Trump Border Policies Working 100%/ Asians are Smart but…

Here are four excerpts from the news recently. reported:

Mexican cartels and big-city gangs have capitalized on the shift, extending networks of dealers across the U.S. and flooding the market with cheap heroin, according to law enforcement.

Fox News reported:

Border Patrol agents in Tucson, Ariz., chased after an illegal immigrant Wednesday leading them to find six pounds of heroin worth an estimated $210,000. The bust was part of a busy day that led to four arrests and a seizure of almost $230,000 worth of the drug.

Fox also reported:

After years of surging immigration from Central America, law enforcement in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley are finally seeing some relief, thanks in part to President Trump’s strong rhetoric.

“Words matter,” said Christopher Sabatini, an expert in Latin American affairs at Columbia University in New York City. “The rhetoric has mattered. There is a sense of fear that immigrant families, without legal status, without papers are going to be sent back down.”

That fear prompted a dramatic change in behavior among illegal immigrants that few predicted. For three years, a flood of unaccompanied children, women and families made the hazardous trek north from Hondurans, El Salvador and Guatemala, through Mexico to the U.S. Border. Now they are not coming.

ABC News reports:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s investigative division arrested 1,378 people after a six-week long, national gang operation that concluded this week.

Of those apprehended, 1,098 were arrested on federal or state criminal charges, and the remaining 280 were arrested on non-criminal immigration violations. There were 933 U.S. citizens and 445 foreign nationals arrested, according to ICE.

The operation targeted gang members and associates involved in transnational criminal activity, including drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human smuggling and sex trafficking, murder and racketeering -– crimes “with a nexus to our border,” said ICE.

This all means that president Trump has implemented a very effective strategy in securing our southern border. Even without the “wall” we are controlling the border. All we needed was a leader who wants law and order. And when the “wall” is built we will finally have real and total border security.

This means that leadership is everything. Democrats always propound a notion that certain problems are intractable and that only Democrats have the answers, like that poor people have some sort of “right” to come illegally to America and that there is nothing that we can do about it. They do not. has been saying for years now that we can control the heroin epidemic and the drug epidemic and many other crises by controlling the border. And now we have the proof.

Thank you president Trump, for your leadership… Now here is today’s second commentary:

Asians are repeatedly portrayed in our global media as ‘super people’ who are taking over the world. Yet Asians are not nearly as smart as we are being told.

Certainly there is great wealth developing in Asia where the people are building advanced economies that are lacking in other places like Africa. Asians are an economically successful ethnic group in the US too, and they are generally good, smart and diligent people.

But on the other hand there is not one single technology that powers Asia today that was invented in Asia. Computers, electricity itself, light bulbs, telephones, the internal combustion engine, refrigeration, the jet engine, modern medicine, modern engineering, modern metallurgy, satellite communication, and on and on and on ALL were invented in Europe and the United States.

When we hear about the “Chinese economic miracle” we should always remember that it is built on dirt-cheap labor and on technology either adopted from the US/Europe or outright stolen. The advanced military jets that China is building today are based on more than a century of American aircraft design built with technology copied from US designs or stolen through computer hacking of major American tech companies.

The Chinese also get rich by selling finished goods like clothing, furniture and appliances into world markets by using devious tactics to tilt trade their way, like manipulating their currency. The Chinese economy today is the world’s third largest at $12 trillion annual output, while the US is first at $20 trillion and Europe (combined) is second at $18 trillion.

Asians are good businesspeople. They often appear to us Americans to be totally wrapped up in their material world, like their businesses.

But in fact we in the West are really much smarter than Asians. They appear to be smart because they study hard and work hard, which is a good thing. They focus on business and are good at math and science. Great. They keep their families together and young Asians respect their elders. Wonderful. We need more people in the world like that.

Yet if Asia had never imported Western technology it would today be an 18th century agricultural region with a third-world standard of living. They would have cities lit by candle light, they would be using wooden windmills and water wheels for power, and would have animal-drawn farming methods, as they still do in many parts of Asia. They would not even have had the steam engine, which was invented in Britain.

For centuries Europeans and then Americans developed technology step by step, which has given us our modern world. China and Japan did no such thing.

And now when Asians immigrate to the US and advance in business and science and other ways we think that they are very smart. But Asians are really piggybacking on our Western educational system and our advanced economy. This gives them a big boost, i.e., it is America itself that gives them a boost.

Then again many people immigrate to the US and succeed so it is not just Asians who are succeeding. For instance Romanians are very successful immigrants to the United States. Russians too. Most Europeans are.

Most Asians succeed by working diligently to follow the established path, not by blazing a new trail as Europeans and Americans have done for thousands of years, leading to every type of progress from technology to science to art. This has given our Western nations a vastly livelier, more interesting and more creative and productive culture than Asia has.

This is why you see Asians looking with awe when visiting the United States or seeing the beautiful cities of Europe.

This is also why Asian students do so well in American schools. It is because they work hard. Good for them. wishes that we had more students like them. And this is why a state like California in many cases discriminates against Asians – because they do so well that they make other students look bad.

But even big construction projects in Asia like skyscrapers, bridges, dams, tunnels and airports often have Western designers, engineers, supervisors, consultants or even workforces for the advanced techniques used.

Asians in America today also are largely liberal. They benefit from our free-market, capitalist economy and our Constitutional freedoms, which combine to make them prosperous, while they vote for people who undermine America, as liberals always do. Many Chinese in the US today also are agents of their communist government (see below).

China today still has 1 billion poor people as a result of decades of communism. It is a polluted and unpleasant place with little of interest to the outsider. It is deeply oppressed politically by its communist leaders. China’s greatest historical achievement seems to be a giant wall. So why can’t these “brilliant” Chinese solve their own problems before telling us how smart they are?

Good question. Asians also are very aggressive and tyrannical people. Today Asia is home to two of the most brutally oppressive dictatorships in world history – communist China and North Korea. The United States expended 33,000 US military lives in 1950-53 keeping South Korea free from communism.

Meanwhile Europe and America have been the freest, wealthiest and most creative societies in world history, which is why the whole world is trying to immigrate to the US and Europe and not to Asia, which has closed borders.

White Western men are the most original and inventive people ever. From the Ancient Greeks forth Western man pondered, tinkered, experimented and developed the advanced technologies that we take for granted today, that have given us great prosperity and well-being, everything from plastics to hydraulics to modern metals. Modern medicine alone, which comes out of millennia of experimentation in Europe and the US and going back to Ancient Greece, is one of the great miracles of Western civilization.

So try curing your cancer with a fake Chinese medical procedure like acupuncture. Good luck.

The greatest scientist of all time, and the inventor of the process for generating electricity, was an American immigrant from Eastern Europe named Nikola Tesla, who eventually held more than 700 patents. Without the open-market capitalist 19th century American economy that encouraged and funded innovation, Tesla would never have developed electricity and the world would be a very different place, and much poorer. And by the way, Tesla’s father was a Serbian Orthodox Christian priest.

At the same time the great cathedrals, literature and artworks of Europe are far ahead of anything in Asia. We could write volumes about this. And Western Christianity has paved the way for all of this progress.

Now China is touting its high-speed passenger trains, and we are supposed to be impressed. Yet you can fly the same routes in a jet-powered airliner in 25% of the time or much less thanks to American ingenuity at companies like Boeing.

Passenger trains are a 19th century technology. Japan’s “amazing” Bullet Trains are a wasteful, inefficient bureaucracy that requires mountains of taxpayer cash. Air travel is vastly superior. Even poor nations are using air travel much more than ever.

Consider cars. The Japanese and South Koreans have perfected the manufacture of fine, useful automobiles. Cars like the Honda Accord are very reliable. Yet it was an American named W. Edwards Deming who instructed the Japanese in quality control that helped them to develop their automotive industry.

The Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable cars ever built. Americans buy them by the millions. But the Camry is simply a refinement of American and European car designs – more dependable but vastly less interesting. The German Porsche, on the other hand, is an exciting car with a colorful history. Or the British Aston-Martin. Or the Cadillac. So is the Chevrolet Corvette or the Dodge Charger “muscle car”. Or the American pickup truck, which is a highly useful vehicle that is singularly American.

At the same time China has sold many defective and dangerous products into the US market in the last few decades, and they are cheating significantly on trade deals to enrich themselves, as president Trump has pointed out.

China is also stealing Western technology on a scale that has never been seen in world history. I know how this works from a personal friend. Here is the story:

An acquaintance of mine owned a business that uses advanced CNC technology. Thirty years ago he met a young Chinese gentleman working here in the US as a waiter in a local restaurant. My acquaintance befriended the “waiter” who eventually tried to get my acquaintance to move his factory to China.

As it turned out the “waiter” was one of the sons of communist party officials who have been sent by the thousands to the US with the goal of convincing American business owners to move their factories and their technology to China where it is stolen by the communists. (My acquaintance declined to move.)

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