Germany’s Merkel Insults US/ Sex-Changers Intensify Efforts

Here is an excerpt from Fox News:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday that “the past few days” have shown her that European Union nations must maintain friendships with the United States and Great Britain, but also put “our destiny into their own hands.”

Merkel did not mention President Trump by name, but her comments have been widely interpreted as a response to the president declining to join six other countries in reaffirming their commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement at the G-7 summit in Sicily that ended Sunday.

“The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days,” Merkel said Sunday at a campaign event in Bavaria. “And that is why I can only say: We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.”

First, congratulations to president Trump for standing up to the “climate” thugs.

Second, this is classic Euro/socialist deception. It is intended to make us focus on the discredited theory called “global warming” so that we all forget that many European nations have severe terrorism and immigration crises. Merkel herself created this situation by inviting more than 1 million Muslim refugees into Germany.

In short, “climate change” and “global warming” have become the catch-all decoy phrases to which the left refers when it wants to distract us from the failures of socialism, like Obama did here with his failed economy. The current crisis over terrorism is the most serious threat to Europe in decades, and it is only getting worse.

Europe also has very stagnant economies, which they want us to ignore so that we worry about “climate change” instead.

Merkel also is insulting America and ignoring what we have done for Europe in the past century. The United States intervened to end both World War I and World War II, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars. We gave Europe the money to rebuild after World War II and then spent $10 trillion to defend Europe from Soviet communism.

Hey Angela! How about Germany’s murderous past, with tens of millions dead? Are you going to say anything about that? How about your youth as a communist, an ideology that has committed genocide against 100 million people?

Yet many in Europe remain arrogant. They should be humble before America and thankful but are not. No wonder they have had so much war and strife. Because so many of them are obnoxious, dishonest and even violent.

Now contrast this with a really wonderful European, Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso who raced in the Indy 500 this year. He was gracious and appreciative of America and Indy Car fans. “I felt really proud to race here…” he said.

Wow. Wonderful. That is real class, versus Merkel’s trash.

And while Alonso lost his engine 20 laps from the finish, 40-year old Japanese driver Takuma Sato won the 2017 Indy 500. Fantastic, the first Japanese ever to win the race. Sato is a real gentleman, and he was thankful and respectful about his victory. It is great to see America appreciated instead of insistently defamed.

Now here is a second commentary:

Sex-Changer Activists Expand their Reach

There is a very dangerous form of child abuse happening in the world today, primarily in the US and Europe. It is being perpetrated by adults who are pushing their own children to question what sex they are.

After all, we are seeing more and more reports about children and young adults questioning their sex or even wanting to become the other sex – primarily boys who want to become girls.

Yet children do not naturally question their sex unless adults are suggesting it to them. This is psychological abuse by their parents, and now in their schools too. It should be investigated and prosecuted. recently reported:

One of Britain’s top private schools is bringing in ‘gender-neutral’ uniforms that would allow boys to wear skirts, as teachers report growing numbers of children ‘questioning their gender identity’.

The move by Highgate School in north London comes as activist pupils at schools across the country are demanding ‘gender-neutral’ bathroom facilities, a ban on terms they deem ‘sexist’, and for teachers to use gender-neutral pronouns such as “they”.

“This generation is really questioning being binary in the way we look at things,” headteacher Adam Pettitt told The Sunday Times.

No, friends, it is not “this generation” that is questioning. It is the left-wing parents and teachers of “this generation” who are stirring up and tolerating this stuff, and intentionally so.

We also have a new psychosis emerging showing increasing numbers of needy and insecure adults (i.e., leftists) urging their children into sex changing to attract attention to themselves through their children (it is a psychological disorder officially called ‘Munchausen syndrome by proxy’).

For the entire history of mankind sex-changers have been considered weirdos. Now they are supposed to be considered normal.

They are not. They are people with deep problems who often become non-contributors to society since they are totally wrapped up in confusion over their sexuality.

Sex changers are simply homosexuals who have not found the happiness that they expected being gay and attracted to the same sex. So rather than leaving homosexuality they are going a big step further and changing their sex which is making them even more depressed and disturbed. Then the next step is more drug abuse, alcohol, depression and suicide which are statistically high among both gays and sex changers. reports about the British school:

Separate uniforms for boys and girls will be scrapped under the plans, and pupils at the £6,790 per term secondary school are being consulted on a mix-and-match dress code.

Items included in the new dress code won’t be linked to sex, noted Pettitt, who told the newspaper: “We are asking [pupils], should it be called uniform number one and uniform number two?”

Highgate’s current uniform policy allows female pupils to wear trousers, dark blue jackets, and ties but boys can’t choose to wear the grey pleated skirts that make up part of the girls’ uniform.

We can rest assured that virtually all of the students at this school come from rich, left-wing London parents, and so these lefties are really destroying their own children.

The significant collateral damage being wrought by this campaign is to make public bathrooms unsafe for young children and women, where men or sex-changers can go into any bathroom they wish according to what gender they think that they are on any given day. This is just another facet of a ‘pervert culture’ being promoted by the left, and is intended to upend thousands of years of social norms.

Fortunately America is striking back. When Target stores said that they would have ‘open’ bathrooms the public boycotted and Target stock has since gone down the drain. Good. Bye-bye Target. reports:

Highgate is set to hold a conference for dozens of schools titled The Developing Teenager next month, at which one of the topics to be discussed is how teachers should handle growing pressure from pupils to scrap the “old fashioned” idea that there are two sexes.

No, there are two sexes. Period. These “third way” of “fourth way” people are a fringe group with a miniscule following, like most fringe movements. We should not in any way overturn our social standards to accommodate them.

This is all part of a left-wing and communist plan to undermine the most basic of our society’s accepted standards of privacy, decency and decorum. After all, if a woman and her children cannot feel safe in a public bathroom then they will not go out shopping, to a restaurant, to the movies, i.e., they literally lose their freedom, like many European women are now afraid to go out because of the terrorism in their country by the Muslim immigrants.

To illustrate more about the sex changer agenda, here is a story from 2015 on Fox News:

A California mom …says she was recently kicked out of a sporting goods store after alerting a manager that a man had frightened her young daughter in the women’s restroom … The (mother) …said she was stunned to learn that the man, who she said was not dressed in women’s clothes and did not appear outwardly to be transgender, had done nothing wrong in the eyes of the (store manager) and other customers.

OK, so first of all this happened in California which is very liberal. Second, the store called REI is one of those elite mountaineering shops owned, managed and patronized by militant environmentalist types. So you can see where this is all going. This is a natural outcome of the leftist sex culture of the 1960s. Imagine that… the mother gets kicked out of the store and the pervert stays. Look at what the mother said about the store manager:

“I spoke with the manager and told her what happened. She didn’t skip a beat. She told me that REI does not decide who people are or what they can do. …She told me that if a man came back into the bathroom that they would do nothing. That they had no right to tell someone which bathroom to be used. Then she said that if it happens again that I shouldn’t expect anything to be done about it.”

This is classic extremist liberalism. The sex perverts are drooling over policies like these, while those of us who have moral standards are told to keep quiet. This is the hard-left culture of sexual deviancy at work.

There’s more. One of the most liberal governors in America named Tom Wolf, Democrat of Pennsylvania, supports school policies that would force children to share shower facilities with members of the opposite sex.

Want more? Look at this from a website called Heat Street:

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Minnesota mother who accused school officials, health care providers and doctors of violating her parental rights for letting her (son) undergo a sex change without her permission.

Senior U.S. District Judge Paul A. Magnuson tossed out the suit on Tuesday, calling its claims “meritless,” the Minnesota Star Tribune reported.

Anmarie Calgaro made international headlines last year after she sued her 17-year old transgender (son), as well as multiple state agencies for their role in assisting the teenager—who goes by the initials E.J.K— transition from male to female.

“I was not consulted or informed about this in any way” she told the press at the time.

Her lawsuit challenged a Minnesota law that allows minors to access medical care and procedures without their parent’s consent.

Calgaro claims that Park Nicollet and Fairview Health Services—two named defendants in the suit—began providing E.J.K with hormone therapy without her consent in November last year.

When Calgaro asked the clinics for E.J.K.’s medical records, they refused, she says. According to the suit, St. Louis County School District also rejected her request to access her daughter’s school records.

At the heart of the case lies E.J.K’s legal emancipation from (his) mother. Minnesota does not have a formal process to determine children’s emancipation from their parents, but the law generally considers financially independent minors who live separated from their parents to fall under that definition.

E.J.K. moved out of (his) mother’s home in St. Louis County in 2015 to go live with her relatives and has refused to move back ever since. (He) currently lives alone and is technically considered legally emancipated

This is how these ruthless people work. Any child is a possible victim. This all started long before the boy turned 17, you can be sure.

These same people also have maintained for decades that casual sex is just “harmless fun” when in fact it is no different than drug addiction – it may feel great, but ultimately it can be very destructive. Its long-term effects can be devastating physically and emotionally, just like heroin or alcoholism.

Casual sex then morphed into the breakdown of marriage, widespread acceptance of pornography, epidemics of sexually-transmitted diseases, epidemic child abuse, pervasive perversion, and now rampant homosexuality and sex changing, with all of the negative psychological effects of each. It is proven by studies that people practicing these types of behaviors have significantly diminished lives.

This sex-changing is really part of a trend among kids. Reports

The Sunday Times reported figures show a surge in the number of children wanting to change gender, with more than 2,000 minors referred to north London’s Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust last year, compared to just 100 when it opened eight years ago.

But critics warn the rush by schools to implement gender-neutral policies being demanded by activists risked encouraging “copycat” behaviour amongst children, fuelled by social media and the internet.

So there you go. Kids will do what they see. reports:

A study by Mark Zucker at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, found that transgenderism was more prominent and persistent amongst children when promoted by adults.

Oh, no kidding. Promoted by adults… Gee, where have we seen that before? (Hint: In the first paragraph of this commentary.) reported:

Researchers observed that children who saw therapists and others in authority who assume they belong to the opposite sex can actually become more distressed, exacerbating their “gender dysphoric identity”.

Obviously. It is simple common sense; once the kids get drawn in, everything gets worse and worse. So my strong recommendation is to leave the kids alone.

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