Great News – Trump Approves Keystone Pipeline

President Trump has issued the permit to the TransCanada company to construct the underground Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline had been held up by opposition from Obama and his ‘green’ cronies.

This is wonderful news. This comes after decades in which ‘green’ radicals have been disrupting our national energy supplies and seeking to replace dependable oil, natural gas and nuclear power with expensive, inefficient and intermittent wind and solar energy.

Keystone will carry oil from the northern part of the Canadian province of Alberta through the Midwest to US refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

The Alberta crude is trapped in what are called ‘oil sands’ where oil is mixed with sand. The sand is stripped off the land and heated and the oil seeps out and is collected. The sand is then spread back on the surface and vegetation and trees are planted. Or the sand is heated in place underground and the oil is piped to the surface.

Alberta’s oil sands are estimated to hold up to 1 trillion barrels of oil or even more. This is the same amount of oil that the whole world has used in the last 150 years. The next-door Canadian province of Manitoba also has significant oil reserves, including oil sands. In short, it will be great for America to have oil from a friendly neighbor rather than sending hundreds of billions of petro-dollars to the Middle East.

The Keystone pipeline is unrelated to the Dakota Access Pipeline which was the subject of protests throughout the Autumn and Winter of 2016-2017. Dakota now will be completed under the Trump administration.

Keystone is expected to cost $8 billion and will create thousands of good American jobs.

Pipelines are very safe and efficient ways to move products like oil. Environmentalists only like to point out when things go wrong with pipelines but ignore the 99.99% of oil that moves safely.

Environmentalists have been seeking to disrupt our oil and natural gas supplies by blocking not only drilling and extraction, but pipelines as well. Thus this Trump order marks a whole new day for American energy independence.

Environmentalists also are using other obstruction tactics like sabotage. There was a massive Canadian wildfire in May 2016 that almost consumed the town of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Fort McMurray is at the heart of the oil sands industry, which environmentalists hate. The fire is known to have been started by humans and not by lightning. believes that the fire was intentionally set by eco-terrorists seeking to destroy the oil sands industry.

The fire burned 1.4 million acres and did $10 billion in damages. The final report on the cause of the fire has not been issued but it sure seems suspicious that the worst wildfire in modern Canadian history would break out right near Fort McMurray and came close to destroying the whole town when Canada has 3.8 million square miles of territory. It did destroy 2,400 homes and businesses in the town, but the downtown was saved.

Other suspicious things have happened that should set off alarm bells. A train carrying crude oil from North Dakota derailed and exploded in Oregon in one of the most picturesque places in America, in the Columbia River Gorge. The train was traveling at just 26 MPH and below the speed limit for that stretch of track. believes that this too was sabotage since oil trains are just a small fraction of the train traffic in that area. And that that train otherwise had traveled 1,700 miles without incident. believes that ‘green’ saboteurs used the scenic locale as a way to smear the oil industry by polluting a special place.

Don’t think that this is unlikely. Many of these ‘green’ activists are militants and pathological liars. We have seen many acts of sabotage. They will do anything to stop oil and natural gas production.

They lie like crazy too. There was a story in the town of Dimock, Pennsylvania a few years ago in which a couple claimed that ‘fracking’ in nearby natural gas wells had polluted their well water. This couple went around giving speeches and showing people a clear glass jar full of dirty water. But their story was debunked and the couple quickly left town. That episode is chronicled in a film called FrackNation by Phelim McAleer.

Friends, we must continue to rely on our abundant global oil and gas supplies. Do not ever believe the ‘green’ narrative that “the world is running out of oil”. This narrative has been around since the 1960s and has been proven false over and over.

Known/estimated global oil reserves currently are 16 trillion barrels, and we are finding more and more oil every day with amazing new technology. Meanwhile most of the world remains underexplored or unexplored. If we really looked hard, we would find vast new reserves.

For instance, the Marcellus Shale formation in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia was unknown 25 years ago but now is estimated to hold up to 600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

There also is a newly-discovered fuel called methane hydrates, which are chunks of ice all over the ocean bottoms that have trapped methane gas seeping out of the earth. These hydrates may hold thousands of times as much natural gas as all of the world’s known land-based reserves. believes that the global oil and natural gas supply is virtually unlimited. In fact we long have heard that the United States has a “500 year supply of coal”.

Well, since coal can be converted to gasoline and heating oil and other products, then that means that we have a 500-year supply of oil.

And most initial estimates of energy reserves are low. The Prudhoe Bay oil field in northern Alaska was estimated at one billion barrels when it was first discovered in the 1960s. The Alaska pipeline was then built to serve it and since the pipeline opened in 1977 it has carried a staggering 18 billion barrels.

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