Virginia Shooting Looks like a Conspiracy

The Virginia shooter has been named as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. He is now dead.

Hodgkinson was a leftist, a labor unionist, a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter and an extremist anti-pipeline environmentalist. He is a vicious Trump hater and loves TV hosts like Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow. Hodgkinson’s wife says that he was living for the last two months in Alexandria, Virginia, where the shootings took place. This sounds like he may have been coordinating this attack with people in the Washington, DC area.

Now here is the commentary that I posted before we knew who this guy was… believes that the shooting of Republican US congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana by a gunman with a rifle is a direct result of repetitive Democrat and media incitement of violence against president Trump, Republicans and conservatives nationwide.

Just recently a left-wing media figure urged Americans to “pick up a brick” against Republicans and their policies. At a recently play in New York City a Trump-like character is murdered. Black Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters has referred to Republicans as “demons”. Obama told an hispanic audience in 2010 to “punish your enemies”. Democrats have said that the repeal of Obamacare will kill thousands of people. And on and on. It never stops.

This is a dangerous escalation of the political “warfare” in America that already has included more than a year of violence against Trump supporters, Republican campaign offices, etc. has been expecting an incident like this since president Trump was elected. One congressman called it “political-rhetorical terrorism.” That is correct.

The shooting happened at a warm-up practice game for Republicans for a congressional baseball game that was scheduled for Thursday. The shooter used a high-powered rifle and the gunfire is reported to have lasted 10 minutes with 50 to 100 shots fired.

This shooting happened on president Trump’s 71st birthday. It could even have been a terrorist attack.

There appears to only have been one injury among political figures and that was congressman Scalise. It could have been a massacre if Capitol police had not intervened.

This event is extremely troubling. The field would have been filled with Republican congressmen and senators and was certainly a major attack on the Republican party. also predicts that this shooting will be discovered to be a conspiracy with many tentacles all over Washington, DC, even up to Capitol Hill. After all, someone had to know ahead of time when and where this practice game would be taking place.

This shooting happened in Alexandria, Virginia, which is a corrupt, Democrat-controlled suburb of Washington, DC. We should all be extremely mistrustful of anything coming out of the Alexandria police department or other city officials. Alexandria was represented for decades in Congress by a lunatic Democrat named Jim Moran. This guy is a total screwball, one of the most bizarre people ever to serve in the US House.

This shooting certainly was planned out, probably by people who knew that this baseball game happens every year, and so they prepared for it.

Here is a question: How was security so lax that a gunman was able to enter the ballfield with an assault rifle? This is deeply troubling.

Here is what we can expect: Democrats will offer condolences and will condemn the attack only in vague terms. Because Democrats have been inciting this type of violence since president Trump was elected and have never condemned it. Some Democrats will blame president Trump for the attack.

Democrats also will use this incident to call for gun control, rather than call for Democrats to control their own hateful rhetoric. Virginia’s Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe, a corrupt Clinton crony, called for gun control in his first public statement on the shooting.

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