Air Traffic Modernization/ Liberals Harm Women Most

First, here is a quick word about the recent terror attack in London. The Muslim mayor of London is a lawyer who can be seen on a 2002 videotape defending three convicted Egyptian Islamic extremists. He also once shared a speaking platform with a known extremist and has referred to moderate Muslims as “uncle Toms”.

This proves that president Trump is correct – we should be very alarmed not only about terrorism, but also about the people who are allowing it to happen and minimizing it, like the Fifth Column Islamist mayor of London. Now here is the commentary about the air traffic control system:

President Trump is seeking to modernize and privatize our air traffic control system. This idea has been talked about since Ronald Reagan was president, but Democrats have done everything in their power to thwart it since the system now is government-run and they want to keep it that way. Here are some excerpts from Fox News on the subject, with a comment after each:

Fox News reports: President Trump announced his plan Monday to privatize America’s air traffic control system and separate it from the Federal Aviation Administration– arguing the federal agency is too “antiquated” to innovate and casting the overhaul as an initial step toward improving the country’s infrastructure. comment: “Antiquated” is a good word for it, like most government operations that resist modernization and efficiency.

How inefficient is the current system? Look at this from Fox News: The proposed technology changes include moving from the current system based on radar and voice communications to one based on satellite navigation and digital communications. comment: Today we have jetliners that can fly themselves across the world by computer, yet the United States still has an air traffic control system that relies on World War II technology. Controllers in the US still use strips of paper with plane numbers written on them to keep track of planes.

If you go to a communist country where the government runs everything, all of the technology is backward and old. This is a hallmark of socialism, like the 1960s equipment on Amtrak after Amtrak has received tens of billions in subsidies.

Fox News reports: Trump wants to turn the air traffic control system into a modernized non-profit organization that operates on fees paid by airlines and others that use U.S. airspace, instead of taxes. …Trump argues the changes are necessary because the existing system has been unable to keep pace with the fast-changing aviation industry that now includes commercial space flights and unmanned aircraft systems, also known as drones. The changes also would save fuel, improve safety and lower operations costs, according to the administration. comment: Good. That would benefit all Americans. But that is not important to the Democrats. They only want to control the system. That is all that they care about.

Fox News reports: The changes, if approved by Congress, would take about three years to fully implement and bring the United States in line with the recommended practices of other major countries, according to the White House. comment: Just three short years to make the system vastly better. Fantastic. Let’s go. Now here is a quick thought about another form of transportation, this one in Europe:

Over and over we are told that European passenger trains are the greatest thing ever. has totally debunked that in this essay.

Now we have high-speed trains in Europe that can reach 200 MPH. Environmentalists claim that this is the ultimate form of travel, that America should have these kinds of trains.

Well, these trains aren’t so great at all. They consume highly excessive amounts of energy in order to go so fast and are extremely inefficient and expensive to build, operate and maintain. They require big government subsidies while blasting massive new corridors through the peaceful countryside for their special tracks.

Worse, if you watch and listen to videos of Frecciarossa (red arrow) trains in Italy you see that they indeed go very fast but that they also make a very loud screeching noise from the steel wheels on the steel rails at top speeds. This is common to all high-speed trains. This noise is very harsh for millions of Europeans who live anywhere near these lines, even miles away, and particularly in once-quiet rural areas that have been invaded by these specialized rail corridors.

Noise is a form of pollution and thus these trains are not “green” at all. Now here is the commentary about women:

Here is a story from Fox News from 2015:

A California congresswoman warns global warming will be so detrimental to poor women, it will drive them to prostitution. (Democrat) Rep. Barbara Lee has re-introduced legislation that forces the government to address all “policies and programs in the United States that are globally related to climate change” through the lens of gender. … Since “women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change, particularly in poor and developing nations where women regularly assume increased responsibility for growing the family’s food and collecting water, fuel, and other resources,” the measure reads, they will be the most desperate and vulnerable, forced into situations “such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage.”

OK, so here we go again; it is now ‘global warming’ that is going to harm women. Well, these ‘warming’ loons have been screaming about “rising sea levels” for years, yet there are no sea level rises. They warned that we would run out of oil and we haven’t. They said that the world would starve and it hasn’t. And on and on. Now look at this from Fox News recently:

As a humanitarian and political crisis in neighboring Venezuela deepens, a growing number of Venezuelan women are working in bars and brothels across Colombia.

“I didn’t do this in Venezuela. I never ever imagined I’d be doing this in Colombia,” said Maria, who declined to give her real name, to Reuters.

She charges $17 for 15-minutes of sex, and the money earned is spent on buying medicine for her mother who has cancer.

Thus we have actual proof that radical socialism in Venezuela is driving women to prostitution, yet Barbara Lee totally ignores that because radical socialism is her ideology. Meanwhile she makes nefarious predictions that “global warming” is going to drive women to prostitution at some nebulous point in the future.

So we have fiction after fiction from these people. On the other hand, we should look at the modern-day policies of the Democrat party to see the real harm to “women”. Lee will never acknowledge what kind of damage those policies already are doing to American “women” today and have done for decades.

For instance the Democrat party has been advocating single motherhood since the 1960s. It has portrayed men as scoundrels and marriage as outdated, and have said that women and their children can go it alone. Yet it is a statistical fact that women who are single, or who are single mothers, have higher rates of poverty, as do their children, than married women. They even suffer higher rates of crime and mental disorders than married women.

We conservatives have been advocating marriage and family for millennia, and warning about the dire effects of single motherhood, while the Democrats have shouted us down. And now Barbara Lee is warning that ‘global warming’ is going to be bad for “women”? This is to shift the spotlight from the damage that Democrat policies do to women. It is a typical diversionary tactic.

How about the open sexual culture that the liberals have been advocating since the 1960s? That we conservatives have warned against? “Women” are by far the most significantly impacted victims of this culture. They get sexually-transmitted diseases by the millions, some of which are killers, while others scar their victims for life.

Millions of women end up with unplanned children. Sleazy males like Bill Clinton advocate the sex culture and use it to abuse women. Millions of women have their hearts broken over and over by philandering boyfriends, husbands, etc. Tens of millions of women have been forced into abortions by promiscuous sex. These abortions often cause them lifelong suffering, both psychological and physical.

But those are not problems to Barbara Lee, no, somehow we have to worry about what the bogeyman of ‘global warming’ is going to do to “women” at some indeterminate point in the future.

Friends, this is how these so-called “environmentalists” are corrupting us. They continue to find new ways to express their fiction in every subject area.

Meanwhile the horrible economic policies of Barack Obama did tremendous damage to women. Millions of women could not find jobs. They live day to day. It is sad, and avoidable. President Trump is seeking to turn this around.

How about the drug culture that the Woodstock Generation on the political left has been advocating since the 1960s? Look at the enormous toll that drugs are taking and have taken among everyone including women in urban and suburban areas, and in rural areas too, for instance with the methamphetamine epidemic. But no, the liberals have said for decades that drugs are harmless “fun”. Rock musicians and others in the so-called ‘entertainment industry’ have openly advocated drugs for decades.

How about the policies of environmentalists themselves? They have thwarted economic development all over America, particularly in rural areas, leading to growing joblessness and poverty, including among women.

This is the propaganda strategy of the left – just keep inflating your story, like ‘global warming’, and repeating a lie over and over and over and over. Never stop. Never retract. Never admit any fault. Just repeat, repeat, repeat.

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