Trump Starts to Protect Us from Dangerous Illegal Immigrants

First, here is a quick note about the environment: A new island has formed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North Carolina. It is really a large sand bar.

But how could this be? After all the ‘greenies’ have been telling us for decades that ‘global warming’ is causing the seas to rise, and that those seas are now submerging our beaches and coastlines and are soon going to swallow whole coastal cities.

Yet there is no evidence whatsoever that beaches are being submerged, and now the growth of this sandbar further debunks their theory.

It is amazing when observable facts totally contradict the science fiction of “global warming”. And now here is today’s main commentary about illegal immigration:

Fox News recently reported:

House Republicans took action Thursday to crack down on illegal immigrants and the cities that shelter them.

One bill passed by the House would deny federal grants to ‘sanctuary’ cities and another, Kate’s Law, would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States.

Kate’s Law, which would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States and caught, passed with a vote of 257 to 157, with one Republican voting no and 24 Democrats voting yes.

Kate’s Law is named for Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman killed by an illegal immigrant who was in the U.S. despite multiple deportations. … The other bill, which would deny federal grants to ‘sanctuary’ cities, passed with a vote of 228-195 with 3 Democrats voting yes and 7 Republicans voting no.

The brutal murder of Steinle catapulted the issue of illegal criminal aliens into the national spotlight. Alleged shooter Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions.

These bills are great news. After decades in which millions of illegal aliens have waltzed into America and even been treated with great leniency after committing heinous crimes, Trump is cracking down.

This is going to be a powerful issue for the next 20 years. Because up until now our US media and Democrats have simply ignored it, and even many Republicans did so. America simply accepted mass illegal immigration as a fact of life.

But no longer. Trump has awakened us. Illegal immigration is going to become a major issue in the 2018 mid-term elections, and for Trump’s re-election in 2020. You would be amazed at how many Asians, blacks and even hispanics want us to crack down on illegals because their own neighborhoods are being inundated and they are losing jobs to lower-wage illegals, and are seeing surging crime.

Now look at this from Breitbart News about what is happening in France with its illegal immigrant crisis:

Long-haul (truck) drivers (are) being terrorised by migrants seeking illegal passage to Britain … Drivers complain of “facing a gauntlet of intimidation and fear” en route to Britain, as migrants armed with baseball bats, iron bars, and even guns attempt to storm their vehicles from their bases in and around Calais (France).

The violence deployed is frequently extreme, with one driver narrowly escaping death in when a sharpened stake was hurled through his windshield in November 2015, and another actually being killed when his vehicle collided with a migrant roadblock and burst into flames earlier this month.

Many drivers are now “too scared” to inspect their vehicles, according to Road Hauliers Association (RHA) spokesman Rod McKenzie: “The Calais run is now a stressful, dangerous and sometimes downright terrifying experience for UK-bound lorry drivers.”

“We’ve got gangs of highly organised migrants and people smugglers setting up roadblocks to slow them down and stowaway on board … drivers just want to get away as quickly as possible. Many fear for their lives and many are met with threats of actual violence,” he said.

In short, the French people are losing their freedoms to people who should not even be there, as all Europeans are.

Radical ‘open borders’ factions are allowing this to happen and even making it happen – Obama, the Democrat party, militant Muslim activist groups, radical immigration groups, communist parties in Europe, and other far-left forces worldwide. Then when the illegals get here and refuse to leave, left-wing legal groups protect them in every way possible.

This is being done so as to undermine our societies through chaos and violence, and to suck our economies dry with millions of dependent people who have no skills or education and who will not work since they can get welfare instead.

In Sweden, white Swedish women are increasingly afraid to go out of their homes for fear of the violent Muslim immigrants and rapists. There are dozens of Muslim “no go” zones all across Europe where French, Swedish, Dutch, British and German police are afraid to even enter out of fear. In my town in Massachusetts, buses were parked near the July 4 parade route to block against possible terror attacks using automobiles or trucks. What a travesty, that such measures are now needed.

This all needs to end right now. These illegal migrants, terrorists and fake ‘refugees’ need to be returned to their Muslim nations where they can work to build up their own nations rather than invading the West, committing acts of violence, refusing to assimilate, inciting terrorism, and living on welfare.

It is fascinating to that Muslims are flocking by the millions to the Christian nations of the US and Europe after telling us how superior Islam is. It is utter hypocrisy… once again.

Now here is a summary from Breitbart News about Muslim violence during the Muslims holiday season in 2017:

The final fatality tally for jihadi attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan increased to 1,639, primarily fueled by victims who succumbed to their injuries, reveals an updated Breitbart News count of terror incidents during the period.

With a total of 3,343 casualties, including 1,704 injuries, Ramadan 2017 is one of the bloodiest holy months in recent history. The number of deaths this year marked a nearly four-fold increase from the estimated 421 people killed by Islamic extremists last year.

There were nearly 160 terror incidents in about 30 predominantly Muslim countries this year, including one jihadi attack in the United States.

Meanwhile Italy is being overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of black and Muslim infiltrators crossing the sea from Africa. It is being conjectured that communist agents including possibly the government of China and left-wing billionaires like George Soros are equipping thousands of African migrants every day with seaworthy boats to allow them to cross the Mediterranean from Africa to Italy. After all, how else would these migrants suddenly be crossing in large numbers if it were not an organized plan.

This is being done to cause chaos and to undermine Europe’s stability, which could allow the left to take over what they do not already control.

Wealthy American groups also are reported to be financing the smuggling of illegals into Europe and the US, which can be done very cheaply. For instance, these groups could be financing the round-trip airline ticket when an African flies to the US on a visa and never returns to Africa, knowing that he or she is highly unlikely to be caught and sent back. Now here is more from Breitbart News about legal immigration into the US. These numbers are shocking:

Donald Trump told his deputies on March 6 to reveal government data about immigration which was largely hidden by former President Barack Obama.

Trump’s first quarterly report has now been posted by the Department of Homeland Security, and it contains a flood of jargon-tangled data.

But we’ll show you the six most important facts.

One-in-Four: Almost 600,000 legal immigrants got green cards in the six months from October 1 to the end of March. The precise number was 560,150, but that’s basically 1.1 million a year or almost 100,000 every month. That huge inflow means the nation is getting roughly one new green-card foreigner for every four American babies born during the same six-month period, oor one immigrant for every four Americans who turned 18 during those six months. So the important number is one-in-four because the nation gets one new immigrant for every four Americans who turn 18.

One-in-five: Up to 214,000 temporary foreign workers arrived in the first quarter of Fiscal 2017, starting in October 2016, ending on Dec. 31. That’s basically 70,000 temporary workers per month, or 800,000 per year if the first-quarter numbers remain stable. For various reasons, the numbers are shaky, and we’ll have a better handle a year from today. But the important fact is that the quarterly inflow of roughly 200,000 temporary foreign workers adds up to one new temporary worker for every five young Americans who turn 18 during the same period. So, the important statistic here is one temporary foreign worker for every five new American workers.

Two-for-Four: Add the one-in-four inflow of legal immigrants (100,000 per month) and to the one-in-five inflow of temporary workers (70,000 per month), and you recognize that Americans are getting roughly 170,000 new foreign workers per month. Just to be cautious, let’s drop it the combined number down to 150,000 a month because not all immigrants work. But that lower number still means that 150,000 new workers are imported each month to compete for jobs against the roughly 333,000 Americans who enter the workforce each month. So, that’s roughly two new foreign workers for every four Americans who enter the workforce. That’s the most important statistic in the report.

50 Percent: Half of the arriving temporary workers are white-collar workers, not farm hands or blue-collar workers. Each month, the temporary worker inflows include 35,000 white-collar workers, 6,707 agricultural workers and roughly 25,000 blue-collar and mid-skill workers. That high proportion of white-collar professionals makes sense because businesses save more money by importing low-wage, high-skill engineers, nurses, doctors, professors, accountants, and designers to take the place of many expensive American graduates and skilled technicians who are trying to pay off college debts, to buy houses, get married and raise families. So, 50 percent of foreign temporary workers are white-collar professionals.

One-in-eight: Only 75,000 of the 560,000 new green card legal immigrants in the first six months of the year were invited to the United States because of their work or skills. The unskilled legal immigrants included 375,000 sisters and brothers, or sons, daughters or parents of recent immigrants who got their green cards via so-called “chain immigration,” not via their skills or accomplishments. The remaining 90,000 arrivals consisted of refugees, asylum-seekers, miscellaneous and “diversity” people who were selected because they have no connection to the United States. Despite their lack of skills, business is fine with this huge inflow of unskilled people. The inflow pressures blue-collar wages, and it also grows the consumer economy because poor people have to eat, drive, and find shelter just like everyone else. Moreover, federal, state and local government financial support for these imported consumers also converts middle-class taxes into an economic stimulus for retailers worth at least $56 billion per year. So the important statistic here is that only one-in-eight legal immigrants have worked their way into the country — the rest were pulled in by relatives, regardless of education or health or age or productivity or ability to integrate into American society.

Three times 2016: Trump’s data shows that 264,553 legal immigrants got citizenship during the six months in the first report, at a rate of roughly 45,000 a month. These new citizens come from 164 countries, speak more than 164 languages, and few have the skills to pay more in taxes than they receive in welfare or aid, and most vote Democratic. Yes, they do add a huge amount of diversity to the United States — but diversity is a synonym for civic conflict, and is a form of “divide and rule” politics by the elite. The 264,000 new citizens shown in the report is only half the year’s intake, so Americans will have gained roughly 500,000 new foreign voters after one year of Trump’s data. In November, Trump won the 2016 election because he got 80,000 more voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania that did Hillary Clinton. So the 264,533 new voters in the first six months is basically three times the number of 2016 voters who gave Trump his victory.

Trump’s DHS report only shows the numbers for legal immigration and for contract workers. It does not include the inflow of illegal immigrants, which was about 500,000 in 2016. That is roughly 40,000 per month, or one illegal for every eight Americans who do enter the workforce each year.

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