‘Flying While Conservative’ is now a Problem at One Airline

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently was kicked out of her seat on Delta Airlines. She had paid a $30 premium for the special seat with extra legroom, but was forced to move.

This comes after years in which the service quality on US airlines has been increasingly questioned. But Nikitas3.com has defended the airlines for occasionally making poor judgments but otherwise moving an astounding 750 million passengers per year with remarkable efficiency.

The Coulter case, however, is very disturbing. It appears that this was not a routine case of bad service or mixed-up tickets, which we can expect from time to time, but a political hit job on a high-profile conservative. After all, we have seen countless cases of cops, conservative celebrities and Trump supporters being attacked, abused and targeted at Starbucks, in restaurants, at rallies, on TV, etc. Said Coulter:

“It was before boarding, I had picked out the seat I wanted. I was in the waiting area, the boarding area, for 90 minutes. And then as I was boarding, the ticket agent snatched the ticket out of my hand and said, ‘No, we’ve given you a different seat.’ And I said ‘Why?’, and she said ‘Emergency.’”

Fox News then reported:

Coulter said she went ahead and sat in the seat she booked anyway. A stewardess soon told her she’d have to move for another passenger, but couldn’t give any explanation as to why.

“[The other passenger] was not an elderly person, was not a sickly person, a very tall person,” claimed Coulter. “It’s been three days now, and Delta still hasn’t given an explanation, much less an apology.”

Coulter added that she doesn’t appreciate Delta’s “snarky” response on Twitter, in which they offered to refund her the $30 she paid for her original … seat.

“They’re lying so much about this — that was one of the snarky tweets they sent out,” said Coulter. “No, it’s not about the $30. You gave me a more cramped seat.”

… “I’d be perfectly happy to move for an old person, for an air marshal — very clearly, that wasn’t the case. That’s why I took a picture of the passenger, because I knew Delta would lie about it. And of the stewardess, because I knew they’d say ‘We have no idea what you’re talking about.’

“They’ve been unbelievably arrogant,” added Coulter.

Normally the airlines come under a relentless barrage of criticism from liberals and ‘consumer activists’ for every slight of every passenger even when we don’t even know what really happened, for instance with the doctor who was dragged off of a United flight. Yet we now know that the doctor has a very troubled history and that he may have become combative, and also that he ended up with an apology and a big payout from United.

Meanwhile the liberals and ‘consumer activists’ who wait like rabid dogs to attack the airlines over every cup of cold coffee are cheering about the problem that Coulter had, even assuming that it was just bad service.

Apparently it was not, and fortunately Ms. Coulter got to the bottom of it and it appears to have been a result of pure anti-conservative hatred. Fox News reported:

According to a text conversation Coulter posted to Twitter on Tuesday, an unnamed “flight attendant” claimed that Coulter was targeted on purpose to “make her life miserable.”

“BEWARE OF @DELTA REPUBLICANS,” Coulter captioned the Twitter photo of the text exchange. “Texts from a flight attendant: It was political. @Delta still won’t give a reason.”

The text conversation in Coulter’s tweet appears to be taking place between a flight attendant and his/her friend, the latter of whom is inquiring into the circumstances that led to Coulter’s seating re-assignment.

“[…] someone at the Delta desk saw Ann’s name and picked it on purpose? Is there a randomizer when it comes to these situations?”

“No, someone noticed her, and just wanted to be a jerk amd [sic] make her life miserable,” responded the flight attendant.

“That’s what I figured,” remarked the friend.

“Yeah, I said that on several secret (Facebook) groups of [XXX Airline] employees, they were all hating on Ann, and when I defended her, we went back & forth,” wrote the flight attendant. “And at the end, they acknowledged that it was a Delta employee who targeted Ann on purpose.”

OK, so once again we have a situation where employees of private companies take the time and effort to affront white conservatives. But Heaven forbid if blacks or muslims or sex changers are even perceived to have been mistreated, in which case they go berserko and file every type of complaint, the most significant being with the American media.

Who could forget the “flying imams” incident when six islamic preachers, dressed in muslim garb, acted in a suspicious manner upon boarding a Minneapolis-Phoenix flight on US Airways on November 20, 2006 and were removed from the flight. The muslims cried discrimination and it became a national story.

Here are the allegations against them as listed on Wikipedia:

The six imams were Didmar Faja, Mohamed Said Mitwaly Ibrahim, Marwan Sadeddin, Omar Shahin, Ahmad al-Shqeirat (also known as Amad Tafish Shqeirat), and Mahmoud Sulaiman. Ibrahim lives and works in Bakersfield, California, and the other five live and work in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

According to some passengers and flight staff, a number of whom refused to identify themselves, the actions of the imams included the following:

• The imams refused to sit in their assigned seats. Instead, it is claimed that they fanned out in the cabin, sitting in pairs close to the front, middle, and rear exit rows.
• Shahin and the two imams seated in Coach Row 9 requested seatbelt extensions (a strap with large metal buckles normally used by obese individuals to lengthen their seatbelts), even though flight staff say none seemed to need it. They then placed the extensions on the cabin floor in front of them, instead of attaching them to their seatbelts.
• Three of the imams allegedly traveled without any checked baggage, and on one-way tickets.
• According to a nearby passenger who spoke Arabic, the two imams sitting in the back of the plane, while speaking to each other in Arabic, mentioned Osama bin Laden and condemned America for (“killing Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein”).

This happened more than five years after 9/11, and Nikitas3.com believes that this was an organized plan by these imams to ‘soften’ airport security. In other words they had intentionally planned to act in a way that was mildly disruptive, but not illegal, in order to create a national controversy so that airlines would be intimidated from ever singling out muslims for scrutiny.

Yet that singling out (profiling) is the most effective means for terror screening and would save law-abiding travelers millions of hours annually of wasted time and aggravation. Instead, out of political correctness, Americans put up with millions of hours annually of wasted time and aggravation.

The ‘flying imams’ incident came after five years in which little old white ladies from Kansas, US military veterans in wheelchairs, cancer patients, disabled children and Christian college students from Ohio were being subjected to aggressive scrutiny and obscene pat-downs in order for the security agents at airports to be appearing to be “fair” about their jobs while ignoring scowling muslims mumbling “Allahu Akbar!” and carrying machetes (that last part is a joke, for all of you humorless liberals and islamists).

The American media went nuts over the ‘flying imams’ farce, much as it did about the contemporaneous Duke lacrosse farce. Wikipedia reports:

The day following the incident, Shahin, the spokesperson for the group, spoke to the press that had gathered when he returned to a US Airways ticket counter to buy new tickets for the group. He told media that the incident was “humiliating, the worst moment of my life,” and asked, “To practice your faith and pray is a crime in America?” When US Airways would not issue him and the other imams new tickets he called for a boycott of the airline, and said, “I’m not going to stay silent… I came to this country to enjoy justice and freedom”

Yessiree, he came to Christian America “to enjoy justice and freedom”. If that verbal slip does not explain the whole world in a nutshell, nothing does.

The imams settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

So let us see what finally happens with Ann Coulter since her only disruptive behavior appears to have been Flying While Conservative. If Delta does not apologize to her and fire the employee(s) involved, then it should be prosecuted for discrimination. And these Delta employees could not have picked a worse target. Coulter has 1.6 million Twitter followers alone.

Meanwhile the global death toll in terror attacks by the “religion of peace” during just the ramadan holy month of 2017 was, according to Breitbart News:

… a total of 3,343 casualties, including 1,639 deaths and 1,704 injuries, Ramadan 2017 is one of the bloodiest holy months in recent history. The number of deaths this year marked a nearly four-fold increase from the estimated 421 people killed by Islamic extremists last year.

Here’s one more sterling example of racial grievance-mongering:

In the 1990s New Jersey state troopers were publicly exposed and sued for pulling over black motorists at much higher rates than they were pulling over whites. Yet here are the facts:

*blacks are much worse drivers than whites. We all know this from simply operating a motor vehicle;
*blacks are statistically poorer than whites and thus drive older cars with defects that troopers may notice and act on like broken tail lights, dragging mufflers or cracked windshields, etc.
*blacks drive at high speeds at higher rates than whites;
*blacks drive at very high speeds at much higher rates than whites.
But oh boy, if Ann Coulter were spotted driving 65 MPH down the Hollywood freeway with a 2nd Amendment bumper sticker on her 2018 Cadillac Escalade, she damn sure might get pulled over. For something!

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