Fired VA Official Back on Job/ Robert DeNiro Flips Out

First, here is good news. There is a great new website called Media Equalizer. It is dedicated to exposing left-wing media bias, and it gives lots of information about particular cases, for instance quotes and videos from people like Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and the outrageous things that she says.

More importantly the site gives the contact addresses of companies that advertise with Maddow so that we can get Maddow off the air by protesting to her financial backers. And rest assured that companies are terrified of citizen boycotts and bad press.

Here is Media Equalizer and here is the page with contact information for advertisers who support Rachel Maddow.

It is time for conservatives to fight back against the most biased and dishonest people on the air. Check it out. Contact these advertisers today, and let them know what Maddow is saying. Let’s get Maddow off the air as they have been trying to do with conservatives for many years.

It will be easy to do. MSNBC and CNN and CBS and NBC are all turning into major “fake news” sources. It will not be hard to make the case against them.

Now here is today’s first editorial:

If you want to know what we face in “draining the swamp” of corruption surrounding our government and Washington, DC, look at this from The Daily Caller:

A notoriously corrupt Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) manager fired in the first day of President Donald Trump’s presidency — to rousing acclaim from veterans who heralded it as a sign of lasting reform — has been returned to work by VA officials after he filed a civil-service protections appeal.

The return of the Puerto Rico hospital director is the latest example of Trump’s reform efforts encountering the entrenchment of what he has called Washington’s swamp, and comes in the same month a court ruled that the VA may not even be able to fire the Phoenix hospital director, who is a convicted felon as a result of job-related misconduct.

“On the morning of January 20, 2017, the Department removed DeWayne Hamlin, the director of the VA Caribbean Healthcare System, from the federal civil service. Mr. Hamlin subsequently appealed his removal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and because of particulars in his case that remains under active litigation, he was brought back to work at VA,” spokesman James Hutton told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In government this happens very often. And this is nothing new. This goes back thousands of years. Tax collectors and other representatives of the oppressive government were hated even in Biblical times, and usually were protected.

On the other hand, today in the private sector – where we get the efficient products and services that keep our nation going – this guy Hamlin would have been fired and would have stayed fired.

In our public schools unionized teachers who are charged with all sorts of misconduct often stay on the job. This is why our schools are so bad. Yet you will never find sanctimonious liberals decrying our terrible public schools… the very schools that they control.

Here is a story that I came up with on the first search. This from

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A Bullitt County teacher fired in November for dragging a first grader 160 feet through the hallway at Brooks Elementary is back on the job after a special appeals tribunal reversed her termination.

This is no surprise. And this is a major problem with unions and with government. This is why socialism leads to decay. Unions protect their members even when they are bad, lazy or incompetent people.

To make things worse government jobs and the public schools generally attract people who do not want to work hard or are incompetent in the first place, or could not find work in the private sector. has been acquainted with many of these people.

Not only are bad and lazy people protected but they often make great salaries, with full benefits and pensions. They frequently take early retirement.

In Massachusetts toll collectors on the Turnpike were earning $70,000 a year to start, and got full benefits and pension. This was for a simple job that should have paid $25,000 a year.

I am acquainted with a guy who worked just 12 years collecting tolls. He retired at age 57 with a great pension and then he made sure to move to a state without an income tax since he did not want to lose any of his precious pension. Meanwhile the people of Massachusetts paid sky-high taxes for decades to pay the salaries of spoiled people like these toll collectors. (The toll collectors were recently replaced with an EZPass system.) has calculated this:

Imagine that you work in the private sector and live next door to a public school teacher, and that you have roughly the same standard of living as that teacher. Did you know that that teacher only may have worked half as many hours as you did during his or her working life?

Here is why: The average public school teacher salary today is roughly $44 per hour. The average private-sector salary is about $25 an hour. The average public school teacher works about 1,300 hours per year. The average private-sector employee works 2,000 hours per year and often many more. Many public school teachers retire after 30 years with full pensions; in many states they don’t even pay into Social Security. On the other hand you may work 45 years and you must pay into SS.

So you do the math. Yet the public schools are doing a notoriously bad job while private companies that do a bad job go out of business. In short we are lavishly subsidizing mediocrity and even failure. It is called socialism

Now here is a commentary on another subject, about left-wing Hollywood actor and Trump hater Robert DeNiro. Entertainment Weekly reported:

Robert De Niro has given the current state of the country two thumbs down.

Speaking to a class of Brown University graduates Sunday, the Oscar-winning actor lamented that “in movie terms,” the U.S. was once “an inspiring uplifting drama” but has now turned into “a tragic dumbass comedy,” according to the Associated Press.

De Niro, who received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from the Ivy League school, urged the graduates to “work to stop the insanity” and to strive to make the world a better place.

The day before the commencement ceremony, the 73-year-old actor also called the current political climate “nightmarish” and referred to President Trump as an “idiot.”

DeNiro and entertainers like him always pretend like they are so sophisticated and smart, yet he is just an actor who never graduated from high school. Worse he has spent much of his movie career portraying violent thugs and criminals in movies like Goodfellas, Casino, Taxi Driver, Heat and Sleepers.

The plot of Sleepers is truly “nightmarish”. Here are some excerpts from the movie’s synopsis on Wikipedia:

In the summer of 1967, their lives take a turn when they accidentally almost kill a man after pulling a prank on a hot dog vendor. As punishment, the boys are sentenced to the Wilkinson Home for Boys in Upstate New York; Tommy, Michael and John sentenced to 12-18 months, while Shakes is given 6-12 months. There, the boys are systematically abused and raped by guards Sean Nokes, Henry Addison, Ralph Ferguson, and Adam Styler. The horrifying abuse changes the boys and their friendship forever.
…As a result of this, Shakes, Tommy, Michael, and John are all beaten and thrown into solitary confinement for several weeks, and the guards beat Rizzo to death.
…By the spring of 1968, shortly before Shakes’ release from Wilkinson, he insists that they should publicly report the abuse, but the others refuse, knowing that no one would believe them. They all therefore vow never to speak of the horrors and abuse the guards put them through once they are all out.
…Thirteen years later, John and Tommy, now career criminals, encounter Nokes by chance in a Hell’s Kitchen pub and kill him in front of witnesses.
…Addison, an up-and-coming politician who still molests children, is murdered by Little Caesar, a local drug kingpin and Rizzo’s older brother; Styler, now a corrupt policeman, is arrested for taking bribes and murdering a drug dealer; and Ferguson, a social worker, loses his job and family and is plagued by guilt for the rest of his life.
…John drinks himself to death and Tommy is murdered; both die before age 30.

This is typical of “nightmarish” movies today. Thus if people like DeNiro earn millions of dollars and worldwide fame portraying and even glamorizing bad people in “nightmarish” situations, aren’t people like DeNiro responsible for much of our social decay?

Of course they are. President Trump, on the other hand, spent his career constructing and remodeling high-quality buildings. His children are hard-working, well-dressed and polite. They do not dwell in the social gutter like DeNiro, who looks like a bum at age 73.

Meanwhile DeNiro never has criticized our failed public schools, which are one of the primary contributors to our social decay and out national “tragic dumbass comedy”, along with our left-wing media that make movies like Goodfellas and Sleepers.

DeNiro never criticizes the public schools since he would be ruthlessly defamed by the teacher unions if he did so. And thus he keeps his mouth shut, like a classic coward always does out of political expediency.

He then blames president Trump for everything that is wrong even though Trump has only been in office for 5 months, while our public schools have been declining for 50 years, and Hollywood has been too.

Hollywood operated for decades under something called The Hays Code which was a voluntary code for movie decency. It is really interesting to read.

This code was followed by movie makers in the interest of social betterment, and we all know that movies used to be vastly better than they are today, with little violence and depravity.

The Hays Code was abandoned in the 1960s, when public school prayer also was abandoned. We can see the clear result of both, but Robert DeNiro cannot because he is on the side of darkness where he has made so much of his money.

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