Oroville Dam Crisis is Classic California Socialism

The potential collapse of the Oroville Dam in Northern California, with the possible loss of 200,000 homes in a flood downstream, is a direct result of the state of California moving hard to the socialist left.

The dam’s ‘spillway’ is shattered, leading to a situation where the massive lake behind the dam could fill to overflowing and even collapse the dam through erosion. Let us pray that the problem can be solved, but right now it is a very troubling situation.

This crisis has roots more than a decade old. Here is what Wikipedia reports:

In 2005, the dam underwent re-licensing by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, during which three environmental advocacy groups filed a motion with the FERC raising concerns about use of the emergency spillway. The environmental advocacy groups cited a 2002 technical memorandum by the Yuba County Water Agency that noted that significant erosion of the abutment would occur if the emergency spillway is used, which could cause significant downstream damage and impair operation of the Edward Hyatt Powerplant. The groups urged the FERC to condition renewal of the Oroville Dam’s license on the lining of the slope of the emergency spillway with concrete and to update the Oroville Dam Reservoir Regulation Manual.

In other words, California had plenty of time to address the crisis. The price tag was estimated at $200 million back then, but $100 million now has been spent on emergency repairs alone, with much more to come. By delaying repairs the price tag now is skyrocketing. It is a standard case of “deferred maintenance” costing more and more the longer you delay.

This is a very old story. California has been drifting further and further to the socialist left over the last 30 years. And we know what always happens under these regimes. They spend, spend, spend taxpayer money to buy votes and popularity with welfare, food stamps, billions in annual subsidies for illegal immigrants, astronomical salaries and pensions for hard-core unionized public employees, wasteful spending of up to $100 billion or more on a “high speed” passenger train boondoggle, while its critical infrastructure like the Oroville spillway decays since that does not buy any votes or make for any good publicity.

This has happened because every single statewide office in California now is held by a far-left Democrat, including the governor. And this happened since California was, and still is, one of the wealthiest places on earth. And wherever there is great wealth the socialist parasites come to feed and steal the money and drive everyone else out, leading to eventual decline. The parasites did this in New York state, Michigan (with the auto industry), Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio and other places that were at the heart of the American economy for more than 100 years.

This is why millions of productive people, including liberals themselves, have fled California in the last few decades, while the state was a magnet for 150 years. This is also why a reported 1,700 companies and jobs have fled the state including major firms like Intel, Toyota and Nestle. It is all a result of more and more waste and corruption along with crushing taxes to pay for it.

This is also why the relatively conservative states of Colorado, Oregon and Washington have become very liberal – because they have been flooded by left-wing Californians. This was evident decades ago in the popular phrase “don’t Californicate Oregon”.

And this, friends, is also why Americans have been running by the tens of millions to states like Texas, Georgia and North Carolina… you know, the “conservative” places that we all are supposed to hate, according to the media narrative.

Even millions of liberals have run to places like Texas while claiming that they detest the place and its policies. They do this to escape the destruction that their own ideology caused in places like California, Massachusetts and Vermont.

In the once-prosperous Nikitas3.com hometown in Massachusetts, controlled without challenge for decades by Democrats, the younger, productive population has been fleeing for 30 years. This comes after the labor unions (allied with the Democrat party) drove the major employer General Electric and 11,000 jobs out with decades of strikes; taxes and regulation (imposed by state Democrats) have discouraged businesses from expanding or new businesses from coming in; ‘green’ laws (put in place by environmentalists who are allied with the Democrat party) have driven jobs away with burdensome rules and higher energy costs; while a rabid anti-oil, anti-corporation, anti-growth, anti-capitalist philosophy pervades the local population and newspaper (both of which fully support the Democrat/socialist agenda).

This small city has been in a death spiral for decades. But boy, they sure do have $120 million for a brand new high school, which is not even necessary. This school is a public relations ploy for a dying city.

Meanwhile the city itself is falling apart. Businesses are closing; roads are deteriorating; crime has spiked; poverty has increased; and there is an ongoing budget crisis with taxes being raised over and over as a matter of course, with no opposition whatsoever since most productive people with a brain (i.e., conservatives) have fled.

But there are two groups in my town who never miss a single paycheck, subsidy or pay raise:

*poor people on welfare who get everything handed to them. They are growing in number and help keep the Democrats in power; and

*unionized public employees and public schools teachers who live like kings while busting the city budget. They get their mandated raises year after year because their friends control the city that is decaying around them.

This always happens in socialist states and countries all over the globe. The fact is this – after a certain level of spending, taxation and debt, you simply cannot function. The United States now has a 100% debt-to-GDP ratio. That means that we have a $20 trillion national debt in an economy that produces $20 trillion per year in economic activity.

100% is way too high. 60% is considered the maximum allowable debt ratio for good economic growth. Our rate was 60% when George W. Bush left office in 2009. Obama pushed it up to 100% through huge amounts of borrowing.

Greece collapsed at 170%. Japan now has the highest debt ratio of the industrialized world at 220%. Japan has been in a severe recession since 1990 and keeps making it worse and worse since Japan is a very socialistic nation.

American states cannot run deficits like the federal government does. So a state like California spends wildly and then taxes everyone to get the money. This causes a vicious cycle, with millions of people leaving after getting fed up with the whole deal.

But there is hope. Wisconsin had a similar problem. The public employee unions had been sucking the state budget dry. Republican governor Scott Walker was elected in 2010 and he took on the unions and faced aggressive protests, but finally got the budget under control and now is a hero in the state. The best hope for California is conservative computer billionaire Peter Thiel, who may run for governor in 2018.

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