Why did Trump Attack Syria?

President Trump launched an attack on a Syrian air base with 59 cruise missiles largely destroying the facility.

Nikitas3.com wonders: Why is he doing this?

Oh, certainly we are all supposed to be indignant that Syria killed 100 civilians in a chemical gas attack.

OK, these chemical attacks are terrible, but radical Islam has killed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world and we are not attacking Iran. Or doing more to obliterate terror bases throughout the Middle East. Why not hit 59 separate terror bases?

Nikitas3.com believes that we have better ways to bring peace to the Middle East than attacking Syria. This attack also is being perceived negatively in Russia, which is another nation that is doing us no harm. Russia is even helping Syria to defeat the terrorists who have been fighting against the Syrian government for 5 years now.

Now we have world leaders and the world media joining in praising president Trump for the attack. And while that certainly is a lift for Trump, we know that the attack on Syria must be the wrong policy if the globalists are praising it. Who knows what’s next. If Obama praises it, we know it’s wrong.

Trump certainly is showing that he is willing to take action in the Middle East that Obama would not do. But there is no assurance that it is the right kind of action.

It also may be intended to show North Korea that the US means business, but any similar type of attack on North Korea would be vastly more dangerous since North Korea is vastly more heavily armed.

Nikitas3.com is well acquainted with a Christian family from Syria. The father of the family told me that he lived under Assad and that Assad kept Syria stable. He said that the nation was peaceful and that Christians worshipped alongside Muslims under the authoritarian Assad. He was thankful for the stability that Assad had offered him growing up.

Then a rebel movement emerged in 2011 to fight Assad. This was the start of the civil war. And then guess what happened?

After Obama pulled US troops out of Iraq in 2011 the ISIS terror group was born in Iraq and grew in strength. ISIS then joined the rebels in fighting the Syrian government. After all, ISIS means “Islamic State in Iraq AND SYRIA”.

Obama gave support to the rebels, including rhetorical support and both military and non-military aid. But there always was a question: If we are helping the rebels, aren’t we really helping ISIS to take over Syria?

Nikitas3.com has long believed that the US should focus its efforts on defeating ISIS and terrorism, and the rest will fall into place. After all, it was ISIS and al Qaeda that destroyed the progress that the US had made in Iraq, and that have fueled the war in Syria.

This situation in Syria is reminiscent of the Iraq war. The United States intended to oust a terrible dictator but did vastly more damage to the nation and its people by doing so. It could end up the same if we oust Assad in Syria.

The Syria bombing by Trump cost up to $80 million in the costs for the missiles.

Was it worth it? We shall see. Nikitas3.com believes that there are better ways to fight this battle.

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