Bill Clinton Helped North Korea to Get Nuclear Weapons

A confrontation is developing between the United States and communist North Korea over its threats to use nuclear weapons against its neighbors and against America. President Trump is sending warships to the region.

North Korea, with 25 million population, is the most oppressed nation in the world today. Concentration camps for political opponents hold hundreds of thousands. Millions of North Koreans have literally starved to death in the last 30 years. Yet North Korea is overwhelmingly militarized.

Nighttime satellite pictures of North Korea show the whole country dark except for the capital. Meanwhile next-door South Korea is one of the most prosperous nations in history with 18 times the per capita economy of the north.

And so we wonder: How did poor, technologically-backward North Korea get the advanced nuclear technology that it now is using to threaten the free world?

Answer: US president Bill Clinton helped them to get it, just like Obama is helping another backward, impoverished terror state – Iran – to get nuclear weapons.

North Korea is a genocidal dictatorship that will never, ever act within the parameters of international decency, laws or agreements and the Clinton deal was no different.

Bill Clinton said this in 1994 when he struck the nuclear agreement with the North Korean dictator:

… This is a good deal for the United States. North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. South Korea and our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons.

South Korea, with support from Japan and other nations, will bear most of the cost of providing North Korea with fuel to make up for the nuclear energy it is losing, and they will pay for an alternative power system for North Korea that will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce nuclear weapons.

The United States and international inspectors will carefully monitor North Korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. Only as it does so will North Korea fully join the community of nations.

Now here is Matt Vespa writing on the Hot Air website on July 16, 2015 about Bill Clinton’s deal:

This whole agreement collapsed in 2002, when the CIA discovered that North Korea was secretly enriching uranium for further weapons production. The country …not only kept the nuclear weapons it already had at the time–which estimates said was to be just one–but they built more (shocker) and the geopolitical situation in Asia hasn’t changed.

No surprise there; a communist dictatorship cheated on an international agreement. Meanwhile the New York Times reported on January 5, 2016:

WASHINGTON — North Korea declared on Tuesday that it had detonated its first hydrogen bomb.

The assertion, if true, would dramatically escalate the nuclear challenge from one of the world’s most isolated and dangerous states.

In an announcement, North Korea said that the test had been a “complete success.” But it was difficult to tell whether the statement was true. North Korea has made repeated claims about its nuclear capabilities that outside analysts have greeted with skepticism.

… The North’s announcement came about an hour after detection devices around the world had picked up a 5.1 seismic event along the country’s northeast coast.

Now here is Obama talking on January 16, 2016 about the Iran deal, sounding strangely like Bill Clinton talking about North Korea:

Under the nuclear deal that we, our allies and partners reached with Iran last year, Iran will not get its hands on a nuclear bomb. The region, the United States, and the world will be more secure. As I’ve said many times, the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all of our differences with Iran. But still, engaging directly with the Iranian government on a sustained basis, for the first time in decades, has created a unique opportunity — a window — to try to resolve important issues. And today, I can report progress on a number of fronts.

None of this is a surprise. Democrats have been making deals for decades to strengthen our enemies by granting them total trust, and then never verifying. Democrats sided with the Soviet Union at every turn. Now here is the Washington Free Beacon on December 9, 2015:

Leading lawmakers are lashing out at Iran for violating the recently approved nuclear deal by conducting a series of ballistic missile tests that some say could be used to perfect nuclear weapons technology.

Iran this week reportedly conducted its second test of a ballistic missile since the deal was announced. Such testing is prohibited under United Nations Security Council resolutions, which Iran maintains it has not violated.

See the pattern? And to add insult to injury here is Yahoo News reporting on April 5, 2011 about another Democrat US president:

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that he hoped to meet with North Korea’s reclusive leader during a visit to the country this week aimed at assessing severe food shortages and discussing the possible revival of nuclear disarmament talks.

… Carter said the group “would like very much” to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, as well as his son and heir-apparent Kim Jong Un, but was unsure whether that would happen.

Carter was one of the worst presidents in US history. Like a good Democrat he ran to North Korea like a stupid child, hoping for the best. And then remember that Carter was president when the radical Muslims took over Iran in 1979 as Carter stood by and did nothing. This represented the birth of the modern-day terror movement, whose chief sponsor is Iran.

Then remember that Obama and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton cheered the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising of 2011 that was nothing but a steppingstone for the rise of radical Islam in Egypt and Libya.

The only option is to stop North Korea militarily or with a military threat. So let’s do so. We could sink the entire North Korean navy in an hour. Here is an encouraging word from Fox News:

Chinese President Xi Jinping told President Trump in a phone call Wednesday that Beijing is willing to work with Washington on ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, but wants to do so through peaceful means.

Xi told Trump that China insists on peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of the deployment of the USS Carl Vinson to the area and the conducting of the biggest-ever U.S.-South Korea military drills.

Good. Let’s get China to help; they can do it since they have great influence in North Korea.

And rest assured that a coordinated attack by Israel and the US on Iranian nuclear facilities is next.

In the cases of both Iran and North Korea we can either stop them now or stop them later, at an infinitely higher cost.

Then remember that Bill Clinton helped communist China in the 1990s to get advanced missile guidance systems from a company run by his top donor. You can look up the Clinton-Loral Aerospace scandal on the internet.

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