German Conservatives Win Big/ Hypocrisy Among US Liberals

Look at this from Associated Press:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives won a state election Sunday in their center-left rivals’ traditional heartland, a stinging blow to the challenger in September’s national vote.

The western state of North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s most populous and has been led by the center-left Social Democrats for all but five years since 1966.

t is also the home state of Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat seeking to deny Merkel a fourth term in the Sept. 24 election. Schulz was hoping for a boost after two previous state election defeats sapped his party’s momentum.

Instead, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union won 33 percent of the vote in the election for the state legislature, with the Social Democrats trailing on 31.2 percent.

Social Democrat governor Hannelore Kraft’s coalition lost its majority as her junior governing partners, the Greens, took only 6.4 percent. Conservative challenger Armin Laschet, a deputy leader of Merkel’s party, was set to replace Kraft.

“This is a difficult day for the Social Democrats, a difficult day for me personally as well,” Schulz, who wasn’t on the ballot Sunday, told supporters in Berlin. “I come from the state in which we took a really stinging defeat today.”

This needs some explanation. We in the US have generally been viewing Merkel in the last two years as an open-borders globalist who is being widely pilloried for allowing so many Muslim immigrants into Germany. She has appeared to really be a leftist.

But in fact she is considered “conservative” in Germany, or “center-right”. And indeed she is fairly conservative in many ways, including economically, although she strongly supports the European Union. She has been German chancellor since 2005 and is considered to be the most powerful woman in the world. She is running for a fourth four-year term this September and is expected to win. Wow. has read up about Merkel on the internet and there is wide disagreement about how she should be categorized. I would say that she should be compared to Republicans in the US like George W. Bush or Mitt Romney, but not to more doctrinaire conservatives Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

In short we American conservatives should count our blessings when it comes to Europe and be very happy that the socialist left was routed in this German election. Good. Let us hope for more. It certainly is part of a global trend, including Brexit and Trump.

Even the two largest cities in Brazil – Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – both voted in conservative mayors in 2016. Brazil is expected to elect a conservative president in the next election, as Argentina did in 2015 with Mauricio Macri.

The recent presidential election in France was a loss for the anti-European Union candidate Marine Le Pen, but is being seen as a repudiation of status quo socialism. Emmanuel Macron is the new “centrist” French president and he supports strong measures against Islamist terrorists within France, and significant economic reforms. Good. Reuters even reports:

Newly-inaugurated French President Emmanuel Macron appointed a conservative prime minister on Monday in a move to broaden his political appeal and weaken his opponents before legislative elections in June.

Edouard Philippe, 46, a lawmaker and mayor of port city Le Havre, is from the moderate wing of the main center-right The Republicans party and will be a counterweight to former Socialist MPs who have joined Macron’s cause.

Good news. Now here is a second editorial:

I recently was in WalMart and I heard a big-mouth liberal yapping. He was lecturing the cashier about how WalMart has driven many mom-and-pop stores out of business, that WalMart is an evil corporate giant, and he even said that the cashier would be making more money if he was working at the mom-and-pop store that WalMart had driven out of business.

So what is wrong with this picture?

Well, it is the fact that the big-mouth liberal was inside WalMart shopping precisely as he was lambasting WalMart.

Unless you live in a very conservative place you have personally witnessed this type of arrogance so many times that it becomes just one more example of insufferable hypocrisy.

In liberal places you hear this litany of know-it-all smugness over and over as the loudmouth repeats what he had been told for decades, but without being able to have an original thought on his own… like explaining why he himself was shopping in WalMart.

Friends, this is how liberals always operate. Here is another example:

Tens of millions of Americans in the last 40 years have fled the liberal states like Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois and New York because of their declining economies at the hands of Democrat policies. These people have gone directly and eagerly into the conservative states like New Hampshire, Texas, Georgia and South Carolina. Even liberals themselves are fleeing liberalism and running to conservative states, just like the big-mouth was shopping at WalMart precisely as he was pillorying WalMart.

Yet this is classic liberalism. But then again it is important to remember that most liberals only think about two things, and in this order – themselves, and their political ideology. That is why liberals will run to live in a conservative state in order to take advantage of a higher living standard, but once they arrive there they promote the same liberal ideology that ruined the state that they just left behind.

This craziness is everywhere in everything that these people say. I recently heard a leftist media report lamenting that “global warming” could potentially ruin the ski industry. But this report came on the same day that California ski areas were reporting record snow.

This is how the wack-jobs always work. Even when there is nothing wrong they fabricate scenarios under which things are supposed to go catastrophically wrong if we don’t listen to them. So that they can complain about it and then tell us all how to “solve” it.

This is reminiscent of these repeated warnings that “sea levels are going to rise and drown coastal cities”. But these rises are always predicted for some point in the nebulous future, while there are no sea level rises anywhere today and there never have been.

If there had been rises in sea levels as a result of melting ice in the Arctic or Antarctic it would have happened during the Medieval Warm Period (900 AD to 1300 AD) when Europe and the whole North Atlantic region including Greenland and the Arctic were much hotter than today… for 400 years!

It has been conjectured that this “warm period” was global since it was long and pervasive. Yet there are zero historical reports of coastal cities being flooded in that period, and we have significant historical records from that time. If coastal cities had flooded, it would be a well-known piece of history.

Now think about how these ‘green’ radicals look at the world. We know for certain that medieval peasants in Europe thrived during the Warm Period, and even grew taller. Their economies, trade, health and harvests flourished with the warm climate since they didn’t have to expend so much of their time, wealth, labor and energy fighting the cold.

So now imagine today that the United States had 10 warm winters in a row with no snow. Do you know what would happen?

Well, certainly the ski industry would suffer and the “warming” alarmists would go nuts. But on the other hand most of us would thrive since we would save trillions of dollars on heating costs and on snow plowing and road salting, and from all of the winter misery that would never happen from car crashes to collapsed roofs to slip-and-fall injuries to frozen pipes to canceled flights to closed schools and businesses. We also would be spared untold human grief from the cold. And guess what else – there would be tens of thousands fewer injuries in skiing accidents, and even fewer deaths (about 37 per year).

Yet these ‘climate’ alarmists focus only on the negative aspects of warmer weather, and then blame mankind for the burning of fossil fuels that allegedly are causing the planet to heat up.

But they never wish to acknowledge that the Medieval Warm Period helped the people, and that it occurred naturally and that it came hundreds of years before the widespread burning of coal, and that it started 1,000 years before the widespread consumption of oil.

Just look at a population map of the world. The concentrations of people fall off dramatically as you get to the colder regions. There is a good reason for that.

Now think about the liberal at WalMart. This type of thing happens every day, i.e., liberals go into conservative organizations, corporations, stores, churches, etc. and complain about them, or even infiltrate them by joining them or working for them, and then they undermine them from within.

Yet you will not see conservatives going into the headquarters of, say, labor unions and complaining about the economic damage that unions do. Or joining labor unions and working their way to the top to change union policies from within.

No. We conservatives don’t like labor unions. We find them menacing and dangerous. We avoid them. And we know that if we went into labor unions and stirred things up we would be met with threats and violence.

Do you see us conservatives joining “green” groups and working our way into leadership positions to make the “green” groups less radical and more conservative?

No. We avoid environmentalists. We conservatives are too busy working hard to keep the world functioning properly. We don’t have time to infiltrate “green” groups.

Do you see conservatives infiltrating pro-abortion groups and seeking to change their policies in the same way that liberals infiltrate our banks, our churches and our corporations and seek to turn them liberal?

No. We avoid pro-abortionists. We see them harboring evil in their hearts. We do not wish to be around them. We fight them from the outside.

Do you see conservatives fleeing conservative states and moving into liberal states?

No, conservatives like the economic success right where they are. They don’t like being among liberals and their economic decay. Meanwhile liberals by the millions are migrating out of liberal states and into conservative states.

Now think about all of the energy-guzzling “global warming” alarmists flying in their private jets, or flitting off to go backpacking in Alaska or bird-watching in Peru or kayaking in a river 200 miles away, burning up huge amounts of fuel precisely as they panic about “global warming” allegedly caused by the use of too much fuel. This is obviously blatant hypocrisy. has said for years that environmentalists themselves are the most flagrant energy wasters of all.

Then just imagine that I were a conservative Christian leader who preached strict morality but was openly visiting brothels, saloons and casinos. I would be savaged for my hypocrisy. Yet these liberals preach one thing vocally and publicly, and then openly do the opposite in their own lives. It is amazing that they get away with it, which they do only with the cover of their compliant media cronies.

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