Trump Soars while Bush, Clintons & Obama Fade

First, here is a quick and encouraging word about the economy from The Gateway Pundit:

On January 20th, the day of President Trump’s Inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. As of March 16th, the most recent date for US debt reporting, the US Debt stands at $19,846 billion. President Trump has cut the US Debt burden by over $100 billion and 0.5% in the first two months since his inauguration! By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $400 billion after his inauguration through March 19th 2009, his first two months in office. Obama increased the US Debt by 3.9% during this time period…

Fantastic, but expected. After the end of Trump’s second term, the debt will be half of what it is now and the economy will be growing strongly. Now here is today’s main commentary:

After 8 years of virtual silence during the presidency of Barack Obama former president George W. Bush recently gave two interviews in which he criticized president Trump.

This says a lot about Bush who is angry at Trump for obliterating the Bush dynasty by taking out Jeb Bush in the 2016 primaries. This came after George W. Bush left office in 2009 with a shattered legacy and now has no way to rehabilitate himself without his brother as president.

I supported and trusted president George W. Bush but now I see him for who he really was, a liberal Republican globalist/socialist who favored open borders and led us into a nation-building exercise that turned into one of the most disastrous foreign policy debacles in the last century – the Iraq war.

The world would have been better off leaving Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in power. Iraq would not have been destroyed as it was in the war, and America would not have suffered grievously.

That Bush and his coterie including globalist Condoleezza Rice, vice president Dick Cheney and others did not anticipate the possibility of devastating terror attacks inside Iraq after the US victory is truly tragic and unconscionable for the 4,487 dead, and 32,226 wounded in Bush’s conflict, along with trillions of US dollars spent.

This does not even include the 2,386 US military deaths in Afghanistan, along with 20,049 injured and more than $1 trillion spent on a war started by Bush that we could never win and can never win.

In the recent interviews Bush than had the audacity to criticize president Trump over a very minor issue – his perfectly legal executive order temporarily barring immigration from 7 terror-prone nations.

Said Bush about the Trump executive order, “I think it’s very important for all of us to recognize one of our great strengths is for people to be able to worship the way they want to or not worship at all. The bedrock of our freedom, a bedrock of our freedom, is the right to worship freely. And I — you see, I understood right off the bat… that (the war on terror) is an ideological conflict. And people who murder the innocent are not religious people. They want to advance an ideology. And we’ve faced those in the past.”

Can anyone figure out what Bush is saying? Is he implying that Muslims have the right to immigrate into America because America has freedom of religion? Is this yet another know-nothing critic claiming that somehow Trump’s order was “unconstitutional”?

This is absurd beyond belief. Trump’s order has nothing at all to do with the Constitution, which applies to US citizens. Obama even used the same type of executive order 19 times during his presidency without a peep of protest.

It gets worse. Rather than condemn Obama’s disastrous decision to withdraw US troops from Iraq, leading to the loss of the tenuous American victory there, the destabilization of Iraq, the rise of ISIS and chaos all over the Middle East, Bush only said that the withdrawal “frustrated” him.

It’s interesting that the premature withdrawal did not lead Bush to forcefully denounce Obama’s horrendous judgment; it only “frustrated” him. Yet he seems equally “frustrated” over Trump’s executive order on immigration. This is a mismatch in indignation on a historic scale.

Thus it is no surprise that Bush left office and stayed out of sight in Texas for 8 years. He not know what he is talking about. His legacy is a disaster. He now is seeking to rehabilitate himself in some small way by attacking Trump but it will not work.

Now we see the United States finally on a positive roll with the election of Donald Trump. The stock market is doing great and confidence in the economy is high. Just for starters, Trump is going to strengthen our military, seal our southern border and eject hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants. Good.

Trump’s rise is leading to a downward spiral in the fortunes not only of the Bush clan but of two other people whom we will be glad to see go away – Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It was a dream of that Hillary would lose the election, and I predicted it more than 30 times during 2016. To see Bill Clinton finally wipe that know-it-all smirk off of his face is thoroughly satisfying. Bill Clinton is one of the most overexposed people of the last 100 years. It is great to see him finally fading away. We can just imagine how angry he is about it. He surely fantasized about himself as co-president for the next 8 years.

Bill Clinton was at best a mediocre leader. He was really a ‘caretaker’ president who was handed a strong economy and a generally peaceful world, with the communist Soviet Union having collapsed more than a year before Clinton’s first election in 1992. Both of these issues were a result of Reagan-era policies.

Clinton since has tried to act like he was a great leader, burnishing his image as one of the three top figures in the Democrat party today. But he was not a great president, and his wife was a horrible secretary of state. The Middle East fell into chaos and war on her watch as a direct result of Obama policies that she supported and advocated.

Now the Clintons have sunk with Hillary’s defeat, and for good reason. First, many Democrats blame Hillary’s terrible campaign for Trump’s victory. Second, many blame Bill Clinton. Third, the Clinton Global Initiative has closed its doors. CGI was masked as a do-gooder charity but really was a slush fund designed to enrich and aggrandize the Clintons.

Fourth, the Clintons’ opportunities to earn $250,000 a pop making speeches have dried up now that Hillary is not president. Fifth, even their son-in-law’s New York hedge fund collapsed in December.

So what is Chelsea going to do now? Will she be forced to move out of her $10 million New York City apartment? And who was really paying for that apartment? guesses that it was one of Bill and Hillary’s billionaire friends, who is probably no longer a friend since she lost the election. predicts that Chelsea and family will be moving soon.

A recent poll even showed president Trump with 55% approval while the same poll showed Hillary Clinton at 35%. That is wonderful.

This brings us to Obama. After George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000, former president Bill Clinton faded away for 5 years since his vice president Al Gore had lost the election that year largely due to Clinton’s bad behavior in office and his 1998 impeachment.

Bill Clinton’s public image was tattered further with his last-minute pardon of billionaire fugitive Marc Rich in January 2001. This was certainly another pay-for-play scheme since Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton presidential library in the years leading up the pardon. No coincidence there, and no media inquiry either, as expected.

Obama, on the other hand, took just a few weeks off after leaving office and already was back in Washington actively participating in the Democrats’ War on Trump. Expectedly Obama has no intention of adhering to the presidential tradition of fading from public view after serving in the Oval Office. He is a community agitator to the core. He will never stop agitating even after his failed presidency because that is all that he knows how to do.

Obama has big problems of his own, however. In the White House he presided over the collapse of the Democrat party and he left the nation in terrible shape. So there are many Democrats who see Obama as the problem, not the solution. Yet their great crisis is that they have no other leader.

At the same time the radical Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat party detests Obama after Obama’s Democrat Establishment rigged the election for Hillary, and also rigged the election of the new party chairman in favor of Obama lackey Tom Perez. There is a big war brewing within the Democrat party that the media are covering up.

Let the fighting begin!

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