‘Free’ College is Another Socialist Scam

The state of New York recently passed a bill making all city university and state university colleges “free” tuition for most students.

This bill was promoted by New York’s far-left Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo, who is planning to run for US president in 2020. Republicans signed on to the bill in order to help millions of their own constituents in rural and small-town New York who are suffering in a stagnant state economy with diminished hope for the future.

But this bill is quite the opposite of what it appears to be. It is more of the same destructive policies that dragged the state down in the first place.

Republicans in the state senate agreed to the bill only after it was amended to include language that requires students taking advantage of “free” tuition to remain in New York state for at least four years after college. This is supposed to prevent the “brain drain” and the “youth drain” that now is plaguing the state.

Here are the reasons that “free” tuition is really a bad idea:

*Nothing is really ‘free’: This bill is just another step down the road to socialism where more and more people assume things to be “free”. Yet we know that nothing is “free”, and that there are dire consequences associated with this type of mindset since it contravenes reality.

*Hard-left policies destroyed the New York state economy in the first place: New York was one of the richest places on earth for 150 years. Today it is an increasingly poor state with a stagnant economy.

The reason is simple to understand. Wherever there is wealth the socialists come along and steal it. And they did this in New York state in spades. Over the last 100 years the Democrat party and its lackeys incrementally strangled and robbed the New York economy with a massive welfare state, brutal taxation, militant unions, colossal over-regulation and rabid environmentalism.

The government bureaucracy has become increasingly corrupt and lazy while consuming more and more of the state’s annual $150 billion budget.

Cuomo and his Democrat and ‘green’ cronies have hampered industrial development while banning extraction of New York’s rich natural gas deposits, obstructing any opportunity for economic development in rural Upstate areas under which the valuable and plentiful gas is located.

Yet now the same socialists are proposing “free” college to fix problems that they themselves created. This is how socialism spirals down into destruction.

*The universities created their own problems: By price-gouging for the cost of college, the universities made education far too expensive. At most American universities annual costs have risen at 3 to 6 times the cost of a gallon of gasoline over the last 40 years.

Nothing has been done about this because the socialists in the government and the media do not want to interrupt the gravy train that is flowing to their cronies on the academic left. If the oil companies did this, there would be armageddon.

“Free” tuition will actually make this problem worse since there will no impetus to rein in costs, but rather those costs will be shifted to taxpayers.

*College has become irrelevant: We all know that there are millions of college graduates today with worthless degrees and steep debt. University education has become largely irrelevant in many ways. But we have been told for decades that “you have to go to college”. Instead college debt is destroying the very students that college was supposed to help.

*Colleges drag students through years of useless study: College today should be two or three years in which students focus on what they wish to study.

*’Free’ tuition will simply induce tens of thousands of young people to jam these colleges when they have nothing else to do, are unqualified, and have no business being there. It will be like “free” anything. Put out “free” food on the street and it will be gone in 5 minutes.

*’Free’ tuition will cause these public colleges to deteriorate in quality. Look at the “free” taxpayer-funded public K-12 schools in America. They are a disaster with lower and lower achievement at higher and higher cost.

*’Free’ tuition will lead to increased state intervention. For instance, if a college doesn’t have enough cross-dresser studies programs or “safe spaces” for their fragile snowflake students, the state will order them since “the government” is paying the tuition.

(Note: It is not “the government” that will pay these tuitions. It is taxpayers.)

*’Free’ college will undercut the private universities, drawing students away. This is unfair to the private schools and will harm their finances.

*The city university system is running ads on the radio claiming that it does not have enough professors and needs more money. So how does eliminating tuition solve this problem? It does not. It makes it worse.

*Left-wing political activists will use the government funding to further their agenda, that it is their “right” to promote indoctrination since ‘the government’ is paying the tuition. This will further harm the colleges and draw them away from their mission of education.

*Hundreds of thousands of students will train for “free” at these schools and then will find no jobs because they trained for jobs that do not exist.

Here is the Nikitas3.com solution instead of “free” college:

*Stop the Democrats from destroying the New York state economy with bureaucracy, environmentalism, unions, corruption, taxation and regulation promoted by the Democrats. When the economy starts to respond then opportunity will present itself naturally and students can train for the jobs that are available. This has happened in states that have reformed themselves under Republican governors like Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.

*Restore ‘apprenticeship’ programs that give people jobs that already exist and need to be filled at companies that already are in business. This requires that the private economy be allowed to flourish on its own to provide jobs naturally.

*Promote vocational education instead of college. Plumbers and carpenters today often make much more money than college graduates and often have work when college graduates don’t.

*Allow ‘fracking’ for natural gas in New York state to help small towns and rural areas to flourish, including several million state residents who live in these areas.

*Expose the colleges for political bias and price gouging.

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