More UK Terror/ Anti-Trump Frenzy Costing Media Dearly

There has been another terror attack in London. has warned over and over and over that these attacks are the direct result of decades of infiltration of the West by violent Muslims who are welcomed into our midst by leftists, socialists and communists who wish to disrupt and bring down our societies.

Then when these attacks occur the first words out of the mouths of these same leftists are not shock or sympathy for the victims or calls for vigilance but a demand that we avoid “discrimination” against Muslims.

That these attacks happen in very left-wing places like London, Paris and Manchester shows that the victims are generally going to be the same open-borders socialists who facilitate this infiltration in the first place. London even now has a Muslim mayor who… no surprise… is more worried about the bogus theory of ‘climate change’ than about the terrorism that he now is witnessing regularly.

Police urged citizens to “run, hide, tell” if they were caught up in the recent London violence. “Tell” means to tell police what they saw.

So here is a message for these ineffective, politically correct, unarmed London police wimps: You always seem to know who these attackers are before the attacks, as you knew about the Manchester attacker and the Paris attackers and many others. But you do nothing about them. The police are seen running away like cowards in one video!

It is time for the police to act on information that they already have, not instruct us to “tell” what we have seen after the attack.

Here is a shocking video of CNN faking “anti-terror” Muslims protesters in order to make Muslims look good!

In order to defeat terror we must defeat the left – and CNN – and their anti-Western ideology. Period. End of story.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

ESPN is the sports cable TV network that has been injecting liberal political commentary into its sports reporting. The commentary has become so offensive that ESPN has lost millions of subscribers and has had to make major layoffs.

Most of those who are dropping ESPN are Republicans and conservatives. And the lesson of ESPN is going to be learned the hard way by the other left-wing media in America.

In short, when these media sources, including newspapers, television, films, entertainers, the arts and the internet, become highly politicized, it is turning people off.

These media skunks are also destroying their own long-term credibility with their insistent attacks on president Trump. Even the New York Times and Washington Post are running stories that are totally unverified and rely on anonymous sources. They are being exposed over and over as “fake news”.

This is leading millions of Americans to turn off these media after they have been considered rock-solid and reliable for decades. predicts that these media sources will never get their reputations back, that this divide is permanent and irreversible.

In the coming 2018 mid-term elections we can rest assured that Democrats and their media cronies are going to go bonkers against all Republican and conservative candidates. This is going to help Republicans and conservatives since there is going to be a backlash against the crazies, and even fear over their tactics.

This already is happening. Republicans have won three elections just since Trump took office, and this came after the media had declared that Trump has killed the Republican party. predicts that Republican Karen Handel will win a fourth election in Georgia in late June, for a US House seat. already has predicted that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. He could even increase his electoral vote margin in 2020.

This will not stop the kooks, however. They are seething and they will lose again and again as they become more and more unhinged. Look at what happened in liberal Wisconsin if you want a preview:

Republican governor Scott Walker was elected in November 2010 to reform Wisconsin’s hobbled economy. In January 2011 he proposed major reforms to the state’s costly public-employee pension system, with a plan to take significant political power away from the unions.

The unions and their cronies went nuts. They organized loud protests, even at the private homes of Walker and Republican state legislators. One fanatic followed Mrs. Walker in the grocery store and harassed her. Protesters came in droves from other states. The media gave full coverage as the protesters staged weeks of chaotic rallies in and around the state capitol in Madison, doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the building and grounds.

Did this defeat Walker and his agenda? Did he lose his bid for re-election?

No, Walker got his reforms and the Wisconsin economy improved significantly. Walker handily won a recall election in 2012 that the angry unions had orchestrated. He was re-elected in 2014 by 5 points, and then ran for president in 2016.

Wisconsin Republican US senator Ron Johnson was re-elected in 2016 after his chances were declared slim to none by the same media that crusaded against Walker. Then president Trump won the electoral votes in Wisconsin, a first for a Republican since 1984, with Scott Walker setting the stage.

This should be a lesson for Democrats nationally leading up to 2018 and 2020, but it will not be since militant activists in the Democrat party, the media, the universities and in the Trump-hater movement cannot be contained. This is a major problem for the Democrats.

They have ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters spouting off the most outrageous commentary. Nancy Pelosi sounds like she belongs in a mental hospital. Hillary Clinton cannot get over her loss and is probably going to run again for president. They have a party chairman who is a foul-mouthed extremist. Their deputy chairman is a Muslim militant. Obama is running around like an angry child since his agenda is being dismantled.

Their fringe voters have been led to believe that Trump is going to be impeached, and when that does not happen these people are going to get very mad and further disoriented. Worst of all Democrats are divided in ten different directions about who is going to lead their party, and what ideas are going to dominate in 2018 and 2020. There are major and angry divisions already over Bernie Sanders alone.

Now look at this from Business Insider:

Influential Ohio Democrats are pushing former Cincinnati mayor and daytime-TV host Jerry Springer to run for Ohio governor in 2018 …Many said Springer, who sought the Democratic nomination for governor of Ohio in 1982 and remains active in state politics, could be a good fit for the current political climate.

Springer’s proponents have highlighted his ability in the era of President Donald Trump to provide his own funding for a campaign and to connect with working-class voters familiar with his television show and history in Ohio politics.

This is instructive; Democrats are considering a trash-TV mogul for governor since they don’t have any decent candidates. And you read it right – Springer once was mayor of Cincinnati before launching the sleazy TV show that made him famous.

This is all hugely problematic. Springer is a candidate of desperation. You would think that Democrats would have an eager slate of highly-qualified office-holding candidates eager to move up and face off against the Republicans and Trump since Trump is allegedly so unpopular.

They do not; the opposite is happening. Democrats are now going to get every screwball in America running on an anti-Trump platform, like the nut who ran for the US House in Montana recently. This guy is a folk singer who performed at nudist camps. He had tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes. Montana voters did not buy it. Or how about the psychic who is planning to run in Iowa in 2018 against long-time and popular Republican incumbent congressman Steve King.

Indeed the nuts can take over an election by simply getting enough other nuts to vote for them in the primaries. That will produce big trouble for the Democrats in the general elections in 2018 and 2020.

This shows that Trump is not going to energize only legitimate Democrats to run, like many pundits have predicted, but that he is also going to energize the wrong kind of people to run with the wrong tactics, with dire consequences for the Democrat party.

Meanwhile it already is being estimated that there could be 30 or more declared Democrat presidential candidates in 2020, all encouraged by rabid Trump hatred. This will cause the Democrat primaries to turn into a circus and will lead to Trump’s re-election.

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