Obamacare Will get Repealed/ Terror Threat Worsens Infinitely

Democrats are gloating over the failure of the Obamacare repeal bill. But friends, do not fret. President Trump is a tenacious and smart man. He will get the job done.

Obamacare was a program that Democrats talked about implementing for 100 years. So if we have to wait a few extra months to get rid of it, so be it.

It is important to remember that Trump was dismissed over and over and over throughout the campaign. They said he could never get elected. Yet he prevailed, and he will do so on every issue of his agenda. He is forging ahead like a steam locomotive.

We should not be seeking simply to repeal Obamacare but to move the entire health care system toward market forces for most treatments and eliminate health insurance entirely except for special or catastrophic cases. These two steps could cut health costs by up to 75% or more since most people don’t end up in the hospital.

This is already happening with medical walk-in clinics all over the country offering health care like WalMart sells fry pans. Look at this from Kansas.com:

Wichita physicians Aly Gadalla, Doug Nunamaker and Josh Umbehr are pioneers in the area’s medical community …a practice that doesn’t accept insurance and charges patients a membership fee of between $10 and $100 a month, depending on the patient’s age. In return for the membership, patients get 24-hour access to Umbehr or his partner through the phone or e-mail, same-day appointments at the home or office, basic lab work and other services such as ultrasounds. The fee doesn’t cover specialists or hospitalizations, which is why most Atlas MD patients have traditional or catastrophic health insurance

Great. Let’s let this system flourish nationwide. Now here is a second editorial about terrorism:

The March 22 terrorist attack in London, when dozens of people were injured and killed by a terrorist driving a car into a crowd, opens up a whole new front in the war on Islamic extremism.

We have seen two other attacks like this – the truck attack in Nice, France on Bastille Day in 2016 (86 dead) and the Christmas market attack, also using a truck, in Germany in December 2016 (12 dead). And now this third attack really should make us think. Here is the gruesome description of the French attack from Wikipedia:

The attacker killed 84 people instantly and injured 434, of which 52 critically; 25 remained on life support the next day; an 85th person died from injuries three weeks after the attack, and an 86th three weeks later. On 17 July, 65 injured were still in hospital, 18 in critical condition. At least ten of the dead were children.

This is really disturbing to read. For many people who are badly injured, it is worse than dying. They may live for years or decades in pain and suffering. But that is how terrorism works. It inflicts maximum pain on innocent people in as many ways as possible. It is the worst kind of barbarianism.

There is no difference between a Muslim killing with a car or truck and doing so in a nightclub bombing, except for one simple thing: A car or truck attack can be carried out by anyone, even by an old man, and can be just as effective, or even moreso.

And it is easy for us Americans to ignore these attacks far away, but they should concern us gravely. Terrorism is not just an incidental war on the West; it is a serious conflict that is going to get much worse as radicalism spreads in Europe and the US. Meanwhile look at this from The Telegraph newspaper in Britain about the London attack:

Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy should be reviewed to take account of the threat from older extremists after the Westminster attack, according to senior experts.

Terrorist profiling currently regards those in their teenage years and their twenties as posing the greatest risk and anti-radicalisation efforts focus on schools, universities and social media.

However, (London terrorist) Adrian Ajao, at 52, became the oldest Islamic terrorist to launch an attack in Britain when he murdered three pedestrians and a police officer on Wednesday. The average age of previous terrorists and suspects was 22.

Thus this type of car attack gives older Muslims, or even women, an opportunity to think more seriously about staging an attack. Imagine a seething old Muslim male who hates the West (even though he has come to live here). Then imagine him thinking to himself, “I am getting old. I don’t have anything to look forward to in this life. I should become a martyr and become famous for the Islamist cause.” After all these attackers do become famous, and they believe that their actions will send them to heaven (which is untrue. They will go the other way for their evil.)

In short, we have thought up until now that terrorists were cocky young males with bomb-making skills who had been trained in Middle Eastern camps. But these car and truck attacks show us that any Muslim now can become a terrorist with no training whatsoever.

Just look at the millions of Muslims who have waltzed into the US and Europe over the last few decades thanks to leftist policies. Every single one now could become a terrorist whereas we thought just a few months ago that that number might be in the thousands. Thus we need critical new thinking about terrorism or we may see huge increases in death and injury.

Nikitas3.com believes that the United States and Europe should all enter together into a state of emergency, like there is in France today, to start profiling Muslims, eavesdropping in mosques, banning new Muslim immigrants, deporting non-citizen Muslims, cracking down on radical clerics and weeding out the worst ones by deporting them or imprisoning them.

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