Prediction: Hillary Will Run Again in 2020 predicts that Hillary Clinton will run for president again in 2020.

The reason is simple: The Clintons think that only they can save the world, and they need to be in the spotlight constantly to tell us how to save ourselves.

They feel rejected when they are not in the public eye, like an actor who once was a star. Their whole existence is based on putting themselves above everyone else. The most dangerous place in America is between the Clintons and a TV camera.

They also are now losing much of their income, which was based on Hillary becoming president. They are no longer in demand on the speaking circuit at $250,000 per speech since Hillary cannot offer favors as president to people who pay her to speak. They even closed their Clinton Global Initiative, which solicited contributions based on Hillary becoming president.

But it will be very difficult for the Clintons to regain their past momentum although they probably will try. Several top political analysts already have predicted that Hillary will run again. believes that she will.

Don’t you think that Hillary, at age 69 today, would say that she gave it her all? That it just didn’t work out? That she failed to win the White House twice? That it is time to retire and promote her causes as a private citizen?

If she were a normal person, yes. But she is not a normal person. She is a political maniac who was groomed for decades to be The First Woman President and she still can’t admit that Obama defeated her in 2008 and that she defeated herself in 2016 with a lame campaign.

This is the most hurtful thing for a liberal, to take personal responsibility for failure. That is why the Clintons and many Democrats have blamed everyone else for her loss, and she already is talking down Trump – because she knows deep inside that she herself failed and that is too painful to admit. Associated Press (AP) reported recently:

A spirited Hillary Clinton took on the Trump administration Tuesday in one of her first public speeches since she lost the presidential election, criticizing the country’s Republican leaders on everything from health care to the shortage of women appointees in top administration positions.

Cracking jokes about her November defeat and her months out of the limelight since, Clinton spoke to thousands of businesswomen in San Francisco, joking there was no place she’d rather be, “other than the White House.”

So there you go. She can’t stop thinking about being president. This is really creepy. We should always be wary of someone who is so desperate to lead us. AP further reported:

Without mentioning President Donald Trump by name, Clinton faulted the Republican presidential administration repeatedly, including calling its representation of women in top jobs “the lowest in a generation.”

But then AP reported:

Trump has named four women to his Cabinet, the same number as in former President George W. Bush’s first Cabinet. Trump earlier this week pointed to the work he planned to have his daughter, Ivanka Trump Kushner, do on childcare and other issues involving working women and men in her unsalaried role in his administration.

Thus Hillary obviously has some type of quota system for women, which is against the law in our Constitutional republic. She also is certainly jealous and furious that Ivanka Trump now has more power than she does at half her age. And that Ivanka could end up as The First Woman President since Ivanka has zero scandals and Hillary has had many. AP then reported:

Clinton has kept a low profile after Trump defeated her for the presidency, except chiefly for sightings while she took walks outdoors with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. She said earlier this month that she intended to start speaking out again on public issues.

Awww! Out of the public eye for five whole months! For the Clintons that is 5 months too long. And we can be sure that Bill Clinton is livid about Hillary’s loss. He also is surely livid and devastated that many Democrats are blaming him for her loss, i.e, that he is washed up and harmed his wife by injecting himself into her campaign repeatedly. Bill Clinton can never accept that he is not in charge of everything including the sun and the moon. This guy is a total wacko.

Conservatives are not obsessed with political power; they give it up routinely. That is why conservatives want term limits. But liberals are totally obsessed with power, like the Clintons are. That is why so many Democrats spend their lives seeking office or remaining in office for long periods and even dying in office like Ted Kennedy (47 years in the US Senate) or Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the longest-serving member of Congress in history (58 years in Washington in the House and Senate). Or Bill Clinton who has ignored the custom that ex-presidents should fade into the background.

Hillary also criticized Trump for allegedly creating suspicions about refugees. This shows how out-of-touch she is. It is repeated acts of terrorism here and in Europe that make us suspicious of refugees, not Trump. This is why she lost the election. She is clueless about how normal people think.

Hillary then told her audience: “Resist, insist, persist, enlist.” This must be her new slogan which she cooked up since losing. And this word “resist” is really dark. Democrats keep using the term “resist”, which is a threatening term.

They are certainly welcome to “oppose” Trump but “resist” has bad connotations that we are seeing manifested in anti-Trumper attacks and beatings of Trump supporters, and starting riots. “Resist” is a word that conjures confrontation and even violence rather than political disagreement. This is an intentional strategy by militant leftists to create division in the country, including violent division.

There are two factors that could impede Hillary running again:

*Her health. If she has a bad health episode it could end any potential 2020 run. Remember that Hillary suffered a severe concussion in 2012 and this could come back to haunt her. She also was seen needing assistance from aides in doing simple things like climbing stairs, so she obviously is sicker than we know.

When she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service last September, that was a huge blow to her campaign since it raised questions about her stamina to be president. And that collapse was much more serious than we are being allowed to know.

*If Trump prosecutes her over corruption at the Clinton Global Initiative or over the email scandal, it will be very bad.

What will happen if Hillary runs again?

Answer: She will lose again, and be further humiliated. She should quit while she is ahead. But she probably won’t.

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