Will Donald Trump Jr. Run for New York Governor?

First, my most heartfelt prayers to go out to the Coptic Christians in Egypt who were targeted on Palm Sunday in two church bomb attacks by sub-human Muslims. 47 died and scores were injured.

The Copts have been living in Egypt for more than 500 years longer than the Muslims. The Coptic church was established in 42 AD by the evangelist Mark. Copts currently make up 10% of the Egyptian population, or around 8 million Copts.

Being a Christian who is closely acquainted with a wonderful Coptic American lady whose father is a leader in the US Coptic church, I am doubly hurt by these attacks.

Let us hope that the pro-Christian president of Egypt, general el-Sisi, retaliates with great force against those who incited these heinous killings. And let us pray that president Trump acts as decisively against terrorists involved in the Egypt attacks as he did against Syria.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

Nikitas3.com has theorized for some time now that Donald Trump Jr. will run for New York governor. He recently said, “Going back to doing (financial) deals is boring after 18 months (in my father’s presidential campaign). The politics bug bit me.”

OK, so there you go. He got really excited about politics. And who could blame him. His father won the most unbelievable election in American history.

Now Donald Jr. is being talked about as a potential Republican candidate for New York governor in 2018. He currently runs his father’s business empire in New York City. But there is one big problem – Donald Jr. is pretty conservative and New York state is pretty liberal.

But no mind. Liberal states like Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont all have elected somewhat or very conservative Republican governors in the last 7 years.

Republicans win in these liberal states because citizens can see when things are going badly. Then independent voters and even some disgusted Democrats swing their votes to elect a Republican who promises reforms.

Example: In 1993 tough-guy conservative Republican federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani won the mayoral election in left-wing New York City.

He was known as an honest man and he promised to fix a broken city that had been ruled for decades by corrupt and incompetent Democrats. Even liberal New Yorkers had thrown up their hands and recognized reality.

Giuliani fixed the city quickly. New Yorkers were very happy with him and re-elected him 1997. Nikitas3.com lived in the city at the time and saw the change happening week by week, just as we are seeing major improvement in the American economy already under president Trump. And in illegal immigration, as suggested above. Nikitas3.com predicts that president Trump will be a good president who will be re-elected in 2020.

New York’s current governor is Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who is expected to run for a third term in 2018. Cuomo is popular since he has not faced a strong challenge from a Republican party that is weak statewide; and because he is a left-wing blowhard. He is constantly waging rhetorical war against “the rich” and giving away the store, most recently with a proposal to make all New York state colleges ‘free’ tuition for almost everyone.

This goes over well with the blacks, the Welfare State, the bureaucrats, the college professors, the artists and all of the other hard-left kooks who thrive in New York state, mostly in the City.

On the other hand New Yorkers overall are fed up with the economic crisis that is wracking the state; a fleeing population of younger people; one of the worst business climates in America; astronomical taxes (8.25% sales tax statewide. The Tax Foundation has ranked New York last in the nation for its tax burden); widespread corruption; and a depressing sense of stagnation and malaise.

Nikitas3.com believes that Trump Jr. would win the governorship if he runs. This poses an interesting question: Would Cuomo decide against running in 2018 if Trump Jr. gets into the race? And why?

The answer is simple: Cuomo is planning to run for president in 2020. If he should lose the gubernatorial election in 2018 he would be finished as a potential presidential candidate. He would never take the chance of losing and he knows that Trump Jr. is probably the biggest threat to his re-election.

Cuomo is like no other Democrat tub-thumper that you have ever seen before. He is a sanctimonious demagogue of unprecedented magnitude. You cannot know how bad it is until you hear this guy regularly as Nikitas3.com does since I live in a New York state radio market in western Massachusetts.

But Cuomo is vulnerable if he faces someone of substance who is willing to speak out. First, Trump Jr. obviously would have total name recognition. Second, New York state is in terrible economic straits under Cuomo, and Trump Jr. would focus on that. Third, the corruption is out of control and it goes right to the top. Here is an excerpt from The New York Observer from November 2016:

An array of figures from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s inner circle—including a confidante so close the governor called him “my father’s third son”—got slapped with a sweeping 14-count federal indictment today, which alleges they colluded in a pair of schemes to solicit bribes for state assistance and to rig economic development contracts for companies that gave to Cuomo’s campaigns.

There even could be legal trouble ahead for Cuomo himself. If so, he is finished and Trump Jr. would be a shoo-in.

Trump Jr. certainly sees an opportunity, and rest assured that he would love to do good for the state of New York, to “drain the swamp” in the corrupt state capital in Albany just as his father is seeking to do in Washington.

Then who knows? President Donald Trump Jr.? After all we had a Bush father-son team as presidents, and only 8 years apart…

The Trumps appear to potentially be becoming the most significant family dynasty in American politics. With five smart and disciplined kids, president. Trump can see a bright future ahead for the family name if he has a successful presidency.

Rest assured that Donald Jr. is disgusted with the corruption and economic decay that he sees around him every day and that he has had plenty of personal experience with it, being in business as he is. This would be a strong inducement for him to run.

Along with a reputation for integrity, he could well topple Cuomo in one way or another. Watch this race. It could get very interesting.

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