GOP Will Run Against ‘the Media’ in 2018 and Win Big

First, here is a quick note of congratulations to Vermont’s Republican governor Phil Scott for vetoing legal marijuana in his state.

Good job, governor. We need more courageous people like you. Scott said that people should have freedom to do what they want if their behavior does not negatively impact others. Yet we know from states that have legalized marijuana that there are many serious side effects. Statistics prove it, like increased drugged driving convictions, spikes in marijuana-related hospital visits, and children being exposed to marijuana at younger and younger ages.

In short, marijuana is a bad drug. The American Medical Association has called it “dangerous”. Because it is. Let us hope that attorney general Sessions makes marijuana illegal everywhere by enforcing federal laws against it.

Now here is today’s main editorial:

A commentary was recently posted by a far-left outfit called Media Matters (MM) about a plan by Republicans to run against ‘the media’ in 2018 and 2020. This is a brilliant plan and will produce more victories for the GOP and conservatives. This is why Democrats and the media are so frightened and anxious about it. Each excerpt from the MM article is followed by a comment:

MM reports: Amid a heated atmosphere of anti-media Republican rhetoric that has at times turned into violence against journalists, McClatchy is reporting that Republican plans for the 2018 elections will feature a “deliberate strategy to help GOP candidates win elections fueled by public hatred of reporters.” An open campaign against an institutional pillar of a democratic state would be a frightening thing to watch. comment: Oh, boo-hoo. After more than a year of unrelenting violence against Trump supporters, including two murders, and repeated beatings and riots, along with acts of vandalism against Republican political offices and Trump properties, the left-wing media have suddenly noted “violence against journalists” after one Republican candidate in Montana pushed one sissy reporter to the ground.

Worse, MM is now calling the news media “an institutional pillar of a democratic state”. This is absurd beyond belief. There is a good reason that the Republican candidate pushed a sissy journalist to the ground – because Republicans are sick and tired of decades of lies and character assassination from these smug, smarmy, “fake news” journalists who are not journalists at all but partisan political hacks.

MM reports: After all, President Donald Trump was elected last November after a campaign that regularly featured scathing personal insults against individual journalists and the institution writ large. comment: Awwww, poor journalists. They sure know how to dish it out but they cannot take it. This is a distinct character trait of all socialists.

MM reports: (Trump) threatened to change the laws to make it easier to sue reporters and to use the power of the state to retaliate against news outlets whose coverage he disliked. comment: Good. Let’s take these media skunks into court over and over and over. And let’s never stop our “war” against them until they are totally defeated, which, friends, is going to happen. This is why they are in a panic. They know exactly what is coming and that it is going to be very effective. It already is happening. Trust in the mainstream media has collapsed to historic lows among all Americans, not just conservatives. Next stop – lawsuits.

MM reports: Trump’s attacks on the press regularly resulted in oceans of unfavorable coverage (of the media) … Commentators warned that he was setting the stage for authoritarianism. comment: No, the real ‘ocean’ of unfavorable coverage is what the media dish out to president Trump every minute of every day in truly authoritarian fashion, like the communist newspaper Pravda attacked all enemies of the Soviet state. One CNN commentator recently hailed as a “masterpiece” a play in which a Trump-like figure was murdered.

MM reports: In an election decided by so few votes, it is extremely difficult to determine the cause of (Trump’s) victory. comment: Here is a perfect example of media fraud that we conservatives have been protesting for decades. Trump won the electoral college vote by a whopping 14 points, or 77 votes, which is an earthquake considering that one media-beloved and Democrat-revered “expert” predicted Hillary by 20 points and 105 votes.

Second, it is not ‘extremely difficult’ to determine why president Trump won. He appealed to the majority of Americans who are fed up with the current system, including one in which Democrats collude directly with the media.

Now here is what NBC’s Chuck Todd tweeted about the Republican plan to target the media:

Pathetic and self-defeating. I’m sorry for the smart GOP strategists that get talked into this garbage.

Awwww, poor Chucky Todd. This guy is such a fraud. He is one of the most biased people in the media and he is also scared to death because he knows that this anti-media strategy is going to work. Let us hope that Republicans use Chucky as a poster boy to rout the Democrats in 2018 and 2020 and to defeat the media. Because corrupt and dishonest people need to be put away so that we can have a good nation once again.

MM reports: Conservatives have inculcated their voters for decades with claims that journalists are biased liberals who cannot be trusted. When Trump took that argument to its natural conclusion, lashing out at reporters at his rallies as a candidate and then as president, those voters cheered him on. comment: MM and its media cronies continue to assert over and over that media bias is some figment of the conservative imagination. This alone proves that the media are biased, doesn’t it?

MM reports: Since his election, the president has sought to delegitimize the press and other sources of critical information about his administration, condemning their reports as deliberate efforts to push “fake news.” comment: We have seen “fake news” in unsourced stories like the Russia collusion, or the bizarre claim that Trump hired hookers in Moscow, or that attorney general Sessions is going to resign. And on and on. It never ends. Every day. All fake.

This is why the media and their Democrat friends need to be drubbed. And they are going to be defeated long-term since the electorate has “flipped” against them and is not going to flip back.

MM reports: Voters take their cues from their party’s leaders, and the available polling data show that the GOP base has followed the president as he has increasingly wallowed in these anti-media conspiracy theories. Polls show that four out of five Republicans agree with Trump’s statement that certain news organizations are the “enemy of the American people” … (this is) truly catastrophic. comment: No, 50 years of blatant media bias, hatred and bigotry against Republicans, conservatives, white people, gun owners, white men, Christians, white working people, etc. is what is truly catastrophic.

MM reports: The hermetically sealed media bubble that conservatives have built in recent decades serves both as a cause of this plummeting support for journalists and a key weapon for Republican strategists seeking to utilize this anti-press strategy. comment: Wrong. The “bubble” is the media’s own bubble that they live in, in New York and Washington and other cities. Many of these journalists have never even been to rural and small-town places like Michigan, Ohio or Wisconsin which Trump won. So they do not understand the reality of life for tens of millions of American voters.

MM reports: In order to build their audiences, outlets like Fox News and regularly tell their viewers and readers that the mainstream press cannot be trusted. This has led to the creation of a parallel right-wing media apparatus that ensures conservatives can detach from reality in favor of a steady news diet of alternative facts. Those outlets are eager to assist the White House by delegitimizing any negative reported about the president as more evidence of a biased press, and they will surely assist Republicans in their efforts to win votes by slamming the media. comment: Recent surveys have shown that the mainstream media are running stories that sometimes are more than 90% negative about president Trump. No wonder we have a “right wing media apparatus”. It exists to counter the bias of the mainstream media and to give a more accurate, or an entirely accurate picture of what is going on.

MM reports: It is dangerous to weaponize criticism of institutions at the heart of the democratic process for partisan gain. Such an effort echoes ones we’ve seen before in countries that used to be free. The consequences of this strategy could be dire for our political system. comment: This is a joke. This “weaponization” against Republicans and conservatives has been at the heart of Democrat/media collusion since the 1960s. And America will be “free” once again when we defeat these skunks.

MM reports: Republican politicians should refuse to engage in these tactics. Republican leaders should disavow this strategy immediately. …If they want to stop it, they can. comment: Dream on Media Matters. This media bias had been around since the 1960s. A few political leaders are not going to reverse 50 years of pent-up anger. And we conservatives are thrilled that the media are scared to death now, as they should be. Because they never thought that this day would ever come. It has.

MM reports: With Trump’s agenda stalled and few legislative accomplishments to point to, conservatives have seized on a breathtakingly cynical strategy to maintain power. The most frightening part is that it might work. comment: This is more “fake news”. Trump is making major changes that are being felt all over the nation, and he is just getting started. Obamacare could be repealed soon, and this would be an historic achievement – to roll back a Big Government program.

And if you think that the strategy “might work”, you are wrong. It is going to work and we conservatives are going to rejoice as “the media” and the Democrats are thumped. They already have been.

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