Syria Bombing Burnishes Trump’s Global Image

Accolades are pouring in from around the world and around the United States for president Trump’s bombing of an air base in Syria. It is being characterized as a bold, confident and swift action against an evil state that used banned chemical weapons.

Everyone from the king of Saudi Arabia to the prime minister of Israel is praising Trump. Even Democrats in the US are lauding the strike. Wow.

And this must be making Trump feel, well, on top of the world. Considering that Trump has been portrayed as a global pariah, this is all certainly a welcome turn of events for the president.

The attack on a military air base by 59 US cruise missiles (and apparently one that did not hit its target) really does mark a stark turnaround in American foreign policy. Trump is demonstrating that the United States no longer is going to stand by as the world deteriorates, as it did under Obama.

It has been stunning to listen to Obama-era officials claim that Syria’s chemical weapons were removed as per the brilliant foreign policy of Obama. Said Obama national security advisor Susan Rice in January 2017: “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.” Obama secretary of state John Kerry said in 2014:

“Today, the international maritime task force completed the critical mission of removing the last 8 percent of declared chemical weapons precursors from Syria. With this step, 100 percent of the declared chemicals are out of war-torn Syria.

This kind of self-delusion, deception and falsehood pervades everything that Obama did and said from his bleating about ‘global warming’ to using the IRS to curb conservative groups to his bizarre claim that Muslims have played a vital role in American history(?!!) And on and on.

Or Obama declaring that Syria’s use of chemical weapons would be crossing a “red line”, and then doing nothing when Syria crossed that red line.

Now the bombing is giving Trump a big bump in status. This is because the hatred of Trump is based on a fabricated image, that Trump is stupid, unstable, deranged, etc. Yet now he suddenly is being perceived as a confident leader using military power wisely.

So what heck is really going on here?

Well, if you look deeper you will see the truth:

If president Trump had bombed an air base in Iran – as a response to Iran being the chief global sponsor of terrorism for almost 40 years – he would be condemned to the hills as a dangerous warmonger for recklessly attacking a sovereign nation.

If he had bombed the jungle headquarters of murderous communist guerillas in Colombia, he would never live it down in the international salons of the left.

But he bombed a Syrian air base and he is being praised to the heavens. Why?

Answer: Because bombing a small, weak nation like Syria takes the spotlight off of the real barbarians in the Middle East, which are Islamic terrorists. Many pro-Islamist figures, including the global media, find this very convenient.

In fact Syria is the one government in the Middle East that is actively fighting Islamic terrorists on its own soil. And winning, after six years of brutal war.

In short, it was a relatively peril-free attack for Trump politically and strategically.

The US should really be supporting the Syrian government, even with its faults. Syria is not our enemy; radical Islam is. And radical Islam is also the enemy of Syria. And so Syria really is our ally. To treat them like this was simply opportunism on Trump’s part. is well acquainted with a Christian family from Syria. The father of the family told me that he lived under Assad and that Assad kept Syria stable. He said that the nation was peaceful and that Christians worshipped alongside Muslims under the authoritarian Assad. He was thankful for the stability that Assad had offered him growing up, and now sees the terrorists as the real threat. is not thrilled with this bombing. I think that it would have advanced our causes internationally much more significantly if Trump had launched 59 cruise missiles on 59 different terrorist training camps.

But it is what it is. Trump obviously saw an opportunity to change the international paradigm, using the strike to show that there is a new sheriff in town and that he is going to get very tough.

It sure worked well. This attack woke up the whole world by its sheer magnitude, and that certainly was the intention – to create a perception of uncompromising strength. You can rest assured that even North Korea saw this attack as a wake-up call not to mess with Trump, which was certainly part of the message since North Korea is at the top of the list of bad international actors. believes that Americans, and many people around the globe, are going to be drawn to the Trump Doctrine which says that America still is the world’s superpower and that we can indeed act like the world’s policeman. After all, there is nobody else to do the job. The world learned this under a feckless Obama presidency.

This strength-through-strength approach could be fraught with liability, however. If Trump gets carried away he may decide to do things that could come back to haunt him, like getting more deeply involved in Syria or entangled in other areas of the globe.

There is even talk about ‘regime change’ in Syria. But Trump and secretary of state Tillerson had better recall recent history, that the desire for ‘regime change’ in Iraq destroyed the presidency of George W. Bush and created a cataclysm of unprecedented proportion for the people of Iraq, for the Middle East and for the United States too.

President Theodore Roosevelt said “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Trump is certainly carrying the big stick. Let us hope that he does not turn it into a bludgeon… unless he is forced to, of course.

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