Gorsuch Confirmed; Court Battles will Intensify

Congratulations to the newest associate justice of the United States Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch on his confirmation. He is just what our nation needs – someone who will interpret our laws according to the Constitution rather than create new laws with activist opinions.

The Democrats’ behavior toward an eminently qualified man like judge Gorsuch was appalling. The role of the Senate is to “advise and consent” to the president on judicial nominations, particularly for the Supreme Court.

Democrats now have added a third and toxic directive and that is to “obstruct”. And their obstruction of a very qualified judge has been deplorable.

By the way, judge Gorsuch is the son of Anne Gorsuch (Burford) (1942-2004) who was president Ronald Reagan’s first administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Now here is a previous Nikitas3.com editorial from February 6, 2017 about the Democrats’ panic over the shape of the Supreme Court in years to come.

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