‘Trump Effect’ is Energizing the Economy

The most important issue in America today is the economy and president Trump gets an A+ grade for his work in that field.

He has been having a positive effect on the economy since the day he was elected. The stock market has skyrocketed. Consumer confidence and business confidence have soared to levels not seen in more than 10 years. Right after the election Trump was making things happening, like the Carrier deal.

This is all no surprise. Trump said he would invigorate the economy, which can be done with the right policies and a leader who is optimistic. On the other hand here is a report from Breitbart on June 2, 2016:

President Barack Obama is giving up on some of the American manufacturing jobs that went to Mexico, telling an Indiana resident that many of those jobs are not coming back.

During a town hall in Elkhart, Indiana, Obama was asked a question about manufacturing by a man who was once employed by Carrier Corporation in Indiana before the plant announced plans to move to Mexico.

“What we have to do is to make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back,” Obama said bluntly during the event broadcast on PBS.

So there you go – if the leader of the nation talks down the economic prospects for the future then you end up with a deteriorating Obama Economy. Gloom is contagious. Then along comes Trump. Here is CBS News, December 1, 2016 reporting about the Carrier deal, which Trump personally brokered in the weeks after his election:

A triumphant President-elect Donald Trump celebrated Thursday the sealing of a deal with air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier that would keep about 1,100 jobs in the United States, halting the company’s planned move of its Indianapolis plant to Mexico.

But lo and behold here is CNN Money talking down the Carrier deal:

It took just one tweet Tuesday for the deep divide over President-elect Donald Trump to flare again.

Carrier, a company that makes air conditioners, tweeted that it had reached a deal with Trump to save nearly 1,000 factory jobs in Indiana from going to Mexico.

Many conservatives erupted in praise for Trump the job saver who is already delivering on his promises. Many liberals erupted in skepticism. They demanded details of just how much Trump must have had to give away to save only half of the jobs Carrier intended to take to Mexico.

In other words, there are two ways to conduct economic policy and to cover an issue like jobs. You can be bleak and defeatist or you can be optimistic and implement the right policies. Liberals are by nature bleak (like ruthlessly promoting end-of-the-world ‘climate change’) and they always institute the wrong policies.

For decades now many American leaders have been pessimistic about the economy. Our crucial manufacturing jobs peaked at 19 million in 1979 and it has been downhill since. Today we have just 12 million while the US population is 30% higher than it was in 1979.

Nobody in the last 25 years seemed to want to challenge the notion that manufacturing jobs were fleeing irrevocably to lower-wage nations. Except Donald Trump. But here is the Washington Post of March 29, 2017 gleefully reporting further job losses:

The list came up Tuesday morning, near the assembly line. Twenty-three names. Twenty-three dates. And two words everyone dreaded: TENTATIVE LAYOFFS.

Rexnord, an industrial supplier in Indianapolis, was starting the two-month process of closing the factory and moving nearly 300 jobs to Monterrey, Mexico.

The Post would not have even bothered reporting this story just a year ago. It would have been seen as just another sign of American decline. But since Trump called out Rexnord by name for planning to move, the Post sees the news as an opportunity to imply that Trump’s policies are really not working, that the Carrier deal was just a fluke.

You can be sure that the Post is not reporting that job numbers in November, December, January and February showed the economy creating 57,000 critical manufacturing jobs just as Trump said he would focus on those jobs.

Look at this from CNN Money on March 28, 2017. Again, it is good news about the economy, but it is strongly slanted:

Ford said Tuesday it is investing $1.2 billion in three Michigan facilities.

President Trump, a frequent critic of Ford during the campaign, praised the announcement Tuesday, and called it an example of car companies “coming back to the U.S.”

Here’s what’s behind Ford’s announcement.

Most of this investment was agreed upon as part of a 2015 labor deal with the United Auto Workers union.

For example, Ford is investing $850 million in its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, where 3,700 people work. Ford originally pledged to put $700 million into that plant as part of the labor deal. In January, it announced plans to build its new Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup there.

Ford isn’t bringing any work back to the United States from Mexico, or any other foreign country. It is however, securing that those 3,700 jobs in Wayne won’t go to Mexico any time soon.

This report is designed to not give president Trump any credit, implying that this whole deal was really done under Obama and that the unions made it happen. But it is important to remember four things:

*Obama undermined the economy during his presidency, leading to the worst economic recovery since the 1930s;
*Confrontational, demanding and angry labor unions almost destroyed the auto industry, and the state of Michigan, in the first place.
*Under Michigan’s conservative pro-business Republican governor Rick Snyder the state has been making a big comeback. Even Detroit is starting to flower again.
*And now Trump is in the picture as our national cheerleader for a better future.

Snyder was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. He is a tough guy who imposed strong disciplines on the state and on Detroit. He changed the whole tone in Michigan from defeatist and angry to optimistic.

Thus if you wonder how Trump won the electoral votes of Michigan when no Republican presidential candidate had done so since 1988, then you can thank Rick Snyder for setting the stage. Here’s a great example of how this worked:

In 2006, after decades of job losses at the hands of the unions that controlled Michigan, Toyota proposed to build a non-union engine factory in Michigan that would have created more than 1,000 good manufacturing jobs. But union radicals protested so loudly that Toyota withdrew while the Democrat governor at the time remained silent in order to pander to her militant union backers.

In December 14, 2014, however, four years after Snyder was first elected, Toyota announced that it would invest $126 million to expand its operations in Michigan.

Snyder even led the successful charge to make union-heavy Michigan a ‘right to work’ state, which significantly reduces union power. This will greatly aid in Michigan’s continuing recovery.

White working-class voters in Michigan who had suffered with decades of job losses and who once had been ‘labor union liberals’ switched to Trump by the hundreds of thousands, as did such voters in many Midwestern states.

This is precisely how Trump won. And these voters are standing by Trump because they are pleased with the economic improvements that they already are seeing, and they are expecting more.

Trump now hopes to do for the entire nation what Snyder did in Michigan and what other Republican governors have done like John Kasich in Ohio and Scott Walker in Wisconsin, both of whom also set the stage for Trump winning those states’ electoral college votes and the presidency.

Democrats will fight Trump every minute, but when Trump succeeds with the economy he will be re-elected and will change the voter dynamic of the United States for decades to come.

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