Trump Meets Bad Pope/ To Defeat Terror, Defeat the Left

President Trump met with Pope Francis on Wednesday in a meeting that showed the president in a good light.

Unfortunately Francis is a bad pope. He is a leftist militant, he had a communist mentor in his youth, and he is driving the Catholic Church to the hard left and probably into a split between conservatives and liberals. Hundreds of millions of Catholics worldwide, and their leaders, recognize this reality and oppose Francis (total worldwide Catholic population is 1.25 billion).

Francis even gave president Trump an encyclical that he authored calling for reductions in oil, coal and natural gas use, i.e., another ‘global warming’ screed, but coming right after the US and Europe suffered through another cold Winter and miserable Spring.

Many Catholics in the US are hard-core leftists and Democrats which is contrary to the Catholic and Christian faith. After all the Democrat party is an atheist, secular and anti-Christian party.

Socialists say that the Bible preaches help for the poor and scorns the accumulation of wealth, like the Democrat party allegedly does. But those Biblical principles were laid down 2,000 years ago when most people were poor and only a few were rich. The rise of the middle class through modern-day capitalism has changed all that. Those Biblical teaching should no longer be taken as literally as they once were, and as liberals now take them in the name of political expediency.

Now here is today’s second commentary about terrorism:

To Defeat Terror, Defeat the Left

The British concert bombing is yet another defeat for us in the war being waged by terrorist barbarians against the West. It was specifically targeted at young people and even children, which shows that these Muslim terrorists are truly sub-human.

President Trump declared recently in Saudi Arabia that we must smash the terrorists. But we cannot do so as long as the terrorists’ American allies in the Democrat party, and in socialist and communist factions in America and all over the world, continue to enable terrorism with open-borders policies, sanctuary city policies, serial defense of Islam and condemnation of anyone critical of Muslims.

The Manchester terrorist was a devout Muslim who was born in 1994 in Britain. His parents immigrated from Libya.

Meanwhile the Daily Caller reported this shocking bit of commentary from the left-wing BBC:

According to BBC Anchor Katty Kay, Europeans have to get used to terror attacks like the Manchester bombing.

Kay told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday that Europeans have no choice but to get used to terrorists murdering their families because “we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out.”

“Europe is getting used to attacks like this, Mika. They have to, because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out,” Kay said.

“As ISIS gets squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we’re going to see more of these kinds of attacks taking place in Europe and Europe is starting to get used to that.”

This is repugnant and an affront to the people who have died and been injured at the hands of radical Muslims. This also is an attempt by the leftist media to take the spotlight off of militant Muslims (the perpetrators) and put the onus on us (the victims) instead. This is classic socialist theory and these are the same media skunks who said we needed to coexist with the communist Soviet Union rather than defeating them, which is what finally happened.

The Washington Post even tweeted about the Islamic Manchester terrorist:

In suburban Manchester, a search for what might have motivated the attacker

This is shameful, frightening and dangerous but expected from a dishonest, unreliable newspaper. We know what motivated the terrorist – hatred of the West and of Christianity, even as millions of Muslims have come to the West to live far above the standard of living that they had back home.

Most terrorists who have struck in Europe and the US over the last 20 years, including 9/11, have been in some way known to law enforcement. Here is CNN reporting:

The 22-year-old behind the deadly bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was known to security services, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Wednesday, as the country elevated its terror threat to the highest level for the first time in a decade.

Police have named Salman Abedi, a British-born national of Libyan descent, as the bomber in the attack on Manchester Arena, which killed at least 22 people, including children. Abedi died in the blast, in what appears to have been a suicide bombing.

Rudd confirmed in an interview with the BBC that Abedi was on the radar of intelligence services and that he had recently returned to the UK from Libya.

Abedi’s father even said that his son had made frequent trips to Libya. So why were these trips not noticed and acted on by British security officials?

Answer: Because most British security officials don’t care about security, or are stupid and lazy… except after terror attacks, that is, when security officials suddenly are in the streets with guns well after the terrorist act has been committed.

And now – naturally – Britain is full of candlelight vigils and pledges to stay strong and not be fearful, and other emotional claptrap. This will not stop future attacks. The first thing that Manchester should do to begin to assure that such an attack never happens again is to abandon its status as a “sanctuary city”.

But it won’t, just as most of Britain and Europe will never take substantive steps to stop terrorism, and thus terrorism will continue. After all London even elected a Muslim mayor in 2016.

After every attack many of us say that things are going to change, that we must ramp up security, clamp down on extremists, obliterate the terrorists, etc. President Trump actually is starting to do this, but Democrats, socialists and communists in our midst and in Europe are going to continue to do everything they can to allow terrorism to happen through negligence, political expediency and laxity.

France has been in a permanent state of emergency since January 2015 and even so the attacks have continued, most notably in Paris and Nice. Thus offers this solution for reducing and then ending terrorism using these emergency measures:

*Smash Middle Eastern terrorists with relentless military action, which Trump is already doing.
*Ban “sanctuary cities” in Europe and the US.
*Increase surveillance of and eavesdropping on Muslims, particularly in suspicious mosques, restaurants, gathering places, etc.
*Deport back to their native lands all Muslims who are living in Europe or the United States who are not citizens.
*Halt all Muslim immigration into the US and Europe. There are too many bad people among them. The Manchester terrorist now has been shown to have three other terror-related family members.
*Reaffirm policies that urge citizens to report suspicious activity to police. One woman at the Manchester concert reported a suspicious lady to police, but nothing was done.
*All suspicious or radical foreign-born Muslims should be deported back to their nation of origin even if they have become US or European citizens. If they refuse to go back or if their native countries will not take them back then they should be jailed indefinitely on subversion charges.
*Suspicious or radical Muslims who are born US or European citizens should be jailed on subversion charges.
*Deport all family members from the US or Europe of anyone found guilty of terrorism. This will largely halt terrorism since Muslims love the Europe/US welfare state and will do anything to be, and stay, part of it.

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