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(This is a composite commentary addressing five separate issues.)

Leaker, Liar Comey is the Big Problem

Here is good news from Fox News:

President Trump’s lawyer will file a complaint with the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s Office and the Senate Judiciary Committee after it was revealed Thursday that former FBI director James Comey leaked memos to a friend in order to inform the media about conversations with the president, a source told Fox News.

…Kasowitz is focusing on part of the testimony where Comey said he leaked the private conversation he had with Trump in order to prompt the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russian interference.

… Kasowitz said in a statement that (this was) “Comey’s excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory. We will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether this leak should be investigated along with all those others being investigated.”

Fantastic. Let’s look at Comey’s erratic behavior as FBI director, now including leaking. Comey is the problem here, not Trump.

Comey is obviously partisan. He did nothing about Obama using the IRS to suppress conservative activist groups; about Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch; about Hillary’s emails; about the Clinton Foundation. Or Fast and Furious or Benghazi. And on and on.

But he sure called president Trump every name in the book.

Meanwhile Comey claimed that president Trump suggested that he go easy on general Michael Flynn.

Why should we believe Comey in the first place? President Trump has outright denied that he suggested it. And will take Trump over Comey any day of the week. believes that Comey is lying.

After all Comey is a disgruntled bureaucrat who was fired from his job. He also is a Democrat party shill, an Obama shill and a Clinton shill. He is not to be trusted.

It is good that Trump fired Comey; now let’s investigate Comey.

Democrats were certain that Comey’s testimony would bring down Trump. Democrats were wrong… again.

Now here is a second commentary:

An unproar ensued when president Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris “climate” treaty. Since then individual cities and states have said that they are going to abide by the Paris ‘climate’ goals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Ultra-liberal Hawaii was the first state to officially do that, so looked up the round-trip distances to Honolulu from four cities from which Hawaii’s crucial tourist economy gets many of its valued visitors:

Tokyo to Honolulu: 7,720 miles
Los Angeles to Honolulu: 5,126 miles
New York to Honolulu: 9,930 miles
Fairbanks, Alaska to Honolulu (a favorite destination for frigid Alaskans in Winter): 6,094 miles

Those are long trips that use a lot of jet fuel. Thus recommends that nobody should fly to Hawaii if they believe in ‘climate change’. They should vacation closer to home. The state of Hawaii also should suspend all global advertising campaigns seeking to attract tourists from far away.

Now imagine that most of those long-distance travelers, including many wealthy ‘greenies’ like Obama, suddenly cancel their trips to Hawaii. This would devastate the Hawaiian tourist economy.

But Hawaii need not worry. These people never will cancel their trips just like the Follywood elites who scream about ‘global warming’ will never give up their private jets. And Hawaii will be perfectly happy when these people refuse to abide by the Paris ‘climate’ restrictions since everyone knows that ‘climate change’ is a charade anyway.

Terror Attack Inside Iran

There recently was an ISIS terror attack inside Iran in which the Iranian parliament was hit.

Many Americans might wonder: Inside Iran?! We thought Iran was a sponsor of terrorism in other countries? How could terrorism happen within Iran?

Here’s why: The Iran attack was mounted by ISIS which is a Sunni Muslim terror group. Sunnis are one the two major sects of Islam. The other is Shia. Iran is predominantly Shia and the two groups have often been at war.

ISIS came out of Iraq where dictator Saddam Hussein was a Sunni Muslim. Sunnis controlled Iraq with an iron fist under Hussein, even though Shias were a much bigger population numerically in Iraq. The Sunnis oppressed the Iraqi Shia brutally.

When Saddam Hussein was deposed and executed after the American invasion, and the Shia took over Iraq’s political power with elections, the Sunnis were furious. That is why some of them formed ISIS, to get back at the US and other international factions that they blame for their downfall.

ISIS then found a way to attack inside Shia Iran. How they pulled it off is another question entirely but it shows once again that Muslims are warring amongst themselves, as well as against the West and the rest of the civilized world.

Leftists are Allied with Terrorists

The recent London terror attack shows that the West is up against not only terrorism, but against those in the West who are aiding and abetting terrorism.

This refers to leftist, socialists, communists and Democrats in the US and Europe, who have allied themselves with radical Islam.

The current mayor of London is a Muslim named Sadiq Khan. He is a lawyer who has defended convicted Islamic extremists, shared a speaking platform with a known militant, and called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”.

The big question is: Why are leftists and communists allied worldwide today with radical Muslims? Doesn’t it seem like atheistic socialism/communism on the far left and ultra-religious Islam on the far right would be natural enemies?

It would seem so, but in fact these two forces have joined in a partnership of convenience called Islamic Socialism. The reason is three-fold:

*they are both extremist groups;
*they have a common enemy which is the orderly societies of the US and Europe, along with Christianity and capitalism; and
*they have failed individually, and so they have teamed up to try and achieve what they could never achieve on their own, which is to infiltrate the advanced and free world with their backward, violent and destructive ideologies.

For example Democrats in the US always defend Muslims in order to get Muslim votes since Muslims oppose American conservatives, Christians and capitalists, as Democrats do. The parents of Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin were hard-core Muslim activists. The deputy chairman of the Democrat party today is a militant Muslim who will eventually become chairman. Then look at the mayor of left-wing London and you see a distinct pattern.

Then consider the welfare state built by the left. It supports some of the worst people, including terrorists. The London Bridge terrorist was on several British dole programs.

Now here is a word about the US Senate elections that are coming up in 2018. Republicans are expected to do very well in these elections since 25 Democrat senators are up for re-election, but only 8 Republicans are. And 10 of those Democrats are in states that Trump won like Michigan, where RedAlert Politics reports:

(Michigan) proved to be a populist stronghold in 2016 … going for (Donald Trump) during the general election.

Lena Epstein was there for all of it as Trump’s Michigan State co-chair in 2016. She now hopes to revive the excitement that elected the 45th President with her own campaign for the state’s U.S. Senate seat in 2018.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because politicians have failed us and Michiganders are looking for another way,” Epstein told Red Alert Politics. “I will speak for those who have not yet been spoken for, that government so far have failed them and their families.”

Like Trump, Epstein’s campaign is centered around the forgotten man. Some of her key issues resemble Trump’s stances including immigration, national security, the economy, and ensuring that the U.S. has the “right trading partners and the right trade deals.”

Having a business background is something she shares with Trump. Epstein is a graduate of Harvard University and the co-owner of Southfield, Michigan-based Vesco Oil Corporation, which has more than 200 employees and annual revenue exceeding $175 million.

Not bad for a 35-year-old expecting her first child in October.

… “If I’m elected I will be the youngest female to have ever served in the Senate,” Epstein said. “I am a millennial, I can relate to the challenges millennials face.”

… Epstein said that she wants to spur economic growth that will help the millennial generation including tax cuts as well as one-time five percent tax, instead of 35 percent, to entice U.S. companies to bring overseas money back into the country and create jobs domestically.

Wow. “Senator Epstein” will mark a new day for Michigan which has been under a very strong Democrat influence for decades, with both current US senators very liberal Democrats. The Democrat whom Epstein will challenge has been in the Senate for 16 years already, which is way too long for an old party hack.

It is time for someone young and with new ideas who will work for everyone in Michigan, particularly the white working class and millennials.

Reform-minded Republican governor Rick Snyder, in office since 2011, has made major inroads into improving the Michigan economy. Let us hope that Ms. Epstein is given the chance to do so in Washington.

Here is one additional election note: predicts that Republican Karen Handel will easily win a “special” US House election in Georgia on June 20. It is a much-watched race that Democrats claim will show that even conservatives in Georgia hate Trump.

The big problem for Democrats is that their candidate does not even live in the congressional district in which he is running (which is perfectly legal) and gets the overwhelming majority of his campaign contributions from outside Georgia, and especially from very liberal places like San Francisco and New York.

This was once Newt Gingrich’s district. picks Handel to win, handily.

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