Starbucks Coffee CEO May Run for President in 2020

It recently was reported that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz might possibly run for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020.

OK, so here we go; another businessman following the Trump model. In short the election of president Trump has totally revolutionized world politics. No other person has in such a short period of time changed politics in such a profound way.

Even Oprah Winfrey has suggested that she may run for president. This is absurd, of course; this female knows nothing. She was made famous sitting on a couch interviewing celebrities about their hair and makeup, or their weight. She doesn’t know anything about the economy, or foreign policy.

It is hard to imagine Winfrey meeting with business executives about manufacturing jobs, like Trump has done. They would laugh at her. Winfrey is a joke. Trump is a thousand times more qualified to be president. He would crush her in a debate and in an election.

Then we have to wonder if Starbucks is really important enough that its CEO is worthy to be president of the United States. After all, we have been led to believe that Starbucks is a major player in the economy and that its left-wing CEO Howard Schultz is an important contributor to our national well-being.

Hardly. We should think about Starbucks this way: If you open a restaurant next door to a steel mill, the patrons at the restaurant earn their paychecks at the steel mill. In short, the restaurant is merely a ‘service’ to the people who work at the mill. It is the mill itself that “creates” the wealth that keeps the restaurant open.

Starbucks is like the restaurant. Starbucks is merely a “service” company that sells overpriced cups of coffee to people who have good jobs and can afford Starbucks coffee. Starbucks coffee is not even an “essential” purchase like gasoline or food; it is a ‘discretionary’ purchase.

Starbucks then uses low-paid, low-skilled labor who make Howard Schultz rich with their hard work. Starbucks is hardly a career option.

In other words Starbucks is not a significant company or business model. If the Starbucks chain closed down tomorrow few people would care or notice. They would simply go out for coffee someplace else.

On the other hand Donald Trump has created tens of thousands of good-paying career-type jobs in his real estate empire designing it, building it, and operating it. This empire is truly an enterprise that “creates” solid wealth and good jobs.

At the same time, Schultz has a net worth of about $3 billion while Trump’s net worth is estimated at $4 billion to $9 billion.

Here are some excerpts from the Seattle Times about Starbucks, which is based in Seattle, with a comment after each excerpt:

Seattle Times reports: “Not only did he (Schultz) have a vision that coffee could be a growing category but also a vision that coffee shops would be appealing to a large portion of the culture,” Williams said. “One of the things he did right was he made coffee a luxury in a way it hadn’t been previously: something to be savored and appreciated.” comment: So big deal. I can make coffee at home that is just as good as Starbucks at 5% of the cost. But I cannot build skyscrapers like Trump has.

Seattle Times reports about Starbucks in 2008 when the company was having serious financial problems from overexpansion: Schultz ultimately shuttered some 900 stores, cut tens of thousands of jobs, and drastically slashed expenses. Eventually, the measures started working, as the company’s sales and profits, as well its share price, trended up again. comment: Bleeding-heart Schultz is a typical liberal. He cares for everyone in theory except when it comes to his own bottom line.

Meanwhile cities and states are starting to slowly bleed jobs after approving $15 minimum wages that a lefty like Schultz certainly approves of. Schultz should have been paying all of his employees at least $15 long ago but he was not. Look at this from The Huffington Post from 2014:

Schultz is currently the highest paid CEO in the (Pacific) Northwest and in 2012 received a staggering $28.9 million from Starbucks. For comparison, the average pay for a barista at Starbucks in 2012 was just $8.79 an hour, or about $17,580 a year for 40 hours work a week (minus two weeks unpaid vacation).

This is the type of “executive pay disparity” that liberals have been protesting for decades.

Seattle Times reports: As much as Schultz is associated with coffee, he may be just as well known for his outspoken stances on social and political issues — and getting the company involved in them…. Some initiatives, such as the one that encouraged baristas to hold conversations on racism with customers, have fizzled into awkwardness of sparked anger. Schultz’s recent pledge to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next five years drew some calls for a boycott. comment: It is hard to imagine a lecture about racism from an employee at a coffee shop, but there it is. Schultz is obviously an insane radical to dabble in such political nonsense. No wonder people got angry. Starbucks also has openly supported gay marriage and other left-wing issues. And the refugee plan did not draw “some calls for a boycott”; it had a big negative effect on Starbucks stock and brand perception.

It also is illegal in the US for Schultz to single out and hire only one class of people (refugees). If a conservative proposed such a thing he would be skewered as a lawbreaker by the same liberal media that adore Schultz.

Seattle Times reports: Board member and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said it was the way Starbucks treats its employees that initially attracted him: “It showed me that a company can do right by its employees and still be a very successful business.” comment: Schultz should just pay them better wages and lower the price for coffee to make it more affordable for all of “the people” (Starbucks coffee can cost as much as $4 and more per cup). It is stunning that the coffee is so expensive and the wages so bad. But, hey, you gotta make Schultzy and his stockholders rich so that he can complain about rich people, like a good liberal.

Seattle Times reports: Starbucks employees have told stories of hardship brought on by erratic scheduling practices and accused the company of drastically cutting work hours to the point where workers were having a hard time piecing together enough hours to make ends meet. comment: This is your typical fire-breathing socialist hypocrite who runs a company that screws it employees while he talks about how much he loves the workers of the world. If he wants to run against Trump for president, bring it on. Trump will crush him.

Seattle Times reports: Today, Starbucks has about 26,000 stores in 75 countries. Last fiscal year, it logged $21.3 billion in revenue and a record $2.8 billion in profit. It plans to add 12,000 stores worldwide over the next five years. comment: Starbucks is a corporate chain that is putting local mom-and-pop coffee shops out of business, like liberals are always complaining about WalMart and Home Depot. But the same liberals are strangely silent about Starbucks. No surprise there.

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