Trump Budget Plan Will Benefit All Americans

Here is a question from

“Do you think that it is better for society in general, for the economy, and for an able-bodied person if that person earns $30,000 a year or is given $30,000 per year in taxpayer money?

Virtually all people, even if they are liberals, would say that the person should earn that money. And president Trump’s budget proposal will allow up to 15 million additional people to earn their paycheck through employment rather than being given Other People’s Money through the government. calculates that Trump’s plan, if adopted fully, will create up to 25 million new jobs over 8 years. Obama only created 10 million, and they were notoriously lower-paying and part-time jobs.

So a Trump plan would significantly reduce the need for government programs. President Ronald Reagan, using policies in the 1980s similar to those advocated by Trump, created 23 million jobs if you extrapolated the figures from the 1980s to today. And they too were much better jobs than Obama provided.

Thus when you see people in the media say that Trump is a mean person who wants to “cut social programs” and “cut taxes for the rich”, they are ignoring the other half of the equation – that Trump policies will create millions of jobs that will replace some of the need for those social programs. Thus those social programs will need much less funding.

Three of the biggest economic booms in world history were created in the United States in the 1920s, 1960s and 1980s through significant reductions in tax rates, particularly on top earners and businesses.

President Trump also plans to cut tax rates for the middle class, the wealthy and for businesses. These types of reductions have been proven throughout history to produce economic growth by freeing up money for investment in productive private enterprise. High taxes, on the other hand, historically have created stagnation by sucking money out of the private economy.

President Ronald Reagan cut tax rates on top earners by 60% yet revenues to the government increased 91% over 8 years because so much new economic activity was created by the tax reductions.

Meanwhile tens of millions of younger, skilled, educated and productive Americans over the last 40 years have eagerly fled high-tax welfare states like New York and Massachusetts and gone to low-tax states like Florida and Texas. Why? Shouldn’t these people be enjoying the benefits of high taxes and government programs?

No. Productive people run away from them in the real world. This is why the conservative American states are thriving. Meanwhile the welfare states have increasing proportions of poorer, older and sicker Americans since the younger and productive people are leaving. sees this every day since I live in Massachusetts. The situation is dire in a once-wealthy state that Democrats have destroyed with their socialist policies.

Trump’s plan to cut spending also will reduce the federal debt. This reduction alone will create millions of jobs. Our national debt of $20 trillion currently costs taxpayers $500 billion per year just to pay the interest, and not to pay off any of the debt. This is thwarting the economy in a big way. Then just imagine several hundred billion dollars extra stimulating the American economy every year. It would do wonders.

The liberals are saying everything imaginable to detract from Trump’s plan. They are aghast that the president wants to cut Medicaid, food stamps, the EPA budget, the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, public radio and television, and others. So let’s look at the issues one by one:

*Trump wants to cut Medicaid, food stamps and other programs for ‘the poor’.

Yes, he wants to make some reductions. Because first of all there are millions of fraudsters on these programs who need to get cut off. Up to half of the 11 million Americans on Social Security disability may be fraudsters who just joined SS under Obama as a new type of welfare program.

Second, a growing economy will replace those program cuts with jobs, so that people can earn their money rather than being given taxpayer money. On the other hand, the number of Americans on food stamps went from 32 million to 49 million under ‘caring’ Obama and liberals never offered a single syllable of complaint.

Third, the Trump plan will be designed specifically not to hurt people who are truly needy.

*These social programs have been growing astronomically and automatically for more than 50 years. It is time to cut them back. Medicare started out in 1965 as a $10 billion annual program and is now almost $600 billion. In 1966 there were 19 million Americans covered by Medicare and today it is 55 million, or almost 3 times as many recipients, which is hardly a reason to increase spending by a factor of 60, even including inflation.

Medicare is a typical government program that has been growing out of control for decades and is full of waste, fraud and corruption. And president Trump is not even going to touch Medicare.

*Trump plans to cut back federal agency budgets like EPA, Department of Education, Department of Commerce, State Department, etc.

Good. These federal agencies have hundreds of thousands of employees in Washington, DC who live like kings and do little or no work, or are sham employees. Five out of the top six wealthiest counties in America are in Virginia and Maryland, on the border of Washington, DC, and are populated by federal workers!

It is amazing when you know the facts, isn’t it? So it’s time to give the pink slip to spoiled federal elites and return jobs and wealth to Main Street America and Small Town America.

EPA, with 15,000 employees, has been strangling the American economy for decades with outrageous and frivolous rules and regulations. It is yet another overstaffed bureaucracy. Americans are tired of EPA micromanaging every aspect of the economy, and their lives. Trump has proposed to cut its budget by 31%. Good.

*Public radio and TV get $450 million in annual subsidies. They take money from all of us, and then run media operations tailored largely to liberals. Why should they get this money? does not listen to public radio or TV. Most conservatives do not. They can replace the government subsidy with advertisements and longer fundraising drives.

*National Endowment for the Arts, Humanities. These agencies take $300 million in taxpayer money and give it to their liberal friends. Virtually no conservatives get that money. NEA gives money to “artists” who make “art” that is insulting to Christians, conservatives, etc. It is time to cut them off. The arts will actually prosper when the economy does better under the Trump plan. The arts took a massive hit under Obama.

The New York Times reports that the Trump budget expects “an improbable promise of 3 percent economic growth.” All of the liberal media are claiming that we can’t get to 3% in order to further undermine the Trump agenda.

This is ridiculous – 3% is easy if the Trump plan is adopted. Even 4% or more is possible. Ronald Reagan got to 5% with the same types of policies that Trump is proposing. In fact here is the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia reporting on May 12, 2017:

The U.S. economy over the next four quarters looks slightly stronger now than it did three months ago, according to 37 forecasters surveyed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. The forecasters predict real GDP will grow at an annual rate of 3.1 percent this quarter…

Gee, I guess the New York Times doesn’t check the internet for economic news.

On the other hand Obama never got above 2% over 8 years in office. Most of Obama’s presidency had about 1.5% growth, which is abysmal. Yet liberals never point that out.

Trump’s Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney said, “We are no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs and the amount spent on those programs,” adding that the budget is a “taxpayer-first budget.”

Fantastic. That is what we need. Because when we put the “makers” ahead of the “takers” then that is good for everyone, and particularly for the people who are doing most of the work and paying most of the bills.

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