Trump Wisely Bans Sex Changers from US Military

First, is thankful that Republican congressman Steve Scalise is out of the hospital and recovering at a rehab facility. I wish him a speedy healing.

The attempt by a Bernie Sanders-supporting Democrat terrorist from Illinois to kill multiple Republican congressmen on June 14 has now failed completely, and that is a good thing. The terrorist himself was killed. still believes that this shooting was a conspiracy and should be investigated. Are you listening attorney general Sessions?

After all, how did a radical left-wing screwball from a small town in Illinois just happen to be at an early-morning practice baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia with a high-powered rifle at the very hour that the congressmen were preparing for an annual charity game? believes that this was a setup involving multiple people in Washington who were familiar with the annual game and with the timing of the practice game too. It probably was orchestrated from within the House of Representatives. Let us find the co-conspirators. And now here is today’s main commentary:

President Trump has wisely decided to ban sex changers from serving in the US military in any capacity. In a series of tweets, he wrote:

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow…Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming..victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”

God bless president Trump for his wisdom. This is going to reverse the Obama strategy to use the US military as a social experiment. Naturally the media are reporting that the action is being met with a “firestorm” of criticism. But so what? When Trump has two scoops of ice cream there is a “firestorm”. On the other hand, believes that a clear majority of Americans supports the move.

Sex changers are disruptive people. They are just the latest group from the left to seek to disrupt our society. Little girls now must possibly confront men dressed like women in ladies’ public bathrooms. This is sick. In California men have even been reported in ladies’ bathrooms even without dressing or acting like women. This is all part of the same deviancy.

In Minnesota legislation has been put forth to “segregate” not the sex changers in the public schools, but to segregate kids who do not want to encounter sex changers in bathrooms and locker rooms, i.e., to stigmatize normal behavior and normalize aberrant behavior. This is outrageous but expected among the serial disruptors on the left.

The Family Research Council praised Trump’s action. “I applaud President Trump for keeping his promise to return to military priorities – and not continue the social experimentation of the Obama era that has crippled our nation’s military,” FRC President Tony Perkins said in a statement. “The military can now focus its efforts on preparing to fight and win wars rather than being used to advance the Obama social agenda.”

One study estimates that there are 2,500 to 7,000 transgender service members in the military, and 1,500 to 4,000 in the reserves. There are estimated to be 700,000 sex changers in the US. But all of these figures are highly suspect and probably are wrong by a factor of 5 to 20. For decades we were told that 10% of America was gay but that number is really 1% to 2%.

Sex-changers obviously threaten military readiness since they don’t even know what sex they are. And now, as military members, they are expecting taxpayers to fund their sex-change surgeries and hormone treatments. This is another outrage.

The first sex changer in the US military, Army private Bradley Manning, who is now a girl, was one of our most dangerous traitors, leaking massive amounts of classified information to Wikileaks. Manning changed his sex in prison – at taxpayer expense – and Obama even pardoned him.

Democrat House minority leader Nancy Pelosi of California called Trump’s decision a “cruel and arbitrary decision designed to humiliate transgender Americans.”

To which responds: “No, congresswoman Pelosi, it was Obama’s cruel and arbitrary decision that forced sex changers to serve alongside people who may reject this lifestyle.”

Sex-changers are merely homosexuals who have decided that they aren’t happy being gay. And so they go another step further and actually change their sex. Now they are going even further, as we might expect, in order to further disrupt us. In Britain, the National Health Service may soon use scarce resources to finance womb transplants for male-to-female sex changers to have babies. This is insanity.

We can expect more lunacy like this. Good for president Trump for putting a brake on it. It is not clear whether the ban will mean only that new sex changers will be banned from entering the military, or whether existing sex changer servicepeople will be discharged from the military as well. Let us hope that it includes both categories.

Sex changers have been able to serve openly in the military since October 1, 2016. They also have been able to receive sex-changing medical care, at taxpayer expense. This will now end. Good.

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