Marijuana is a Dangerous Drug

A long-time acquaintance of mine recently died in a tragic car accident. I strongly suspect that he was ‘high’ on marijuana at the time since he was a daily marijuana smoker and had been for more than 40 years. I believe that marijuana directly contributed to the accident.

He leaves behind a large fortune, a successful business, a wife, three children and three grandchildren and more grandkids to come. It is a tragic loss.

He was a very smart businessman, but also a marijuana addict. He basically said that marijuana was harmless and not to worry about it. He laughed about marijuana. He treated it like a joke, and that I was old-fashioned for opposing it. Marijuana was an integral part of his life.

But marijuana is not “harmless” by any means. Marijuana now has been legalized in an increasing number of US states and it is becoming “mainstream”, as one US congressman said recently.

This is a very bad thing. The perils of marijuana are well known. The American Medical Association calls marijuana “dangerous”. Here is an excerpt from Columbia University:

Smoking (marijuana) causes changes in your brain’s chemistry… This accounts for what happens when a person is ‘high’ — s/he loses her/his short-term memory and often experiences impaired coordination. Smoking (marijuana) interferes with intellectual performance and impairs thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal and arithmetic problem solving, too. For chronic users, these effects may continue long after the ‘high’ is gone. … Increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and schizophrenia have all been linked to long term marijuana use.

This is just one paragraph from one study, and there are dozens like it. Marijuana also is indeed a “gateway” drug that leads to harder drugs. I have witnessed how this works over many years since the 1960s. I have seen people harmed by marijuana and also have seen people “move up” to other drugs from marijuana and be harmed. As you get into cocaine and heroin and the others, the story goes from bad to much worse.

Leftists and Democrats want to see all of these illegal drugs legalized in the name of money and political power, as our nation suffers from the fallout. This is because liberals are the ones who primarily use, deal, promote and glamorize illegal drugs, and would get rich, and are getting rich on legalization.

Liberals also want legalization since marijuana makes millions of Americans lazy, lethargic and oblivious to the hard work that we need to do to maintain our freedom and prosperity. Democrats want this outcome in order to get and maintain political power by a stoned-out population that votes for the people who want marijuana legal, decriminalized or de-stigmatized.

Marijuana use leads to addiction, lower living standards, lethargy, carelessness, lower academic achievement, increases in ‘drugged driving’ accidents and other accidents, and use and addiction among younger and younger kids.

It also eliminates smokers from increasing numbers of jobs that test for drugs. That alone is a major obstruction to personal economic betterment.

You can be sure that millions of people who are or were homeless or living in poverty or who have developed mental problems or who died prematurely had their lives and minds destroyed by “harmless” marijuana. But you will never see the left-wing pro-marijuana media report on this. They are covering up for the negative impact of marijuana.

Let us all hope that attorney general Jeff Sessions puts an end to legal marijuana, which believes he will. He can do it easily. Sessions is strongly anti-marijuana while marijuana is only legal under various state laws. It remains illegal under federal law and only remains legal in the states because Obama did not enforce the federal law. Sessions should.

Below is an article from the New York Post about the increasing acceptance of marijuana among professionals, like my late acquaintance. In an article called The Biggest Potheads Aren’t Who You’d Guess writer Gabrielle Fonrouge writes about the expanding scope of marijuana use. Here are excerpts from that article with a comment after each:

Fonrouge writes: They are the city’s new pot-smoking professionals — ganja-puffing teachers, TV execs and businessmen who go about their daily routines while under the influence, thanks to the drug’s decriminalization. “I started realizing a lot of my family smokes weed, and they’re all very successful adults,” said “Jake,” a 29-year-old TV writer in Midtown and small-business owner who regularly tokes up. “So I was like, ‘Hey, maybe weed’s not too bad.’ “I feel a lot more comfortable being a smoker now that it’s less enforced.” comment: So there you go. Once it is decriminalized or legalized or just accepted, its use will accelerate. Then children are going to get addicted more often when it is legal. They will see adults smoking and will say, “Hey, it’s legal! I want to try it! I am going to use it anyway when I get older!”

Fonrouge writes: In 2011, the NYPD busted 50,000 people for lighting up in the five boroughs. By 2015, that number had dropped by 68 percent, to just 16,000. comment: That is because a left-wing mayor was elected in 2013. All of the old New York vices are coming back under this mayor.

Fonrouge writes: A downtown Manhattan mom said she’s even cool with lighting up during play dates. “One time, [a friend and I] smoked and then let our 4-year-olds paint my daughter’s play table with nontoxic paint . . . [Smoking pot] lets me be more creative and more in tune with my kids,” the mom said. comment: This is how children get exposed to marijuana. Notice that she boasts about ‘nontoxic’ paint but then she is a role model for a very toxic habit like marijuana smoking. Not only do smokers get very ‘high’ but the smoke in one marijuana cigarette is said to be as toxic to the lungs as a whole pack of cigarettes. So why aren’t the anti-cigarette activists opposed to marijuana? Good question.

Fonrouge writes: A Brooklyn teacher told The Post that it’s a good thing city education officials don’t randomly test school workers for the drug. “If they did . . . they’d probably have to fire about 85 percent of their staff,” she said. comment: This is our terrible public school system today. This is why we need school vouchers and charter schools. We need to replace this public school system with accountability and drug testing.

Fonrouge writes: “There’s a big misconception that people that smoke are burnouts and sluggish,” said “Zach,” a marketing manager at a major New York television station. “I’ve got a spring in my step. I’m always moving. I’m very high energy,” insisted the man, who has been smoking weed for the better part of 20 years but who, along with others interviewed by The Post, didn’t want his real name used. comment: Yes, just like drinking excessively is fun until it catches up with you. And it always does. would bet that Zach has problems that he doesn’t even understand or acknowledge. Is he married? Does he have children? Is he happy? Is he considered to be a good person or is he totally out for himself? If not, marijuana is likely the problem.

Fonrouge writes: But all that puffing could lead to health problems, experts caution. “Marijuana is absolutely harmful and absolutely addictive. The industry is selling a lie that marijuana is more or less harmless, and that’s just not true,” said Dr. Kevin Sabet, the former senior adviser to the drug czar under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “Philip Morris said that 80 years ago about cigarettes, and this is the new Philip Morris — they’re saying the same thing.” comment: When the cigarette companies said it, the health fanatics went nuts. Now they are silent because they are predicting massive profits both politically and financially from marijuana.

Fonrouge writes: Zach buys about an ounce of pot every three weeks, spending about $400 a month on his illicit stash. He said he smokes to help him sleep and relax, and even claims it improves his gym routine. comment: What is missing in Zach’s life that he needs to mask it artificially with a drug? He spends $4,800 a year on marijuana. Can’t he find something better to spend his money on? Go to Europe and see the magnificent cultural sights? Take a trip across America and see our beautiful land? Attend the symphony? Upgrade his home? Instead he goes into a marijuana-induced daze very day. What a loser.

Fonrouge writes: Melissa, a 30-something downtown nonprofit administrator, said she has smoked weed — and even offered it to her fellow parents — while their children played together. …Melissa said smoking can make her feel like a better parent. comment: This is absolutely outrageous. Melissa is a vastly worse parent. She is a bad role model for her child. This shows how insane the world becomes when marijuana gets “mainstreamed”.

Fonrouge writes: Melissa said getting high is better than drinking. “I’m never not aware. I have friends who go to play dates and drink a whole bottle of wine. They’re drunk. I think that’s a lot more dangerous than smoking a quarter of a joint,” she said. comment: This comparison to alcohol is totally false. They are both bad substances when used to excess. In fact marijuana is much worse under everyday use. Every time that you smoke marijuana you get very “stoned” with the powerful marijuana that is available today. This is going to affect the brain long-term. Yet I have had an alcoholic drink or a beer hundreds of times in my life and hardly have even felt the effects.

If Melissa’s friends are getting drunk on play dates then there is something wrong with them just like there is something wrong with Melissa. If Melissa can’t feel the joy that her child should be giving her, this shows that there is something dramatically amiss in her life.

And here is more bad news about marijuana, this from the Washington Times:

Colorado hospitals have experienced a surge in visits involving teenagers and young adults testing positive for marijuana since the state legalized medical and recreational pot, according to research.

The annual number of marijuana-related emergency room visits logged by Colorado’s children’s hospital system spiked from 106 in 2005 to 631 in 2014, Dr. George Wang of Children’s Hospital Colorado wrote in a study scheduled to be presented Monday in San Francisco.

The rate of marijuana-related visits among total hospitalizations involving 13- to 21-year-olds increased over fourfold that same span, with about four visits per every 1,000 patients in 2015 involving marijuana in one regard or another, Dr. Wang reported.

Legalizing medical marijuana in 2000 and the nation’s first retail pot shops in 2014 may have played a part in the uptick of hospital visits, according to the report’s author.

Emergency department and urgent care visits “increased at a rapid rate after commercialization of medical marijuana and legalization of recreational marijuana,” Dr. Wang wrote.

Colorado’s children hospitals treated 3,443 patients from 2004 through 2014 who were either admitted for marijuana use or subsequently tested positive for THC, the plant’s potent chemical, according to the report.

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