Kathy Griffin is a Sick Case/ ‘Climate’ Madness Surges

The “comedian” Kathy Griffin has suffered an enormous backlash for a despicable picture of herself holding a fake severed head of president Trump.

In a tearful news conference Griffin defended herself as an entertainer trying to get laughs, and said about her right to free speech that, “This is America and we shouldn’t have to die for it.” By “die” she is referring to the tidal wave of criticism that she has faced.

Thus Nikitas3.com has some news for Griffin – 619,300 Americans have actually died defending our country since the American Revolution through the War on Terror. We just remembered them on Memorial Day. Millions have been injured, many of them badly.

She should never dare to make any kind of comparison, no matter how peripheral, between getting a few days of bad press and those who made the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee her freedom to make her grotesque comedy.

Griffin’s comment is classic offhanded Hollywood arrogance. These are shallow people who have no clue whatsoever what freedom really means because they have done nothing to understand, create, nurture or defend it.

President Trump’s tweet was correct: Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. But she will never be. Because Griffin is a shameless entertainer who will do anything for attention. Her outrageous sexual innuendo on New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper on CNN was truly shocking. Her comedy routines always scrape the bottom of the cultural barrel.

She is lucky that her target was a person like president Trump who is being gentlemanly in his criticism, as is the president’s dignified wife and family. The rest of America is Griffin’s problem.

Now here is a second commentary:

President Trump’s wise decision to withdraw from the Paris ‘climate’ deal has many interesting ramifications:

*Decades of ‘green’ laws are strangling our economy. Over and over we have seen major economic development projects halted by a furbish lousewort or a yellow-bellied sapsucker or a thousand other laws and regulations, most of them downright frivolous. Enough is enough. This Paris agreement is a bad deal for America. Thank you president Trump for leaving it.

*The leftist meltdown over Paris is the most intense that Nikitas3.com has ever seen, even bigger than the election of Trump. But it will pass, just like every one of these incidents fades away after they are supposed to be The End of Trump (Khizr Khan, Access Hollywood, Megyn Kelly, firing Comey, travel ban, etc.).

*The Paris decision gave the Trump haters their ultimate weapon – that Trump is allegedly going to kill the entire earth and wipe out all living things. It is comical to watch this narrative unfold.

*The end-of-the-world narrative associated with the Paris withdrawal has been debunked over and over since the 1960s. According to environmentalists, the world was supposed to have ended 25 times since then (hole in the ozone layer, acid rain, rising seas, etc.). It hasn’t. And it won’t.

*This is Brexit all over again. There was unhinged hysteria when Britain voted to leave the European Union, and dire predictions that Britain would become an impoverished pariah. But Britain is fine. The mania is long over.

The reason for the hysteria was that Brexit is a direct challenge to global government, as is Trump’s decision on Paris which is a globalist/United Nations pact. And so the globalists must halt this before others join in. That is one of the main reasons for the frenzy – to frighten other leaders away from Brexit and Paris-type decisions.

*A major critic of the Trump withdrawal is Elon Musk, who makes the Tesla electric automobile. But this car’s very existence depends heavily on government subsidies and in fact is a disaster for the environment through its gross inefficiency. Electric cars have been around for more than a century and have never caught on because of their inefficiency. Yet the ‘climate’ extremists have no criticism of Musk and they even promote the electric car.

*The Paris decision gives the left another reason to beat up Trump. They live for this stuff. They need new material every day since none of it sticks. This is causing them great emotional distress. They would never be happy until Trump is impeached, which he never will be. So their rage will never go away.

*While president Trump offered a clear and factual rationale for leaving the Paris agreement, and left open the possibility of re-joining it under better conditions for the US, the Trump haters have ignored his reasonable argument and launched vicious attacks.

*Another major global ‘green’ pact was rejected when the US Senate voted 97-0 against the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. So there. And we are all still here 20 years later.

*The same ‘greenies’ who are melting down over Paris have uttered not a syllable of protest over the world’s worst polluter, which is communist China. Because China is a communist/globalist tyranny that signs on to Paris and then ignores it. Meanwhile the US has an immensely cleaner environment than China, but now will not abide by Paris. Yet the ‘greenies’ are mad at the US, not China(!) This proves that environmentalism is not about “the environment” at all. It is about politics, power and money.

*Leftists realize that Trump is the biggest threat to their global power scheme, and so they must gang up on him. That is why entire Euro governments, the Euro/American media, Hollywood, etc. are piling onto Trump for his decision on Paris. They have been shaken by Brexit, by conservative victories all over the globe, and by rising populism in Europe.

*President Trump will not be fazed by the reaction to Paris. Leftists think that Trump is one of those Republicans that folds when the Democrats and socialists attack him. He is not.

*Many countries do not like the Paris deal but keep their mouths shut out of political correctness and fear of backlash. This is how the left maintains power globally – through intimidation.

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