Comey Testimony Helps Trump/ Attorney General’s Russia Blunder

Fired FBI director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today, Thursday May 8. The testimony provided no evidence that president Trump acted to block Comey’s actions on a variety of issues, including alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Even so, it is crucial to remember that Comey is now an anti-Trumper since Trump fired him. So we should take his many negative statements about president Trump with a grain of salt. Why is nobody questioning Comey’s own veracity?

In fact Comey already had testified last Spring that Trump did not seek to obstruct any investigation. Comey also would have been required to report it if Trump had asked him to do that. Comey made no such report.

The most important moment in the testimony came when Comey said that he had not resigned or offered to resign over his alleged conflicts with president Trump. This is further proof that Trump did nothing wrong.

Comey’s testimony showed his bias. He claimed that Trump somehow lied about FBI being in disarray under Comey. This shows anti-Trumper Comey’s true stripes. Because that was not a lie; that was simply Trump’s opinion, and it certainly had truth in it. Because tens of millions of Americans on both sides of the political aisle questioned Comey’s competence after his erratic legal behavior about Hillary Clinton during the campaign. And Trump certainly had inside information about discontent inside FBI and could reasonably assume that this was causing problems within the agency.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Comey’s testimony was about Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch who told Comey to call the inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email a “matter” not an “investigation”.

Did she otherwise interfere in the Clinton investigation? After all, we know about her secret meeting with Bill Clinton just a week before Comey cleared Hillary. What else did Lynch do to protect Hillary? How about an investigation into that? Why didn’t Comey open an investigation into the secret meeting?

Good question. Comey is a joke. He lost his credibility with his behavior during the presidential campaign. Let us hope that we have heard the last of him. reported:

“I don’t think Comey did much to help himself,” James Kallstrom, a former assistant director of the FBI, told Breitbart News. “He showed clearly why he was not fit to be the FBI director in my view.”

Comey’s admission that he surreptitiously took notes of a private meeting with the president and then leaked the contents to the press through a third party irked the FBI’s former assistant director.

“This nonsense about his conversations with the president and feeling necessary to write down notes,” Kallstrom pointed out. “He didn’t write a memo when the attorney general met with President Clinton on an airplane in Arizona. He didn’t write a memo when the FBI was told to not investigate (or on their own refrained from investigating) the IRS, which was violating the rights of Americans by the thousands…. What did Comey do when he was told to shut down the investigation of the Clinton Foundation? Did he write a memo then?”

And now here is a second editorial:

Attorney general Jeff Sessions made a huge mistake when he recused himself from any investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

President Trump was very angry with Sessions over the recusal, and was justified in being angry since the recusal led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller. This is only going to drag out this Russia allegation over endless stories that Democrats will use to beat up Trump.

The big question is: Why did Sessions recuse himself?

Answer: Sessions did it out of principle, but also out of political expediency. Remember that he recused himself during his confirmation hearings, when he faced some uncertainty about being confirmed and wanted to seem like a fair guy in order to get confirmed.

Normally these hearings are routine, particularly for a non-controversial candidate like Sessions. But Sessions was under great pressure. This is what we get with the new political paradigm when qualified Republican candidates get zero or almost zero confirmation votes from Democrats, after decades under which both sides generally have offered an “advise and consent” role to nominees as mandated by Article 2 Section 2 of the US Constitution.

The Democrats have become a totally obstructionist party towards Trump, and this comes after an extremist like Obama attorney general Eric Holder was confirmed 75-21 by the Senate.

On the other hand, Sessions got one Democrat vote, and that was from one notoriously conservative Democrat.

Sessions also was under fire in his confirmation hearings over a “fake news” story that he had had some type of secret meetings with the Russian ambassador that he had not properly divulged. Sessions had been honest in his testimony, but it was twisted by the media skunks who are trying to take down Trump.

This is how the media ratchet up the pressure on everyone around Trump with “fake news”.

Sessions also made a common mistake among Republicans and conservatives with his recusal, and that was to act on principle and to do what appears to be right, i.e., recuse himself to allow the law to take its course, that the truth eventually would exonerate president Trump, etc.

This sounds like a good thing, but here is a question: When was the last time we saw anyone like Bill Clinton AG Janet Reno, or Obama AGs Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch acting in such a “principled” manner? Or any Democrat official?

Answer: Never. Ever. Not once. Democrat appointees are the most partisan political hacks who never will do anything that is not 150% in their boss’s interest. All Democrats are. They couldn’t care less about principles.

Sessions should have simply made no recusal and then done nothing about any Russia collusion because it too is a “fake news” story. That is what Democrat justice officials have done over infinitely more serious issues like Fast and Furious or Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton or dozens of other issues that were never probed like the pallet-load of cash that Obama sent to Iran.

Then the Senate Intelligence Committee, controlled by Republicans, had high-profile hearings with fired FBI director James Comey. Why? After all Trump can hire and fire whomever he pleases.

Democrats never would have held such hearings over an official fired by a Democrat president. Never.

This hearing happened for three reasons: First Republicans naively do not play political hardball; second, they try to please the media by appearing ‘fair’; and third some Republicans are actually trying to undermine Trump.

These Republicans had better get smart very fast. Trump saved the Republican party by winning the 2016 election. Republicans and conservatives need to unite against the common enemy, which is the Democrats.

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