Bill O’Reilly Harassment Case Shows Colossal Double Standard

The leftist war against conservatives appears to have come into full view in the case of Fox News superstar Bill O’Reilly. Since O’Reilly is considered to be one of the most successful media conservatives – even though he is not a conservative – he has been targeted by claims of sexual harassment and fired from Fox.

Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News, got the same treatment. He was run out of the network that he founded, allegedly for sexual harassment. Yet neither case has been proven in a court of law.

Sexual harassment is snide comments, lewd comments, sexual suggestions or jokes, sexual advances, touching, etc., generally directed at female employees by males. O’Reilly denies the charges against him. Here is one example from World Net Daily:

The latest allegation against O’Reilly came Tuesday from the attorney of a Fox News clerical worker – a black woman – who claimed the host called her “hot chocolate.”

According to the woman’s attorney, O’Reilly “would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar.”

“He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

OK, first of all, who says that this is true? She could have made it all up to get money or to punish O’Reilly. In a similar vein, we saw many cases after Trump was elected where individuals claimed that they were attacked by Trump supporters, but the incidents turned out to have been fabricated.

Maybe “hot chocolate” was planted at Fox to get O’Reilly, or cultivated by the left as an anti-O’Reilly faction. After all, we know that organized left-wing groups are behind the attacks on O’Reilly and Fox News and other conservatives. believes that “hot chocolate” would rather be ‘harassed’ by Bill O’Reilly than sitting in the passenger seat of Ted Kennedy’s car. After all Democrat US senator Kennedy drove off a bridge in 1969 and the female passenger in his car, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned, while Kennedy tried to cover up the whole thing rather than seek immediate help for Kopechne.

Despite this double criminality Kennedy never missed a day of work in the US Senate for 40 years after the incident while O’Reilly is losing his broadcast career. Kennedy received every accolade imaginable from the media and from feminists while O’Reilly got fired.

This is from The Daily Caller about another incident:

While appearing on (O’Reilly’s) program early on in her career, (liberal commentator Kirsten) Powers told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that O’Reilly kept screwing up fellow female commentator Margaret Hoover’s name on air. Like Powers, Hoover has a blonde mane. Powers says O’Reilly didn’t know their names, but simply knew them for being in a sea of blonde women who appeared on Fox News. Powers said O’Reilly thanked them for their “blonde-ness.”

(Powers) said she approached O’Reilly’s executive producer about what she believed to be his abhorrent behavior. She said she wouldn’t appear on his show again if he acted like this and demanded an apology.

But she wasn’t getting one. O’Reilly refused. Powers said she quit O’Reilly’s show for three years and then returned. “We actually ended up having a quite a good relationship,” she said.

Question: What is so abhorrent about thanking a lady for her “blonde-ness”?

Answer: Nothing at all. And this, friends, is what we get with feminism – permanent indignation over any given word, but only when the target is a conservative.

This is why has cut almost all ties with former friends who are liberals. Because you cannot utter a single suspect syllable without them going insane. So you just don’t talk to them. And then you realize why they are all crazy – for living permanently in that world where you walk on eggshells every minute, worried about every word.

Let’s look at a few cases where liberals have done infinitely worse things than Bill O’Reilly did, but the liberals paid no price whatsoever:

*Democrat president Bill Clinton has been accused over decades of raping, groping, harassment, abusing, intimidation and threats against women. His wife has been accused of aiding, abetting and covering up for this behavior. Yet the same feminists and media who wanted O’Reilly’s scalp have been totally silent about, and even admiring of Bill Clinton.

*Attorney general Robert F. Kennedy and his brother president John F. Kennedy, both Democrats, have long been suspected in the death of Marilyn Monroe after both used her as a sexual play thing for several years. JFK also was said to have had sexual relations with a woman named Ellen Rometsch who was suspected of being a communist spy, which would obviously endanger all Americans

Yet both Kennedys have been praised to the heavens to this day by the media, but Bill O’Reilly lost his job for calling a black woman “hot chocolate”.

Wow. What a double standard…

*Jimmy Savile is the BBC radio and TV personality and fundraiser who molested children for decades. He was never exposed until after he had died. And we can assume that many others in the BBC were involved in this type of abuse and that that is why Savile was never discovered or prosecuted. After all BBC is very left-wing and that is the political environment where child abuse is most common.

*300 homosexual priests molested tens of thousands of young boys over decades in the “Catholic church scandal” that is carefully never called a “homosexual scandal”. We know the names of virtually none of the priests, nor have they as a group been called out for their sickness. But the Church itself has been scarred for life.

*Public school teachers all over America are sexually exploiting their students by the hundreds or thousands every year, but we hear nothing about it. If this were happening at Exxon Mobil or United Airlines, we would know every detail.

*UN peacekeepers have been charged for decades with sexual abuse of the people that they are supposed to be protecting. Here are excerpts from Wikipedia describing the situation on a page called Child sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers

An Associated Press investigation revealed in 2017 that more than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti over a 10 year period and none were ever jailed… Reporters witnessed a rapid increase in prostitution in Cambodia, Mozambique, Bosnia and Kosovo after UN …moved in… There was one highly publicised case where members of the UN peacekeeping force were accused of direct involvement in the procurement of sex slaves for a local brothel in Bosnia.

But the United Nations is praised to the heavens by Democrats and the global media.

*Islamic terrorists are known to be keeping as sex slaves women and young girls whom they have captured in combat, with little protest or coverage in the world media.

The list goes on and on. But Bill O’Reilly is now being singled out for thanking a woman for being a blonde.

A guy whom I once worked with got fired after “harassing” a female co-worker with some minor sexual suggestions. Yet the woman had a lewd mouth and used open sexual suggestion in the workplace. This is very common among ‘liberated’ women today. Then the same women cry harassment and that they are victims when men react to their taunts.

Or a feminist goes out to a bar and picks up a man and has sex with him and then gets beat up, or raped and she is devastated and calls herself a victim.

So here is my advice for women – don’t go to bars and pick up strange men. And keep your dirty mouths and zippers shut if you don’t want to be “harassed”.

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