Solar Energy is Another ‘Green’ Fraud, and Toxic Too

First, here is more good news for the Republican party and conservatives from Breitbart News about a very successful American immigrant group, from the nation of India:

The head of America’s Republican Hindu Coalition tells Breitbart News that by specifically addressing the interests of America’s Indian- and Hindu-American voters, President Donald Trump’s campaign marked a turning point in the voting bloc’s relationship with the GOP.

Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, a Chicago-based inventor and entrepreneur under consideration for the position of United States ambassador to India, invested his energies heavily in swaying the Hindu-American vote away from the Democratic Party, where it has traditionally remained.

According to the book Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar (roughly translated as “next time it will be the Trump administration”) which chronicled Kumar’s contributions to the Trump campaign, the Democratic Party took Indian-American votes for granted for many years. The phrase “ab ki baar Trump sarkar” was inspired by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign.

“In 2012, a paltry 16 percent of Hindu-Americans supported Mitt Romney,” the book, written by Republican political campaign manager and strategist James Kahrs, reads.

“2016 saw a huge reversal: 65 percent of these same Hindu-American voters supported Donald Trump. No other ethnic group switched so dramatically, and those votes in key battleground states provided the margin of victory for Trump.”

This is significant since Indian-Americans are very successful businesspeople and have an outsized influence in our country. In short, we have another important demographic group shifting away from the Democrats. And not only are Indians embracing Trump economic policies, but also his stance on terrorism, which threatens all Americans and threatens India as well. says: Welcome, Indian-Americans, to the real world. Now here is today’s main commentary: has extensively debunked all forms of ‘green’ energy. Here are some examples:

*I have calculated that windmills require thousands of times as much labor for routine maintenance as that which is needed for an equivalent amount of energy from a nuclear reactor. This happens since we need 1,000 to 3,000 windmills to replace one single nuclear reactor. I also have calculated that windmills can use 1,000 times or more the resources needed to build the windmills (steel, concrete, copper, composite material for the blades) when compared with the amount of material to build a nuclear reactor of the same output.

*Solar hot water heating systems, installed in the late 1970s with big government subsidies, consume large amounts of electricity for their pumps. That electricity itself could heat most or all of the water that the systems produce. Most of the solar hot water systems where lives in New England have broken down and never were repaired.

Solar systems then produce hot water most prodigiously in the Summer when it is needed least since people are away from home, on vacation, outside for the day, etc. Then in Winter the same solar panels produce little hot water when you are much more likely to be at home, and inside for most of the day, and using more hot water. Heavy snow also can block the panels for days or even weeks.

*Solar architecture, like glass walls on the south sides of houses, produces very little solar heat for its high cost, but then loses huge amounts of heat out the glass when the sun goes down.

It gets worse. World Net Daily ( has posted a column called Solar Panels: A Looming Toxic Crisis. Here are excerpts from that article with a comment after each: reports: Discarded solar panels, piling up around the world, are detrimental to the environment, according to a new study by Environmental Progress (EP). And carcinogenic. And teratogenic. … solar panels produce 300 times more toxic waste per unity of energy than nuclear power plants, warns Berkeley, California-based EP. Discarded solar panels not only contain lead, but chromium and cadmium – both of which are carcinogenic. Cadmium is present in cigarette smoke and is blamed for the development of kidney problems. comment: So finally we are hearing “the other side of the story” after decades of cover-up. has warned about this stuff for years. The mainstream media have blacked it out. reports: Japan’s Environmental Ministry cautioned last November that Japan has no means to safely dispose of its discarded solar panels, noting the amount of solar panel waste the nation produces annually will increase from 10,000 to 800,000 tons by 2040. According to EP, it would take 19 years for Japan to recycle all the waste generated by 2020 alone. Similarly, California, which leads the world in deploying solar panels, has no method set up to safely dispose of solar panel waste. Americans with solar roofs produce 30 to 60 percent more electronic waste than non-solar households. comment: We all know that ‘greenies’ are really the biggest polluters of all. For instance, they relentlessly promote expensive public rail transit like Amtrak, along with urban trolleys and ‘light rail’ systems, all of which are extremely inefficient energy-wise and financially.

Flying can easily be ten times as fuel-efficient as Amtrak because trains can weigh ten times as much as airplanes, or more, to move the same number of passengers. An Amtrak train with two locomotives can weigh up to 800 tons without passengers. A Boeing 737 weighs 60 tons. Planes are ten times as fast too. reports: There are approximately “1.4 million solar-energy installations now in use” in the United States, EP’s study reveals, many of which “are already near the end of their 25-year lifespan.” A “solar waste crisis” looms, EP warns. comment: We have been led to believe that solar panels somehow will generate “free” electricity forever. This is another lie from the ‘greenies’. These solar panels do wear out and thus the ‘greenies’ not only got rich installing them, but will get rich when they have to replace them. It is all about the money, friends. But then when the toxic disposal costs mount the ‘greenies’ will ignore that story and run away from the mess and blame it on someone else. reports: “If solar and nuclear produce the same amount of electricity over the next 25 years that nuclear produced in 2016, and the wastes are stacked on football fields, the nuclear waste would reach the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (170 feet), while the solar waste would reach the height of two Mt. Everests (58,000 feet),” EP states in its study. comment: 340 times as much waste. No surprise there. Repeat: Environmentalists are the biggest polluters of all – always have been, always will be. reports: Underdeveloped countries will, however, bear the brunt of the environmental damage posed by this source of “clean energy,” according to the study. “In countries like China, India and Ghana, communities living near e-waste dumps often burn the waste in order to salvage the valuable copper wires for resale,” Environmental Progress explains. “Since this process requires burning off the plastic, the resulting smoke contains toxic fumes that are carcinogenic and teratogenic (birth defect-causing) when inhaled.” comment: Those poor countries listened to the ‘greenies’ and now are paying the price. As usual. We should all be building nuclear power plants which are the most efficient energy source ever developed by man. And by the way, the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan has killed zero people. Ditto the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. reports: Not only are discarded solar panels a source of chemical pollution, (but) the creation of solar panels produces toxic waste. In California alone from 2007 to 2011, the manufacturing of solar panels expelled “46.5 million pounds of sludge and contaminated water,” according to a 2013 investigation by the Associated Press. comment: No surprise there. reports: Stuart Fox, vice president of the green energy company CivicSolar, said … contrary to popular belief, (that) warmer weather does not prompt solar panels to produce more energy. …“Photovoltaic cells work when energy-filled photons from the sun activate electrons on the solar panels,” the San Francisco Chronicle pointed out. “The electrons go from a resting state to an excited state, and the cells capture the resulting energy. At high temperatures, the resting state of the electrons goes up. As a result, the difference between the resting state and excited state is smaller, producing less power.” comment: This comes after decades in which the ‘greenies’ told us that hot, sunny places like Arizona and Southern California are ideal for unlimited solar power. This contradicts the facts. Virtually all machines, from steam locomotives to race cars to electric motors to computers, produce more power and operate more efficiently when the weather or the air around them is cooler. This is basic science, which ‘greenies’ always ignore.

And you can rest assured that intense heat and radiation from the sun are significantly shortening the lives of the panels. After all we know that anything man-made degrades after sitting under the bright sun for long periods. reports: While industrial solar systems lack the capacity for large scale cooling and work less effectively when it’s hot outside, they are predominantly funded by taxpayer dollars. Residential rooftop installations receive a 30 percent federal tax credit through a subsidy called net metering. Maintaining net metering subsidies for rooftops will ultimately skyrocket power rates. comment: Of course. Solar energy is just socialism in disguise, and solar panels are decoy devices designed to transfer wealth to the environmentalists. This means that solar panel owners are subsidized by non-solar homes just like welfare recipients are subsidized by hard-working taxpayers. Here is the proof: Solar owners tell us happily over and over that their power bills have miraculously gone down at the same time that non-solar homeowners see their bills go up. Know why? Because non-solar is subsidizing solar. It is that simple.

Obama even said when he was campaigning in 2008 that ‘green’ power would cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (his exact words). And they have skyrocketed in the electricity market where the ‘greenies’ have taken control of utility companies all over the US with legislation that forces them to buy ‘green’ energy.

Meanwhile “fracking”, which is an efficient free-market oil industry practice, has produced historically low energy prices for gasoline, heating oil and natural gas while ‘greenies’ vehemently oppose “fracking”. reports: Solar panel manufacturing is also creating jobs nearly 17 times faster than the American economy as a whole. The American solar industry employed 260,077 as of November 2016, an increase of 24.5 percent from 2015, according to a 2017 report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency. comment: Of course. When taxpayers massively subsidize an industry, then that industry grows. But these solar jobs are not real jobs. They are government jobs because they rely totally on taxpayer funding.

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