prices through scarcity? Thanks EPA!

How about EPA shutting down coal-fired power plants and throwing tens of thousands of miners out of work? Thanks EPA!

See how harmful this “critical” government agency really is? It is shocking. It should be shut down.

Look at how EPA deals with our super-efficient freight railroads, which are the backbone of our economy, moving 1.8 TRILLION ton-miles of freight annually including coal, oil, steel, grain, chemicals, food products, cars, car parts, lumber, manufactured goods, consumer products, and every other thing necessary to our economic well-being.

These private-sector, profit-making railroads are three times as fuel-efficient as trucks. They are saving our nation billions of gallons of fuel every year, and reducing air pollution by moving freight efficiently. The average freight train can move one ton of freight almost 500 miles on a gallon of fuel.

But EPA keeps making more and more stringent pollution rules for railroad locomotives, constantly nitpicking the locomotive builders and railroads over every particle of pollution. This runs up against the Law of Diminishing Returns which says that you get smaller and smaller returns on reducing pollution for more and more investment of time and effort. believes that EPA should stop over-regulating the locomotive builders immediately.

It gets worse and worse in thousands of ways. For instance, ponds that form temporarily on low spots on farm land after heavy rainstorms are actually now considered as “waterways” that can be regulated by… guess who… EPA! This is beyond absurd and this is really how EPA has become a parody of itself as most government agencies do, and a danger to our freedom and well-being. Trump plans to eliminate this wetlands law.

EPA has become a bureaucratic beast. It should be eliminated and all of its employees should be fired from their $150,000 a year jobs, with many making much more. They can go out and find work in the private sector at McDonald’s, taking orders for hamburgers, which is really all that they are capable of doing.

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