23 Reasons Why Trump Will be Re-elected in 2020

Nikitas3.com believes that president Trump is on the way to a successful first term. Even at this early stage Nikitas3.com predicts that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Here are 23 reasons that he will win:

*He will be the incumbent president in 2020: Incumbents have historically had a big advantage in elections. They have the ‘bully pulpit’ of the presidency to talk directly to Americans and to influence events to their advantage.

The ‘bully pulpit’ will allow Trump to “talk over the heads of the media” like Ronald Reagan did. He will ask voters directly, like Reagan did: Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? He will then list his accomplishments and a majority will say, “Yes, we are better off”.

*President Trump is taking on the big issues: He is seriously reforming the nation and this will be noted by voters. From creating new manufacturing jobs to reforming health care for our military veterans, president Trump will get a lot done in 4 years. He already is doing so.

*The economy is improving significantly: This is the most important issue to a majority of Americans. When they see big improvements by 2020 they will re-elect the president.

*President Trump knows how to campaign and connect directly with voters: His massive rallies in 2016 were unprecedented; 2020 will be even better. In 2020 he will avoid the campaign mistakes that he made in 2016.

*Trump won in 2016 even though he was vastly outspent: The official figures showed that Hillary spent $1.2 billion and Trump spent $600 million. But that does not account for the billions in free, fawning media coverage that Hillary got leading up to the election. The Democrat candidate in 2020 won’t have anywhere near as much of that free media, while Trump will have more money because…

*Campaign cash is surging already: The Hill website reported on April 21: “The Republican National Committee … announced it raised $41.5 million in the first three months of 2017, its strongest-ever total for the first quarter following a presidential race.” So president Trump is energizing the Republican party despite the fact that some Republicans are and were anti-Trumpers. When they come around in 2020, this will give the president an electoral boost.

*President Trump is genuinely patriotic and cares about America: This is going to help him greatly in 2020.

*The Obama agenda failed: Obama was elected in 2008 on account of his race but he failed as president, which is why Hillary lost. When voters see president Trump succeed, they will re-elect him.

*President Trump is very smart: He is not going to get into any wars or do something else stupid.

*President Trump does not waste too much of his energy criticizing Democrats like Democrats do to him every minute. He uses his energy primarily to promote a positive agenda for the country. This is a good thing and this is why he was elected. Hillary spent most of her campaign telling us why we should not vote for Trump and she lost. The Democrat candidate will make the same mistake in 2020.

*Democrats don’t have a leader: Even top Democrats are blaming Obama for the Trump victory. Hillary Clinton has fallen out of favor, and Bill too. US Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has zero appeal beyond New York City. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi is a radical loon.

The Democrat party chairman is a foul-mouthed reactionary; the deputy chairman is an extremist Muslim-American. Who is the Democrat leader? Joe Biden at age 74 today? That looks very bad for a party that has always claimed that it stands for youth and vitality.

*Democrats have no good 2020 presidential candidates: The top Democrat contenders for 2020 are people like US senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, who is a joke. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has presided over a declining state economy for 6 years already. California governor Jerry Brown is too old (he will be 82 in 2020), and California has a bad reputation among most Americans.

Hillary Clinton already has lost twice. Michelle Obama could never win because her husband was just repudiated. Caroline Kennedy has little experience in government.

Bernie Sanders is not even a Democrat. He is a registered Independent and would have to re-register as a Democrat if he runs. That would not look good. If Sanders runs as an Independent in 2020 to get back at the Democrats for 2016, then Trump will win an even bigger victory.

Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is too young and has no experience. Billionaire Mark Cuban is a screwball. Oprah Winfrey would lose in a landslide to Trump; she is just a shallow celebrity. Ditto other celebrity/billionaire hopefuls. Chelsea Clinton is a big nothing who is being puffed up by the media. Biden will be 78 years old.

*Leftist insanity is hurting Democrats: Leftists are sinking into absurdity, violence and insanity. Riots, media assaults on Trump, profane celebrities, endless protests and hysteria, physical attacks on Trump supporters and properties, etc. are off-putting to the majority of voters who want law and order and jobs and a secure border.

*Elected Democrats are overreacting in every possible way; they cannot calm down, like the unhinged black congresswoman Maxine Waters. This will harm Democrats in 2020. Americans don’t want emotion, theatrics and stridency. They want rationality and results and you can’t beat something with nothing. The angry and negative leftist approach does not win elections. Improved conditions do.

*Millions of conservatives who refused to vote for Trump in 2016 will vote for him in 2020 after seeing him implement conservative policies. President Trump also will get millions of votes from anti-Trumpers and from Democrats who voted for Hillary but who see their lives improved by Trump policies.

These groups could easily ‘flip’ electoral states to Trump that voted for Hillary in 2016 like Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, New Hampshire and Maine. This would give Trump a bigger win in 2020 than in 2016.

*As the sitting president, Trump will be free to campaign throughout 2020 from January until election day in November. On the other hand the Democrat candidate probably will not even be decided until primaries in May or June, or maybe even until the convention in mid-Summer.

*The Democrat primary campaign, and the convention, could turn hostile and divisive, giving president Trump a big advantage. He would be able to openly ridicule the warring Democrats, and he certainly will.

*Democrats are in chaos: There is huge discord after Hillary Clinton’s loss. This is going to continue and will harm Democrats in 2020. Their party is made up of factions that may break out into open warfare.

For starters, the Bernie Sanders supporters are going to cause big problems for the party after Bernie got screwed by the Democrat Establishment in 2016. Angry Democrats from one or another faction then may refuse to come out and vote like many conservatives would not vote for Romney or Trump.

*Trump will punch back hard in a re-election campaign. He will sharply criticize every opponent and point out their every weakness like he did with Hillary in 2016.

*The Silent Majority will vote Trump again: The Silent Majority that elected president Trump in 2016 – primarily hard working white people and white working-class voters – will come out again in 2020 and re-elect him.

*President Trump will user Twitter effectively to win re-election: In 2020 the electorate will be watching his every tweet. The media will not be able to stop him or filter him.

*Nikitas3.com relies on a “gut feeling” for politics honed over 40 years of observing the American system. And my gut feeling is that president Trump is simply ‘a winner’. With a strong and mature Mike Pence at his side, the Trump Team will look like real leaders, particularly since Democrats will probably pick a bad candidate in 2020.

*Democrat power has been shrinking for years now, and will continue to do so. Here are the numbers about how much power the Democrats have lost since Obama was first elected. Republicans now control:

*the White House and the enormous power that goes with it, including the power to appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges, which will re-make American jurisprudence for decades to come;
*the US Senate, with 51 Republican senators out of 100 (certainly 52 when the Sessions seat is filled). That number even could go to 53 since one Democrat may switch parties. This gives Republicans majority control of the Senate again, which they were expected to lose in the recent election. This means that Trump will generally get all of the legislation that he wants and the appointments that he wants, including the Supreme Court.
*the US House of Representative with 241 Republicans to 193 Democrats (with 1 vacancy), a big GOP majority.
*Republicans hold 33 out of 50 governorships. Republican governors rule almost all of the thriving and growing American states, and also many once-liberal states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Even ultra-liberal Vermont just elected a Republican governor by a whopping 9 points.
*Republicans have majority control of 68 out of 98 state legislative bodies.
*Republicans have been doing extremely well in mid-term elections and so you can expect them to do well in 2018, with Trump there to help them. Worse for Democrats, only eight Republican US senators are up for re-election in 2018 but 25(!) non-Republicans (Democrats and independents) are. This will provide a clear opportunity for another rout of the Democrats and could take Republicans to 60 US Senate seats, the “magic number” that would give Trump almost unlimited power.

Here is an added note from the Washington Post to make these arrogant Democrats even more depressed:

Donald Trump is set to inherit an uncommon number of vacancies in the federal courts in addition to the open Supreme Court seat, giving the president-elect a monumental opportunity to reshape the judiciary after taking office. The estimated 103 judicial vacancies that President Obama is expected to hand over to Trump in the Jan. 20 transition of power is nearly double the 54 openings Obama found eight years ago following George W. Bush’s presidency.

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